[VoxSpace Exclusive] #AskPorn : An Inside Look At The Disturbing Porn Practice Started By A Hyderabad Couple

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Thus, the following presentation, is the first of the series of Cybercrime, coming to you via our collaboration. The following presentation #AskPorn and the concerned research has been, as usual validated, collated, verified and submitted to the Cybercrime Division, Cyberabad Police, Hyderabad under affidavits 1675/FA and 1678/FR, both of which will be presented to anyone willing to go through them for a small fee, at the consent of the Authorities.

The following presentation, #AskPorn, contains graphic details, intense and disturbing imagery and incidents, radical opinions presented sometimes on a particular caste, creed, religion and belonging. VoxSpace does not hold responsibility towards such incidents, as reflected by the statements spoken out by the interviewees and participants.

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March 2015, Hotel Radisson Blu, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – Origins Of A Crime

For Lavanya and Kiran, it looks like a perfect getaway. They’ve decided to spend the day together, cuddled up in each other’s arms, away from the judging world. After months of planning, and playing it up, Lavanya today has finally convinced her parents that she would be going to Hampi. Her friends, Pooja and Jahnavi will maintain the same, if called up by her parents. They both are actually going to Hampi, whereas Lavanya chooses to spend the two days in the same city with her love of the life.

Kiran picks her up from the railway station, as just moments earlier, the train to Hampi leaves with her two friends. As for the couple in love, they’ve planned everything. Every last detail you see. They want to make each and every minute of their time together count for something. While in the cab, as they approach Radisson Blu, where they’ve booked a room for two days, they discuss and go through the plan. Pooja and Jahnavi will be sending her pictures from Hampi, which Lavanya will be forwarding to her parents regularly. That should validate her trip, although she wouldn’t be appearing in the pics, she could always say that she was the one clicking it. And of course, she’d call them at night and talk to them about sculptures they saw on the scooter’s they hired.

As for the actual plan, Lavanya and Kiran plan that they’d have sex after six months for as long as they want. It has been a long time since Lavanya had come to Kiran’s room and they made love for about an hour before she had to leave. Parents living in the same city as the boyfriend has its own curses. But that was all in the past. Now, no one could stop them. And so they reach Radisson Blu and waste no time in checking in. A good couple suite, which will dent them financially, but it’s going to be worth it, is what they base their thinking on.

They enter the room, and their pent-up emotional craving towards each other just overwhelms them, as they start making out. Lavanya closes and locks, and double checks the lock, as Kiran can’t wait any longer. He pins her to the locked door and starts furiously kissing her. A sense of freedom and fancy, engulfs the both of them, as they allow each other to explore one another. As the kissing continues to get more urgent and maddening, Kiran starts unhooking Lavanya dress. She doesn’t stop him now. She needs this as well. As a matter of fact, she helps him undress her and doesn’t waste much time in unzipping his jeans as well. They now crash on to the bed, as the frenzy of making love, makes them pant for breath only rarely between.

Of Exploring And Expanding Their Wildest Horizons

It doesn’t take much time, before they are both wrapped in each other, sweat moistening their bodies, and their lips developing a taste for each other. Lavanya between the consistent kissing pulls out for a second and looks deeply into Kiran’s eyes. Without a word, she asks him if he’d use it. He looks at her and asks her if it’s really needed. She smiles and replied no. Condom becomes an option for them, which they choose not to take. Both of them like it without it. And so, Kiran continues his exploration of the beautiful body below him, this time using his tongue doing so. Lavanya’s moaning turns from a faint whisper to a muted scream, as Kiran starts rubbing her between her thighs.

She grabs him, and pulls him up, and suggests that they record this. Pooja and her boyfriend recorded theirs, as a mark of mutual trust and bond. She fancies this tradition and asks Kiran to record the whole thing. Therefore, Kiran quickly jumps out of the bed, and pulls out his mobile and places it carefully on the top of the TV in front of them. As he plunges into her, the camera watched everything silently.

