[VoxSpace Exclusive] Casting Couch Confessions Part One : The Cost Of Dreams And Unbound Lives

January 17, 2017, 3 AM – Conversation Tape Between Preethi Singhal & Karthik

“…..I am not saying anything, I am not interested, in anything. Please leave me..!!”

“See, look, Sir is very interested to take you. He liked the Audition. And you are talented na?”

“So,…sir, please don’t call me, I am with my family here..Please”

“Look Preethi, you want to become a star na? And we are very serious on getting you on board, and all I am asking is, a simple favour only na?”

“Sir, I am not that kind of girl. I don’t know where you are…please don’t call me. I am requesting you. I don’t want the role. Please understand”

“Ok ok. I understand. But you also understand na? Who am I Preethi?”

“Who am I? Means?”

“I mean who am I, what do I do?”

“AD..you  are an Assistant Director..Sir..”

“I am an AD right. Try to understand my position also na, Preethi? I am also struggling to make a mark. Sir will remove me if I don’t get it. I have loans. Many many loans. I have to repay them. How do I repay…repay them Preethi you tell me?”

“Sir, I don’t know. I’m sorry. Really”

The phone call ends. The recording pauses. For the next 15 minutes, there’s no call from Karthik, which when you consider the fact that Karthik has called Preethi 46 times in the last ten hours. And out of which, Preethi has picked up his call only thrice. Only after Karthik texted her angrily that he is going to lose his job and career because of her. Preethi’ audition earlier in the morning had gone well, and Karthik had been the point of contact ever since. However, once the audition finished, Karthik called up Preethi and told that everything went well, but his Sir, a Director of repute, wanted her to come to Hotel Lemon Tree in Hitech city that night. Just to discuss the story and character. Preethi had been in this industry for long enough to know what ‘discussing the story in a hotel meant’. When she denied, the AD, Karthik forcibly texted her the Room reservation details, a suite on the 7th floor of Lemon Tree, accompanied with a message saying something very simple – “Sir wants you to dress properly and come”

The phone rings after 15 Minutes. The recording resumes.

“Sir, please don’t call me and harass me”

“I am not fucking harassing you at all! It’s…it’s simple bargain Preethi. Don’t use such big words like harassing and all ok? I just want to help. You can’t understand only”

“Ok. Ok. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what is happening”

“You don’t know right? I know. I understand. See, let me help you na? Even superstars do that. How do they become superstars Preethi tell me? It’s just one simple night. Consider that you are going on a date and things are going forward. Think like that na? You have a boyfriend? You do things naa? Same like that only.”

“What are you telling. I don’t understand. What do you want me to do?”

“See I think you understand. Just a few minutes back you said you were not like this, not like that, kind of thing na? I know you understand, so I won’t say. I promise it is only for one night. Sir is leaving for Poland schedule tomorrow night. And you will be fixed. Simple.”

“Thank you…Thank you for the confession..and the recording”


“Ok. I’ll send this recording about you and your Sir, to media people. Fucking asshole, I’ll go back to doing my MBA, and you and your Sir can go fuck each other..”

The phone call ends. The recording stops. But the communication doesn’t. The WhatsApp stream of desperate text apologies starts to flow.

At 3.45 – Karthik Kumar (Royal Media Works):

“Preethi. Plz Plz. Listen to me. Recording and all, don’t do plz. I knw u r upset. I wont call again. I promise. Plz, my career is gone if the recording comes out. Plz. Plz understand”

At 4.14 – Karthik Kumar (Royal Media Works):

“Preethi I hope you are dng the best thing. I knw, I realise my mistake. I knw I did wrong things. Plz forgive me. I won’t text or call now. Im gng to del ur number ryt now”

At 5.32 – Karthik Kumar (Royal Media Works):

“Dear Preethi. Plz I’m saying sorry. If you send the recording out, I’ll kill myself. I’ll commit suicide. Please, my family is there in Ongole. Instead of being ashamed before them, I’ll cut my wrists. Plz, it is your decision to save my life. I’m begging you. Please reply”

At 6.19 – Karthik Kumar (Royal Media Works):

“Preethi, you fucking asshole.

At 6.32 – Karthik Kumar (Royal Media Works):

“U know what Bitch, tell who u want to tell. I’ll see. My Sir has contacts; he will save me. You fucking bitch, haha. U are dead. U come to Film Nagar again, I’ll cut U into pieces myself, you whore. No website will listen to U. They suck my Sir’s dick for promotion, one interview he will give and they’ll never listen to u again. U think u are smart, bitch. Show me one website, (mother expletives) that can deny Sir, and listen to you. Come again to this place, then I’ll tell. U understand. You fucking bitch”

June 19, 2017: Present Day: VoxSpace Open Letter To Mr Karthik

Preethi texts the VoxSpace page with a simple message “I have an experience to share, which I think is very important for new and upcoming film artists. Can I talk to the admin”? And here we are.

