The Illogical Victimization Of Director Tharun Bhascker – How Far Do We Really Get It?

When Ignorance Does Something Baffling – The Tharun Bhascker Case:

Sometimes it makes me wonder what the online digital world does to us. I am not talking about the pros but the cons. It’s scary! It pushes me behind a bush making me believe that it’s only the technology that is getting smarter and not the senses. Senses which we all commonly have. Let’s not bang our chests for a while but instead let’s just sit down to discuss like we do between two periods in a school classroom. Let’s keep our Facebook pages that we liked aside and understand what our behaviour is.

The Issue – Tharun Bhascker’s comments on the IIFA Awards.

Here the primary thing to keep in mind is his comments on the awards and NOT on the ‘star’. For, if this happened last year, then the mentioned ‘star’ whom Tharun referred as a subject would have been someone else. Tharun gave his opinion on the awards through a Facebook post to which the people from industry did pacify him and got him to understand how it functions. The director is very much entitled to have his opinion like you, your neighbour or me.

Tharun confessed in the interview with NTV (link below) about what he thought of the awards and how the industry people made him understand its functionality using NTR Jr. as a subject. To which, he was completely satisfied and obliged with the counselling given by the people from the industry. He was very much sitting on the bench like any of us in the classroom and got his doubts cleared and explained from the teacher. If one has an ounce of patience and an ounce and a half of common sense, what the anchor asked and the reply Tharun gave, makes perfect sense. There is a clear demarcation between mocking and talking on a lighter note. Are we so low on our IQ to churn offence from nowhere? Are we so carried away with a clickbait headline a video carries and lock our brains in a casket? Continue to read only after watching the video here:

Ignorance Is Never A Bliss – So Get That Fact Right And Whole:

This is not a Tharun Bhascker issue or about the gigantic following NTR Jr. or any other stars carry. It’s about how far do we really get what’s being said on the other side? In an age where the world is making wonders over the internet, these innocence driven hassles really raise the question of how far are we active through our senses to get the whole picture. Why don’t we take a minute or two and act like unbiased individuals? Like Tharun, yes every one of us has a right to make a statement or an opinion, but before we do that, can we just sit down to talk. Slamming away with a post, a comment or meme might just take a minute or two, but do they really suffice or address the substance behind your opinion? Will they drive the issue in the right direction or just to make your point, you give a fly’s f#ck to anything said.

Talking about idols, as South Indians, we can never separate ourselves from our stars. Our leisure times at a chai bandi to a bar will at some point have cinema and its stars as a topic. Cinema is imbibed in our lifestyle. A beautiful medium of entertainment and we get to learn a lot from it simultaneously. We all have stars whom we admire as idols and any comments that demean them can never be tolerated. Fine! But, can we check out the facts before we falsely misinterpret them which aroused through a clickbait headline? Can we be more broad-minded to give space for opinions? Yes, reiterate, but can we understand what’s said and do so accordingly? Can we open our senses? Can we just be us?

I am sure even our stars wouldn’t boast of such meaningless and derogatory reactions as his/her followers’ to an issue that belongs to this category.

RIP?? Are you kidding me!!??

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