After an hour or so, they tiredly sleep intertwined with each other. They start discussing sex, positions and experiments. Lavanya tells Kiran all about how Pooja and her boyfriend had this roleplay thing, where he asked her to do some things, and she would oblige. If she didn’t do it, he would smack her, and they took turns in the roleplay. This is where Kiran remembers something similar he saw a while back in PornHub. Something where the audience sends the messages, mostly names, and the participants in the porn act, take those names while climaxing.

You see, if you send across a name, for example, Raj, the woman moaning will utter your name, till she can’t take it anymore. You have to pay 5USD, for that, and then jerk off to that woman screaming your name. Kiran remembers, that it’s a good business, where many of his friends have paid to have the porn star say their name. And thus, Lavanya and Kiran’s bedtime talk graduates into something more terrifying and rewarding than any other porn trend in the world. A porn trend which goes onto get them close to a 300,000 USD in the next six months. In turn, making it a million-dollar business strategy worldwide.

May 2015, Never Thinking Straight – #ASKPORN REQUIEM

VoxSpace during the research contacted Lavanya and asked her to tell us the turn of events which led to the start of #AskPorn. Our interaction via emails which lasted for a period of about 7 months, resulted in greater insights into the Pornographic business and the usage of technology in propagating the same. Our questions were drafted purely towards finding out the why’s and what’s of streaming Porn for money. The excerpts of it come below..,

“……to answer your first question, where did we start this? There’s no actual starting point, I mean I don’t know. In Radisson Blu, we came up with an idea that we, Kiran and I, should earn something from Porn. I don’t know why, but I was baffled at the amount involved. Porn was a high paying gig, and it was quick money. I won’t say I was a kid or something, but hey, I wanted to live and earn more.

Hence, we thought of posting out the video on PornHub, just as an experiment. It got 620k views in two days. So PornHub pays you on a click basis, same like Youtube. The more clicks you get; more the payment is. For every 100 rupees, PornHub gets 55 rupees and the remaining is given to us. And after 500k views, the ratio becomes 40 to 60, and so on. Anyway, so that weekend we made a cool 57,000. Your amount is kept aside, and once you give your PayPal or Bank Account, they’ll transfer it to you anonymously. Everything is online. I guess once we received our first payment, we decided it was good. It was easier. And so we talked as to how we can do it regularly”.

Once Kiran and Lavanya had made their first earning, it seemed imperative to them that this was quicker and a whole lot easier to make money. They decided to use the money to take a flat for rent, somewhere close to where Lavanya was taking her SBI-PO Exam coaching. The area was SR Nagar. And so Kiran did. He also bought a double cot bed in EMI. Lavanya in the meantime told her parents that since the exams were approaching in the next four months, her coaching institute, Sage Coaching Center, were conducting classes all through the day, that is from 9 Am to 9 PM.

The poor parents brought her story, but would usually ask her brother, Lokesh to pick her up in the night from the institute. In reality, Lavanya would attend the Bank Coaching from 9 to 12, and once completed head to the flat behind the Community hall in SR Nagar.

The Plans Which Worked Out

“…Initially, we wanted to just post videos. No experimenting nothing. I would go into the flat by 12.30, by which time Kiran would make some lunch. We would have lunch, sleep for a while, and from 4 in the evening start with the sex. We changed the camera angles and stuff to make the videos appear new and fresh. Also, we bought these thick rugs to cover all the windows and doors before we did it. Sometimes Kiran entering me would pain so much that I would scream like hell. But ironically the more I screamed the more views we had. Sometimes if either of us wouldn’t be in the mood, we just stuck to blowing each other off.

Once I remember, that I was on my periods, and was very weak to do anything. So Kiran just shot me naked, and finger fucked me. So by evening, we would record the video, look at it, sometimes that would turn us on, and we’d have sex again. Otherwise, we would watch it, see which parts are good, and I would leave by 8. Kiran would sit in the night, edit the video on his laptop, and upload it. This happened for three months, during which we made almost 40,000 USD. We would split it into equal halves. We would use it to try new locations, rooms, resorts, jungle camps in Vikarabad, and more. And of course, better cameras.

