[VoxSpace Life] Dog Kill Dog World : Pitbulls Trained To Kill Strays In A Weird Hunting Spree In Delhi

The Fate Of Man’s Best Friend In India

I can recollect an Australian friend once expressing how he was pained to see so many strays in India for they had none back in his country. “No, not because we get rid of them all,” he said, “but because every family takes one in.”

Dogs have inhabited the planet for more than 36,000 years. The remains of the first dogs were found alongside humans’ hunter-gatherer ancestors. And shockingly, the hunted is what is becoming of human’s best furry friend. News has surfaced that strays in Shalimar Bagh area of north-west Delhi are facing a massive threat to their lives and ironically enough, by the members of their own race. The past few days have seen a number of Pitbull owners threatening and succeeding to kill strays in the area claiming to score Rs 2000 for each successful ‘hit’. Conversely, these men are asking for a sum of Rs 5000 be paid for each stray that is to be spared.

The Animal Face of Humanity – The Attack On Strays

The residents claim that the two men Abhishek and Monu come in vans along with their dogs and shoo them at the strays. Of this, the strays either hide to later come out aggressively or succumb to the bully dogs. Two of the neighbourhood dogs have already been attacked, with a 5-year old brown baby gravely injured and an 11-year old white female dead. Now, this not just reflects upon the inhumanity and greed of these dog owners but also makes one question the value and security of an animal’s life.

The mission that these men seem to be on is to have adverse impacts not only on the stray population that dwells in our neighbourhoods but the humans alike. The stray babies already undernourished and under the climate have a hard life on the streets, and an added threat, a big one at that is sure to make them retaliate with much more aggression. This could lead to more human-stray conflicts, more confused attacks. And then again, there will be more cases of strays being beaten or mulled or dragged to death. It is important to note here that like a million other times, this issue will again be caused by some of us to ourselves. And with that, Delhi, in no time could end up in a state like Kerala with no stray dogs to inhabit and protect the otherwise unguarded neighbourhoods. For obviously, many will either be paid and killed; or many killed as the repercussion of these conflicts with humans.

How This Can Soon Become A Thriving Business

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With this, soon Pitbull demands will be on the rise and more animals will be forcefully bred and kept in inhumane conditions to later be sold to people who will further exploit them for money. Trained to be much more aggressive than their natural capacity, they will be tamed to cause more harm to their own brotherhood. This surely aims to hit an all-time low at being the most unethical treatment of a race that is already struggling for its mark on the planet.

The Selfless Surveillance That Is Under Threat

Delhi with its already dwindling stray population, following something like this, will be deprived of these guard friends that are the only surveillance that most of the neighbourhoods can afford. There will be a rise in crime in the areas with no proper surveillance systems or security guards. And this was the most selfish I could be to have your attention.

Subjectivity Of Inhumanity

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image courtesy: PETA India

The whole world could be subjective about their take on animals for all I care. This planet gave birth to all that live on it to co-exist and live in harmony with one another. We were all meant to, as I understand, obey the food chain for survival, which in itself seems very unfair. But the fact that our greed has climbed such heights to kill another for money is beyond what could be disgusted upon and despised.

While the police have registered more than a dozen complaints on this and are acting upon it with the help of leads from the residents and witnesses, there won’t be any good to expect till there are immediate amendments in the laws and policies regarding crimes against animals. Convicts are still charged a mere Rs 50 for mulling, hurting or killing a stray. And so, I call out for all the animal lovers to push for the change. I know we have all been at it for the longest of time, but this is the most crucial turn ever.

Also, since, it is us that encroached upon the huge forests to build cities that we now reside in, conveniently pushing animals to homelessness and starvation, we must, for I believe most of us can adopt one. And with that, I lay my hopes on all of us so I may boast to my friend that we too have taken responsibility for what was ours to cohabit with.