[VoxSpace Selects] Lakshmi : This Progressive Tale Of A Woman Is As Relishing As A Bharathiyar Poem

Lakshmi – The Tale Of Liberation

Break Free! It’s that one constant thought, that subtly and yet continuously plays in the mind of every commoner. After one is stuck with a monotonous life, the urge to break free amplifies, making us derive analogies to justify our acts. And yes, some of those analogies will indeed bloom in your life, making you better as a person. Of course, it’s not every time you are consciously reminded by someone in this regard. But, it’s when you come across stories like Lakshmi’s that your mind starts to fantasize a chance, a possibility of a beautiful occurring. It’s also very rare that you truly connect with a story from the numerous stories that you end up watching or reading. And this particular one, ‘Lakshmi’ beautifully created by Sarjun KM is a testimony to not just a woman, but to the innate desire within each of us to lead a happy and a peaceful life.

Sarjun has come out with a beautiful tale of a woman, Lakshmi and gently induced a philosophy that we can all pick up. Not for anyone’s sake, but for ourselves. Using some beautifully penned poems by ‘Mahakavi Bharathi’, a pioneer of modern Tamil poetry, Sarjun’s Lakshmi emphasizes on how one needs to break free and seek what one is entitled to. Prompting to fall out of the oppression one suffers from performing the housewife’s role, especially when it comes to a woman whose needs barely have a voice. They might end up being momentary, but they do end up teaching a fair chance of revolution.

She Is You And She Shall Be

Lakshmi is any woman we come across in our daily lives, but take a closer look at her, and she has so much to say, making her more interesting. For her, in spite of working at a printing press apart from doing the daily household chores or even making love to her husband, she doesn’t have her soul in the place. The way Sarjun has shown Lakshmi finding her soul and her feeling of liberation give you a bloody high, ending the story with a perfect dot.

Lakshmi, played by the multi-talented, Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli makes you fall instantly in love with her character. Trust me, there is no escape! As a middle-class woman who is pretty and interesting in her own ways, she will lure you into the story right from the first frame. Nandan as the sculpture Khatir is truly impressive, while Leo as Lakshmi’s husband Shekar, aptly fits the role. Narrating a story that will stay with you, rather captivatingly so, for approximately 18 minutes is not a child’s play. While the major credit goes to the creator, Sarjun, Sudarshan Srinivasan’s camera work and KS Sundaramurthy’s music complete the beautiful painting of ‘Lakshmi’.

Before we retire, it is only fitting and imperative that we share this beautiful line from Siva Ananth’s poem (which is also there in this movie) that perhaps capture the essence of Lakshmi in line.

“You may go back to being eclipsed. But remember, one day you shone brighter than you ever have!’’

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