[VoxPix] Dilkush Dheeraja : The Woman Of Many Faces And The One Who Spreads Joy To All Ages

A girl has no name. A girl has many faces. Yeah I know I know. That’s a total Arya Stark thing from Game of Thrones. But hey that fits like a glove to the lady we are talking about today (although she does have a name). Dilkush Dheeraja is not your quintessential YouTuber. She is basically someone who portrays multiple people, with an unravelling ease, and manages to invoke incredible happiness. That’s her in a nutshell. We were super impressed by her versatility that we just had to bring her awesomeness to you.

Of Being Awesome Within All Hues Of Life

As various strokes and colours make a beautiful painting, multiple characters played by this actor have been brought together as an episode. Dilkush Dheeraja has truly been making people happy. The situations we experience in our day to day lives are her subjects, this definitely is what draws more interest to view her episodes.  she presents on are a crowd puller. “She is not one, but many “ this is how efficiently she pulls off each role she plays. Her style has been entertaining views as she has a flair for the language she uses on screen and fluently fills the tone of characters with ease. The multiple roles portrayed in the gigs being that of young boys, older women, men show the research done on characters she enacts in terms the wardrobe, makeup, tone and dialect spoken. The language/dialect used by her adds to the flavour of the characters.

The Fun Begins With Dheeraja

The episodes are youthful, fun to watch and surprisingly message oriented. We say it is the smart way to take up concerns and educate people on different things, quoting an episode called “Beware of B.tech”  she delivers a message to friends and siblings of students to stop judging their peers and look at their positive side and appreciate things that they are good at rather than ridiculing them on things they are not great at. Subjects like this display, a mere sensibility that she puts into the acts. This work needs appreciation and we recommend you to like and subscribe to her YouTube channel, this girl with brains, good looks and acting skills for sure, promises to make you full kush with her witty episodes!

Yeah she just made your day. So why don’t you just subscribe to her channel like right now? I mean seriously, what are you waiting for? Yup she’s on Facebook too. So happy week.

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