Open Letter To Mr Karthik

Dear Karthik,

I know you are reading this article. Right here right now. Ms Preethi Singhal has submitted her pieces of evidence to us, snapshots, audio recordings and more. Even the reservation confirmation texts. On a humanitarian ground, we are giving you a chance. We will be watching you, and attending your ‘Casting Calls’. On the case that we find that you and your Sir, have repeated this practice of luring upcoming artists into sexual submissions with a promise of casting them, then from October 30th, We shall be releasing these tapes on our Facebook page, one every day.

Unusquisque Se A Criminibus,

Mr.Fox – VoxSpace.

Editor’s Note – Unusquisque Se A Criminibus (Beware Of Your Crimes)

The above phrase “Unusquisque Se A Criminibus” etymologically comes from Latin. The phrase roughly translates to ‘Beware Of Your Crimes’. What does it mean? Simply put, we are just asking people here in this article to choose. The choice to be aware of their crimes is what we are offering them because we know them. ‘A crime is not a crime unless caught’ is myth believed by many people, but we all know that’s not true. That shouldn’t be true. You cannot commit a crime and hope to hide it.

Somewhere down the line, comes a measure, which will bring out your crime. Hence, we ask these people to mend their ways, apologize for their crimes to the victims, and we shall let go of them. Failing which, the evidences, testimonies, photographs, recordings, proofs and much more, wouldn’t take time to resurface. However, in speaking about people, we need to understand one thing clearly. It is just about the people. Not the organizations. We do not intend to defame any organization for the acts committed by its employees or in some rare cases its managing partners.

Also, the names of the perpetrators and the victims have been changed, to provide a chance for resolution. We request these accused; please do not take the anonymity we provide through VoxSpace, as your veil. We are still watching you. And we will not think twice to expose you. You know what you did, and you know who you harassed. Apologize to the victims, and help them out. And we shall leave the matter here.

We would like to thank Ms Apuroopa Reddy for her exclusive work used within this article.

Not so sure of what we can do? Feel free to directly message us and we will show you a sample of the evidences we have against you. All we ask from you is ‘Beware Of Your Crimes’.

August 17th, Café Abbott, Jubilee Hills, Rd No 33

August 10th, Chapter One – The Snapshots And The Nudes

They asked me for Sexual Favors. Are you ready for commitment? Simple

This interesting story is of Ms Harini Kimapula. On August 3rd, our editor, Siddharth, received a text, and a screenshot. He calls me up in the middle of the night and sends across a mail. Ms Harini Kimapula. That’s an interesting name, I think to myself. And the screenshots, make her even more interesting. To give you a context, these were the private conversations between Harini and Director Mohan. If you remember the interview of Heroine that we did a while back, you will know who we are referring to. Now after the said interview, Siddharth has been in touch with him, and thankfully, he is an avid follower of VoxSpace as well. So, back to the conversations and snapshots. The following were the crux of it.

Harini Kimpula Actress [8.17 PM]

“I’ll tell everybody. I’ll go to TV9, and make it news. I’ll tell them that you and Dharma (AD) tried to rape me”

Mohan Krishna Director [8.18 PM]

“Hey what are you saying? Are you out of your mind. We didn’t even meet. What are you saying? This is some serious allegation. Please be careful of what you are saying”.

Harini Kimpula Actress [8.20 PM]

“I don’t care. I want to be in your movie. I don’t care if you take Rakul or Kajal. I want to be the second lead. You don’t understand. One phone call, done, gone, everything is gone”.

Mohan Krishna Director [8.30 PM]

“Look. Don’t threaten me ok. Even now, I am willing to forgive you for saying all this crap about me. We are announcing the auditions in few days. As I said earlier also, we are looking for someone new. Please you don’t have to go so low”

Harini Kimpula Actress [8.32 PM]

“We all know how you came to industry ok. So please, don’t give me this God like lecture now. I know you molested girls before. So shut up and do my job. Get me role and I won’t disturb you again”

Mohan Krishna Director [8.34 PM]

“Look Harini. This is getting out of hand. I will complain to the police. Don’t think you can get away with this. Till now, I was thinking of giving you a chance. But now, I won’t. I won’t even think now”

Harini Kimpula [8.35 PM]

“Offo..somebody is a man now. Huh? You will go to the police. Go. I’ll see. Here take this also and go. (Harini Kimpula sends a photo, in which her top is naked)

Mohan Krishna blocks her immediately. And calls up our Editor immediately. He is afraid apparently, that she might ruin his career. And our dear Editor sends across this whole material to me.

