[VoxSpace Life] Missing Someone Who Is Not In Your Life Anymore Then Do This

Missing Is Not A Static Phase…

Have you ever felt pain?  Have you ever gone through the pain of remembering someone who won’t come back in your life? It is not easy to wind up memories, but it is necessary to move on. Try to apply the ubiquitous tips. You will get some relief.


It will be ridiculous to ask someone to accept the situation. But it is something which has to happen. Take some time to cry alone. It is perfectly fine to cry. You will feel better. Try not to hold back the tears. Express your grief. Doing so is ok. Very soon you will get back to your normal routine.

Take External Help

It is not child’s play to recover on your own. Have someone who can understand you. Who can treat you the way you want to be. Have someone whom you can hug. And the one who returns a tighter hug. The person can be your friend or family member. Girls hug a boy in such case; they pamper very well.

Don’t Confine

Don’t limit yourself.  Let yourself cry, be angry, and feel emotional. You won’t be able to move on, but you should not keep on crying as well. Though it takes time to be normal, it is better to take the initiative soon. Don’t compel yourself to be social. Get some support. You may feel like you’re burdening your friends by being sad all of the time

No Need To Be Rude

It is alright that you are alone. You are going through hard times. But that doesn’t mean you can become tough. Don’t try to hide that you’re having trouble. Sometimes the sympathies of people cure. Don’t feel awkward if someone pampers you a lot. Remember that the person cares about you. Be grateful to him and show your gratitude.

Shift To Spirituality

This is the time to be more religious. Whatever religion you follow, start following its customs. Spend more time in a community of like-minded people. Religious measures have strength in them. Soon you will get to know that everything happens for a reason. Trust the vibes as energy never lies. Your faith-based community may change your mindset. Due to this, you will start feeling better.

Go For Therapy

Try out this also. Therapy or grief counselling can help you get a new perspective. The specialists have dealt with many similar cases. And so it becomes very easy to tackle such things. Therapy or grief counselling can help you get a new perspective. Don’t feel bad if you’re admitting weakness by seeking therapy. It will be astonishing if you heal up soon.

An Animal Lover

Being an animal lover can divert your mind. Getting a cat or dog can improve your mental state. It is not mandatory to purchase them. You can use your friend’s pet. Puppies and kittens are so cute that they can cure your sadness early. An animal needs your love and care whereas you need his sympathy and kindness. Share an amicable relationship with them.

Avoid Negative People

Unfortunately, not everyone can make you feel better. But intentionally many people can make you feel worse. Try to be away from such people. Hard times are an opportunity for them to tease you.  Try to spend as little time with them as possible. Don’t get frustrated due to them. Instead be with those who want to be yours. One cares about you.

Take Care

Start living for yourself. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Stay as healthy as you can. Have a balanced diet. It is not easy, but it is a must. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Dance and sing. It boosts morale. It will make you feel better. You will accept the situation soon.

Pursue Your Hobbies

This is the time you should give time to your hobbies and interests. Dedicate things to people. Try to be more social. Meet new people. Slowly try to bring everything on track. It is not easy to live without loved ones. Getting back to life is difficult. But to continue with life, one must always do something.

Take Care.