But the idea of #AskPorn wasn’t yet something we were doing. We needed a live stream permission from any of the porn websites. And PornHub was not giving it out at that point of time. But August 2015, we sent an email to XVideos with the concept of #AskPorn and they accepted. We just needed to link a PayPal account, and XVideos made a direct contributions page and a bidding button. And so we were set”.


Lavanya and Kiran wanted to start this in a proper establishment. So they booked a room in Avasa, in late September, and began the act. Since they were going to do this in real time, there was a high chance that most of the viewers would be regional. They fixed the new DSLR they bought at the foot of the bed and wore masks to cover just their eyes. Everything else had to be nude obviously.

So as the live streaming began, they started kissing, as passionately and deeply as they could. Lavanya bit and pulled her lover’s lip, flicked his tongue with hers. The views started at 10 and owing to the intense kissing, escalated to 10,000 in no time. Now the bidding started. #AskPorn was all about that. Viewers would pay, and type their act preference, and this couple needed to do that for them. And thus the threads started,

Show Her Pussy for Ten minutes – Bid – Rs.200 (User – KingJen98)

First bid, 300. The second bid, 350. Third Bid 400, Fourth Bid 450….Fourth Bid 450… FIXED ( User – KingJen98). As soon as the bid was accepted by the couple, the video would stop playing for others, and only the highest bidder would see the stream. Kiran pulled Lavanya, to throw her legs over him, as he focused the camera on her vagina, running his fingers to toy with the pink layers. He flicked his tongue over her clit, and again almost bit her vaginal lips. Ten minutes passed, and the video resumed for others as well.

“It was a truly great feature that the XVideos had in terms of video controls. Even YouTube fails to do that (even though Project York, was supposed to bring that in YouTube, selective choice. It has included a similar feature in the pay for your movie option in YouTube). So the bids came in. For Rs.1000, I would blow my partner, till he ejaculated. Rs.2500, he would smack me up, or push his dick deep down my throat. For 5000, he would fuck the brains out of me. And for 10,000, well, he would get into me from behind. The bids and the asks increased, and people awaited our stream every two days. Someone would ask Kiran to insert ice into me, or someone would ask me to pour honey over his dick. Fantasies had a price and they were paying to watch it happen.

There was nothing wrong no? Two adults having sex, in different positions, and people are paying to watch. We weren’t guilty of anything. In three stream videos, we made about Rs. 85,000. The amount after deduction of transfer charges came to us to the effect of Rs 79,000. That was still a good amount. We would change the location every three days. And tried experimenting. Bondage was the latest in-thing. So Kalyan would tie me up to the bed, with bedsheets rolled up into bonds. And then the whims of viewers would really come out.”

What Does The Analytics Say About Porn Industry?

BDSM is always a great pull. People even today pay huge amounts of money to see a woman get beaten up to a pulp, being raped and tortured. With the ease of payment available today, sites like Debonair, RedTube and XVideos, are generating more money than ever. According to a site report prepared by Dark Web Forum India, the average pay per view spikes by 500% for BDSM related videos in India and Europe, when compared to normal porn. The following are a few points from the report pertaining to Porn viewing analytics within India,

1. Highest views towards a category across top three Porn websites is Amateur Porn, with 73% of views dedicated towards Homemade/Accidental Porn, and remaining towards enacted ones.

2. Highest viewed porn stars in India as per 2015/16 report is Anjali Menon (alias Jenny Gold), Gina Ahmed (alias Kareena), Jumri Bhabhi (alias Komal), Litika Nair (alias Dolly), Hima Fernandes (alias Lovely). The estimated views towards these porn actresses per day in aggregate are around 780,000.

3. Most highly searched Keywords for appropriate traffic within the top three Porn websites with search volume per day are, Desi Couple (1.1 Million), Desi School Couple ( 1 million), Sexy Bhabhi (0.9 Million), Indian Couple (0.9 Million), Indian Girlfriend (0.8 Million), Indian Hot Couple (0.7 Million), Indian Blow Job (0.6 Million), Indian Rape Sex (0.5 Million).

4. The highest viewed hours of Porn in India is from 12.30 AM to 3 AM. Of all the preferences Gay Porn is preferred by the least number of people. Porn access through Smartphones is 69% and with other devices is 31%.