August 17th, Chapter Two – The Interview And The Truth

These media houses are run by rich people. Rich people who have rich fathers. They think they can play with anyone. What’s worse is, now even the chamchas of these people are asking for favours man!

We texted her. Harini Kimpula that is, asking her for an interview. Why? It’s simple, here we had something which was thoroughly insinuating a highly reputed personality. It was obvious that we needed to bring out all the evidences we could get from different sources to probably zero in on this lady. In days leading up, we did collect all the evidences we could. What remained was her confirmation. As is the case with most, she did agree to talk (after thoroughly asking what VoxSpace was, and who were running the show etc). We decided to meet her at this little café in Jubilee hills called the Abbott café. Why that in particular? Well, this lady, Harini, said that she was attending an audition for a channel called Women’s World, somewhere in Madhapur, and she said she’s come directly to meet us. And she does arrive on her Activa, after about an hour.

Our interview went in the same manner, as it is with several others. We won’t be publishing it obviously, but she talked about how she comes from Bengaluru, her parents work in SBI, and she works in an MNC. Now we ask her different questions trying to understand her psyche. A rapport forms. What she is unaware of is that we already have collected a few evidences which tell us that, she has been using the same trick of Casting Couch, on several media houses and directors to get herself some work. Some were willing to share the screenshots with us, and some were a bit apprehensive. But, the evidences were all there (even during the publication of this article, we have been approached by one of our friends, who knows Harini’s involvement in yet another case). And so once we’ve built the rapport, and off the record, we start to ploy her with questions regarding, Casting couch.

“It’s there. It’s definitely there. They asked me for Sexual Favors. Are you ready for commitment? Simple. Not one but dozens of directors, they call me for meetings. These meetings are usually in Five-star hotels, or outside the city. And when I go, they lure me with great roles. And ask for Commitment. Of course, I slap such people and walk out. I am fed up with the Movie business. It’s so corrupt. The stars, the directors, and more are so sex starved that, they just need sex and nothing more. That’s why I am not at all interested in movies anymore”

Just the other day, we read that you are playing Rakul’s friend’s role. Could you tell us anything about that?

Oh that, ha. Well see, I got that role because one of my friend, who used to work in short-films with me, he has now become the AD for the movie. He suggested my name to the director, and he called me for an audition, and thankfully the whole audition was professional. They did my look test for a couple of hours, and then in the evening made me enact some scenes. So it was all professional.

That’s nice. So you said you are trying your hand in Shortfilms and Web series and more. Even today you had an audition. Could you tell us more about it?

Urrgh. I thought I can escape this sexual favours thing after moving out of films. But no, the saga never ends. I’ll tell you what, Men are the same everywhere. And powerful rich men even more so. So, I went to a media house near Panchavati Tiffins ok? Those people, the boss there is only concerned with how good I look, or how chill I am, and talks so cheaply about girls. It’s so disturbing. He even said that look let’s build a personal connection first, and then we can do some great things. Great things it seems? You understand the word right. Even today, like I went to this super successful website office in Madhapur for an audition. You know the guy who runs it? (I say no, and Sid says yes). He wasn’t there, but there was his famous assistant. You might have seen him; these media houses are run by rich people. Rich people who have rich fathers. They think they can play with anyone. What’s worse is, now even the chamchas of these rich people are asking for favours man! So this guy, Shashi comes to the audition and says, I like you as an actress, but I want to know you as a person first. Our website is this and that, and if we are getting you on board we need to see your personal skills as well. Let’s chill out in the evening. You should write about these people, who think that they can say anything to a woman.

We will. So Shashi actually said this to you? Interesting. When did he say this?

Yeah. Look I don’t care if you are friends with him. But that’s the truth. If you are supporting him and denying my claim, you are as bad as him. He said this to me. Like just an hour back. Let’s chill at my apartment, and we’ll discuss the project he said.

Ok. Understandable. But this should not go unpunished. We will definitely publish this. Shashi saying this is just so horrible.

Yes. You should. You claim to be brave no? I’m sure you can bring out these things to light. Definitely, you should work out on this. I’ll give my full support to you. I think I need to rush now, the traffic is really heavy at this time, and I need to go to Moti Nagar.

Sid says – Oh, you are leaving. I just texted Shashi and he is coming here. We’ll discuss this with him (That was just a shot in the dark, we had never texted anyone)

Huh? What? I don’t want to have any discussions at all. Not with him. Not anyone. I just want to go now. You guys talk to Shashi and he’ll tell you everything. I have told you my part, and I’m done.

