Ali Fazal’s NRI Feature “For Here or To Go” Asks Some Very Important Questions About Immigration

Acceptance Of Lives And Aspirations

Once upon a time few people wandered to make a living and found a reliable patch of land, thus ending their search they went ahead to produce, invest and work towards making it a prosperous place. The residents watched their land getting greater by the day and basked in its glory. Years passed and the story continued, the land became greater, more people came in to settle and opportunities grew… this my friends, is the story of a country with open arms, abundant opportunities and masked conditions.

The word acceptance falls into a large bracket of rules, regulations, emotions and concerns. Across seas and oceans people have flown in to this country and taken it to be the land of their own, getting accustomed to its culture and taking accomplishments in their stride. This was possible with the sweat and hard work of millions who lost time with an array of their own people and loved ones in their home country, striving to make it big in their career. Deluded by the desire to make more and be more, some of them lose age and lives here in a hurry to make a living. This translates the facts of being tied down by rules and regulations, in case they opt to live here.

Surviving In A Foreign Land:

Living and surviving in a foreign land involves a lot of money and engages people with the hardships of becoming independent and tough. They learn, they fail, they fall but get back on their feet as they are miles away from home and left to fend for themselves. Students, working professionals, people who come to make a living are all a part of this whirlpool of dreams and desires with a hope for better quality of life. They stay high in spirits and march strong to build a comfortable future for their children and the unborn generations. I call it, not a state of pity but that of strength, struggles and of acceptance to belong to a world they believe and live in as theirs.

For Here Or To Go – The NRI Story:

Young Silicon Valley software engineer Vivek Pandit (Ali Fazal) is poised to become a key hire at a promising healthcare startup, but when they realize his work visa has less than a year remaining, the offer disappears. Having learned the hard way about the flaws in his “it’s just paperwork” mentality, Vivek battles forces beyond his control to get his visa extended, whether at his existing company or a new job. Along the way, his eyes are opened to the similar struggles of his own roommates and those around him. American in mind and Indian at heart, this is a contemporary story of ambition and ambivalence fueled by one’s immigration status that characterizes the dilemma of modern cultural displacement. Ably supported in author-backed roles, are Melanie Chandra, Omi Vaidya, Rajit Kapur. Directed by Rucha Humnabadkar, This is a movie you need to watch out for.