5. The average number of submitted videos every day is 37,500 clips at an average running time of 4.5 Minutes. Torture Porn/BDSM/Rape Porn submitted every day at a comparative figure is 1200 (in 2011 to 2012) to 7890 (in 2015 to 2016). The estimated worth of #AskPorn trend as per June 2017 is 2 Billion Dollars.

December 2015, Breaking The First Million – And The Associated Costs

As porn recording increased, the greed for a higher amount of earning prospered in the minds of Lavanya and Kiran. By December, Lavanya had already fallen out of her family. Many arguments about her marriage and her ambitions ensued. And eventually, Lavanya just walked out on her family and moved in with Kiran. In the second week of December, they got married in a closed ceremony. They knew the opportunities here. She was now a Bhabhi. Eventually, they got in touch with a certain person from India’s biggest Porn website, Debonair, located here in Hyderabad. That’s where Lavanya took up the whole time profession of becoming a porn star.

“So everyone does something. I am doing this. What’s the harm? I am not harming anyone. My logic is simple, even if you judge me for it. I am good at this. There are diseases in the city, you need Doctors. There are some financial troubles, you need Accountants. But who do you need when you want to relieve yourself of office tensions, exam tensions etc. I know what I do is not legal but it is my earning. Law and Logic are not connected anywhere. So, my business is my business. I enjoy doing it. Even #AskPorn I continue doing so, as we have a larger platform to bring our videos too. Today we are making a million every month in US dollars. Tell me which software company can offer that?”

Kiran, by January 2016, had become a full-time camera person for Debonair, and would occasionally shoot with Lavanya. #AskPorn was still their biggest asset. And with Debonair they got a bigger cut than with XVideos. The usual requests that they got in live streaming were – Slap Her Tightly, Suck Her Breasts For A Minute, Ride Your Partner, Pour Wax On Her Breasts, Fuck Her In A Standing Position, Go For A 69, and more.

“We usually do everything that is asked. Initially, I was very careful and also scared. But today I’m not. I can take anything. But yes, we did decline a few requests. I remember a user by name, BigMeat, sending a request. He had asked Kiran to tie me up to the fan, by my neck, and fuck me when I was hanging. When we rejected, he asked Kiran if he could pluck out my pubic hair with his hands. Both of them we denied and he never came back. But otherwise, we do most of the things”.

June 2016, The Cost To Pay For Innovation

In March 2017, Lavanya and Kiran got mutually divorced. In a strange turn of events, the reason for divorce happened to be Lavanya’s brother. Somewhere in January that year, under the username, HardDick, Lavanya’s brother, Lokesh landed up at Debonair. As does every other man, he searched for many categories. No one knows as to how long he had spent on the site, but she did appear in his search categories.

Lavanya, of course, was no longer wearing eye masks and was proudly a porn star now. Although apparently, Lokesh was stunned to the spine, to find his sister in his porn feed, utterly naked and seductively posing with a dildo, he waited till Saturday, when #AskPorn usually came. How did he know it? Simple, every porn website’s information and timings are discussed at Porn Forums maintained by the site. And so he awaited Saturday.

On Saturday, at about 2 AM in the morning, Debonair displayed a Pop-Up saying that #AskPorn was live.

“To me, it was not about caring what she did. But somewhere I wanted to see that she was a victim. That would mean that there’s some goodness left in her. I know my sister, she wouldn’t have done this, this shameful career, is not her. It is that bastard she is in love with. He sold her into this. I was sure of it before I could talk to her. So on Saturday, I wanted to have a talk with my sister, and just remind who she was. At about 2 in the morning, I saw the camera go live, with my sister and some other Muslim guy. He was completely naked, and Lavanya was covered with a thin veil over her breasts. It destroys you as a person, it ruins you inside, when you look at your loved one, in such a position.