Ms Harini. Sit down, please. If you don’t sit down now, we will be publishing an article on you tonight. I will personally write about you. Do you want us to send the screenshots to the whole Industry and Public?

What? What are you saying? What screenshots. I did nothing wrong. I’ll scream now. I am leaving now, try stopping me.

Sid says – Mohan Krishna, Mr Lakshmikanth, Bharath Prasad, Ramakanth. All them. Screenshots. And now the audio clip of your claim of Shashi. You tell me what you want us to do?

(she calmly sits down. And silent looks at us). You can’t do this. You won’t do this. You are nobody. Who will listen to you? I have contacts and I will make sure your fucking website goes off the market in one day. Don’t you dare?

Doesn’t matter. We just want to ask you one thing. Did you or did you not meet Shashi today. Or go to an audition today?

(she sobs). No.

Present Day: VoxSpace Open Letter To Miss Harini Kimpula

Dear Miss Harini Kimpula,

You know what you did. And you know the repercussions of it. You are smart enough to figure it out. We ask you to apologize to all the people you have defamed directly over your career. We shall be in contact with them, and we’ll know if you did. You have till October 1st to do so, failing which we shall reveal your conversations screenshots and audio recordings of defamation to the public. We are watching and we are waiting for your apology.

Unusquisque Se A Criminibus,

Mr.Fox – VoxSpace.

JUNE 30th, 2016, Moonshine Project, Film Nagar – Excerpts From Harsha’s Diary

The Choices We Make And the Life We Don’t

My story starts in February. I enrolled for my Acting classes in a famous studio here nearby. The faculty used to rarely come, and after paying more than 75,000 for the two semesters, I realized that I wasn’t learning too much. The faculty and the founder’s son (brother of a Bilingual star) would demean all the students there. They would take out girls in my class to special screenings, late night parties, and premieres after parties. They were reduced to a fucking arm candy. No one was learning anything at all. Every once in a while, the Bilingual actor would come, say some fuck all logic as to how we can make it big in the industry and leave. That was his idea of motivation. If his movie was releasing, we were given tickets to go watch the movie and spread a good word about it on Facebook and Twitter.

The faculty would actually check our profiles after the movie, and if someone said anything negative about the movie he would bash them or insult them in front of everyone. As artists, we have to be sensitive to everything, otherwise, we can’t play our roles. And therefore, the punishments, insults, would really affect us. But, the fact that we had paid 75k was the only thing that made us stick around. However, the lack of discipline, rumours, and everything else was too much to take. And I wasn’t learning anything as well. So I and my friends decided that we needed to do something of our own.

The Meeting Of A Merchant Of Dreams

As it is the classes were only two per week. So we made a short film and posted on YouTube. It didn’t really click. But, it was a nice product. People, who were serious about short films, liked it and started contacting us. I personally got a call from Varshini madam of the rival Film studio. She said I would fit the role she was having in mind and wanted to meet me in person. I said yes, of course. It was a feature film, so obviously. In two days, I met Varshini Madam, who was the HR with this famous studio, at Tiki Shack, Rd No 36. She was this middle aged woman, somewhere around 45 to 50 years old. We discussed many things, and she was a great philosopher is what I understood. We ended up talking for 7 hours altogether.

We discussed movies, how Telugu cinema needs to change, Actors, short films, contacts and more. She actually gave me, around 7 to 10 contacts of scriptwriters and assistant directors who could be helpful in my career. I couldn’t be more grateful. To discuss my part in the movie, she asked me to come over to her place on Saturday evening, a couple of days later.

The problem was I knew. The problem was that I was from a film school, and I had heard rumours. The problem was that I still took the chance. In a million people coming to the city, to become someone on the silver screen, I can bet that 90% of them would do what I did. When opportunities are all taken away by all these star sons, producers sons, and politicians sons, what the fuck is left for us to do. As if that’s not enough, even Ads and TV shows are done by them.

There around 300 shows in Telugu, of which approx. 200 are daily serials and others reality shows. We can forget about reality shows, so that leaves us with 200 daily serials with an all-inclusive cast of not more than 3000 actors. Every year, around 85,000 actor aspirants come to the industry. Where is the work for all of us? Talent is not enough. It has to be more than that. And so I took the opportunity that was there for me.

