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[VoxSpace Exclusive] Kadavulin Kuzhanthai – The Story Of A Festival Which Allows Sexual Liberty To Women For A Night

The Story Of The Chariot Festival Of Marichengodu Is Equal Parts About Humanity In Its Bare Naked Form And Of Gods Who Look Over Us Silently

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22 People Dead And At Least 25 More Injured In A Stampede At Mumbai’s Elphinstone Road Station,

22 People Dead And At Least 25 More Injured In A Stampede At Mumbai’s Elphinstone Road Station

The Occurrence Of Stampede — Panic And Chaos Claim Lives Earlier today at around 10:30 AM, there was a horrific […]

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Sheldon Cooper,Young Sheldon, tv series

[VoxSpace Selects] Young Sheldon : The Prequel Origin Story To TBBT’s Sheldon Cooper Is Exactly As Fun As You Thought It Would Be

Young Sheldon is not just a spiritual prequel to The Big Bang Theory and its most famous nerd Sheldon Cooper but is a witty origin story as well.

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[VoxSpace Life] Casual Sexism : The Effects Of Our Patriarchal Society In Defining Sexism Via Our Language And Culture

Casual sexism has been fed into our system so much so that it flows into our language as naturally as any preposition or verb. This needs to stop.

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Games, Road Rash, Road Rash retuens Road Rash game

Fans Of The “Road Rash” Game Of The 90’s – Rejoice!! The King Of Road Racing Games Is Returning This Year

Road Rash, the epic and exhilarating racing game of the 90’s gets a spectacular new facelift in this year’s Road Redemption, with all the craziness intact.

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[VoxSpace Life] Here’s Why Fidaa, And Not Arjun Reddy Is The True Game Changer In Telugu Film Industry

Fidaa, in my opinion, brings the correct ideology forward by way of depicting feminism and gender equality in way that Arjun Reddy fails to do.

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Social Tagging,Facebook tagging

[VoxSpace Life] Social Tagging : When Did Tagging In Memes Become A Solid Parameter Of Friendship

Social Media Tagging is really not the way forward when it comes to establishing an overall growth ecosystem and is actually ruining our lives.

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Dhinchak Pooja,Cringe Pop

[VoxSpace Life] Cringe Pop : Making Youngsters Of India Intellectually Miserable

The horrible culture of Cringe Pop is unfortunately here to stay and it is affecting our tastes, our awareness and more importantly ruining our music.

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Casting Couch,Casting Couch Confessions

[VoxSpace Exclusive] Casting Couch Confessions Part Two : The Status Quo And The Solution Sets

Chapter One: July 3rd, Anupama Restaurant & Mess, Rd No 36, Hitech City When I see her, the first word […]

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Our Relationships

[VoxSpace Life] Till Perhaps Death Do Us Apart: Quest And Chaos Of Our Relationships

What’s the one thing which is missing which is missing from our relationships? What makes us so fickle with the people we love and what’s wrong really?

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