I remember watching the action unfold, and tears rolling down my eyes. To me, it was all a dream, a nightmare which I had to wake up from. I hated myself. I despised myself. And I pitied myself. Imagining thousands and thousands of people right at that point, waving their dick at my sister, and she encourages them to do it. So when the first request started ‘Bend Her Over and Fuck Her from Behind’ I started bidding. I won that bid eventually with Rs. 52,000. And when the video was confirmed only for me, I just let it play, and turned off my monitor.

My stupid logic was that at least that day, in those moments, no one was jerking off to my sister. In the next few hours, I won every bid, ending up spending Rs3,22,000, for something which made sense in my head. Before I logged out I sent a text, with a simple note – Come back home, Kittu. That was her name at home. And that’s the last I saw her. I just want to pray that no one else watches their sister or daughter online in this manner. It is hard to live after that. To have seen her naked body, and being violated by someone else, is an image no one can live with. It is very hard”.

July 2016, The Final Moments Of Understanding

Lavanya understood and realized what was going on. That night she broke down into tears and refused to work for the next week or so. This led to a fight between Kiran and Lavanya. History was referred to, and both of them blamed each other for entrapment. After the divorce, Lavanya has quit porn industry today and has started her own Internet Shop in Kalyan Nagar. Kiran still works in Debonair, as a head camera person. The couple who started #AskPorn had fallen apart. But the trend continues even today. On XVideos, Debonair, PornHub and everywhere else, #AskPorn or #RequestPorn or #VirtualDick is one of the highest watched porn categories in the world. As is apparent from the article, our writer managed to bring out the story of Lavanya through the contacts and connections from Debonair.

We talked to Psychiatrist Naveen Sharma of Apollo Hospitals, regarding this issue and he had some interesting thoughts as to how Porn Addiction is today being generalised and even celebrated,

“……It’s troubling Mr.Fox. We had porn in our days as well, and I’m talking about the 80’s here. There were magazines, Video Cassettes, etc, but it wasn’t accessible that much. There were boundaries to it. But today, we are exposed to soft porn on a regular basis, and from a very young age. Now that’s not the whole problem. The more urgent problem is that we are at a point where we are OK with anything. In the name of modernisation and Globalisation, we are starting to mimic what the west has to offer us, which is fine by the way, as long as we have the ethical and political structure to support such blatant mimicking.

We are you see, talking about a country which is deeply rooted in its age-old cultures and traditions. Our gods, our temples, our customs are so deeply ingrained into our veins, that western culture cannot be imitated totally. And so what do we do? We take it as per our convenience. And that’s the problem. A simple example here, when you talked about this #AskPorn, we saw that a woman was willing to explore and exhibit her sensual ideology to the world. Now obviously no family in India will want to own her up as a daughter or even someone related”.

“….And that kind of dissociation from families makes the woman in point here, more reckless and irresponsible. There’s a concept of overcompensation yes? She has to make a point to herself, that she isn’t doing anything wrong. That’s what it is. We do not have the ethical infrastructure to support western thoughts. Even Porn Addiction is like that. I counsel many couples these days, and most of them have an issue which bases out of the fact that there is intimacy lacking. And I’m not even talking about Sex. Physical intimacy is a taboo in our country. And when you deny that, people will turn to something, a leeway in their own private quarters. Porn therefore thrives.

It survives and thrives on a simple agenda. Sexual frustration. When our youth start to get sexual exploration and satisfaction in the age when their hormones are acting at their peak, then they can understand Sex in a much tried out way, in a much mature way. With so much of encouragement available online, with your Game of Thrones, with your Social Media news feeds, a young woman or a man, is bound to have a lot of sexual energy generated in himself, with no let out. Porn addiction comes from that. And it’s a pure case of Demand and Supply. With more Porn Addiction comes newer ways of making porn. Is it a competition, yes? The only resolution I see is that of acceptance.

When parents are joining their kids in international schools, it is their duty to have them understand the world also in an International sense. This is what I advise parents who come to me seeking counsel for their kid who is addicted to Porn. Allow them relationships, educate them about Sex and safety measures. It is only the natural thing to do. And we cannot stop a natural occurrence. Humans are designed to have sex at a particular age. By denying them that, is the root cause for almost every crime out there. Knowledgeable sexual acceptance is what we advise”



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