15 Year Old Kaveri’s Soulful Musical Ode “Half A Heart” Will Melt Your Heart

It is a rare thing when you come across a track so simple and beautiful that you loop it over and over. And even more so when you don’t know where it originated from. Who the voice was behind the track. You set out to place a face and all you are left with are chaotic lists of search results. And just when you are about to give up, in a simple whoosh of fate you find out the person responsible. In this case a fifteen year old, Kaveri Kapoor who has brought out this brainworm of a music video which goes by the name “Half A Heart”. I must confess here that I’d heard the track for the first time on a random playlist of PopHits ( I think ) of 2016. Ofcourse, the voice and accent ( you’ll agree with me here when you watch the video below) reminded me of Demi Lovato in her initial days. But, then it wasn’t. Hence the pursuit to find the face.

Once I did find her, I went on scouting for her on Facebook and other media platforms. It was then that I came across the fact that Kaveri is the daughter of Actress Suchitra Krishnamoorthi and one of India’s most celebrated film maker Shekar Kapur. All the more awesomeness. But that’s not what is relevant at this point. What is of utmost relevant here is the way Kaveri weaves a fabric of deeply stirring music, sprinkling lyrics which are simple to the measure of poignance. As you will see, this musical outing isn’t the first for Kaveri. She had previously made a great impact by her debut work “Did You Know?”. Here’s cheering for her incredible journey to continue as she takes up greater projects in time to come.

Now withour further ado, check out Kaveri Kapur’s stirring new single “Half A Heart” right away.