The Cost Of Our Choices And The Pricking Of A Destiny

I reached Varshini madam’s residence in Manikonda on Saturday evening. She had already ordered some dinner and had opened a bottle of rum which she claimed to have bought from England. We drank and talked and stuff. Then she calmly took my hand and started licking my fingers. It was just for something good, I reminded myself. It was for my legacy, I said to myself. She asked me to stand up, and strip down. I slowly did it, half wishing that she would fall asleep or be somehow not interested in me. Whatever I told myself, this was not something I could do in my sane mind. I hadn’t fought with my parents back in Eluru, to do this. I hadn’t followed my dream for this. But she wasn’t forcing anything. I was doing it voluntarily.

And as I pulled down my underwear, I knew I was never going to be happy ever. Famous, yes, maybe, but happy no. And then she asked me to dance. As I did dance for Varshini Madam, she pulled away her panties and asked me to entertain her. Or basically to blow her. She would tightly press my face, into her, never even letting me take a breath. And I did blow her. As much as I could, till she passed out. I got up, and wore my shirt and trousers, and just sat in her balcony. For some reason, I just had to call my Father. It was just unbearable for me. I still remember the conversation I had with my Father that day,

“…Hello, Sunny? What’s wrong, what’s the time?” My Father spoke clearly waking up from deep sleep.

“Nothing Daddy. I just wanted to tell, talk, I mean ask you something…” I could manage to say, my head throbbing with pain.

“Sunny, nana, what happened. Did anything happen? Do you want some money? I’ll ask Giri to send it to your account right now., you just wait”

“No no. Daddy. I was just. I am Ok. I have money. I just, when are you coming to Hyderabad?”

“Oh that. Sunny. I will come. I will come. Today is what, June 30th right. I have some business to deal with. Even the theatres are not running good. Flops and distributors all. I can’t manage it by myself no. Giri tries to help after school, but he can’t do much”

“Should I come Daddy? Do you want me to come Daddy?”

“Huh? Sunny. What happened? Do you want to talk to Mummy? Do you want me to give the phone to Mummy?”

“No please no please. Don’t do that. I was just asking. Actually, I wanted to come home during Dussera”

“Oh oh…that’s great. Ok no problem, nana. I’ll get your reservation done. Come for Dussera Ok? That’s better actually if I come, I can meet only you. But if you come you can meet everyone. Good good”

“Yes yes. I’ll come home in Dussera. I’ll come home”

“Sunny, nana, how are the classes going on?”

“Classes..yes classes are also good. I am doing good”

“Good. We saw your short film also. It was ok. But we didn’t understand. I mean Giri says its easy to understand. But anyway”

“Daddy, I’ll call again. Just wanted to tell you that, I want to come home. Ok. I’ll call again”

Look To The Stars And The Sky Seems Ok!

And so our affair started. Every weekend I started spending time with Varshini madam. She would sometimes take me to Galleries and Parties, and introduce me as her PA. It was at this time, that a few projects were getting on floors within the studio, and as an HR, she was given the task to find new faces. She denied me an audition in these projects, saying that she was expecting to give me a great project with a big star cast. Although I didn’t believe her, I had no other option.

In the meantime, I was deregistered from Film School, when I didn’t turn up for the classes for three months. For some weird reason, I always thought, if I could get one opportunity, one major film, these all things wouldn’t matter.

During our nights together, she would experiment with me. Tie me up and fuck, pour wax on me and fuck, or place ice on my crotch till I screamed. She would do all the experiments. To the world, she was this respectable woman who was well known for her work commitment, but in our world, she was known to be a sex starving demon. Offers came and went. She wouldn’t get me on board with anything. You will get a bumper offer she would say. I even tried to reach out to other producers, but somehow she would get to know and slap me, left, right and centre. If I shouted at her, she would say that she’d tell about our affair to everyone at my film school. And then no one would take me. Varshini Madam was a bigger brand than just a simple me. And then Dussera came.

In Coming Back To The Lands Of Practicality

I went back home for ten days. It filled my heart with happiness when I met all my relatives, friends, and saw how beautiful life could be without all the mess of following your passion. Varshini madam called me a dozen times asking me to SEXT her so that she could masturbate, but after lifting her call a couple of times, I switched off my phone for the next one week. I just couldn’t bear with her anymore. I would have to go back to her once I reach Hyderabad, but this place was mine. This was my time.

After ten days, I returned back to Hyderabad. I came with a determination to never go back to Varshini madam. I decided that I would work part time somewhere, and try my luck in short film and web series if possible. Weeks went by, neither Varshini Madam called me, nor did I call her. In January, I saw a new guy being introduced for the next production under the production house’s banner. I saw it as I was driving upon the Hi-tech City flyover, and I somehow knew in my heart, that I could’ve been there. That was my role.

So in coming months, I tried harder for auditions, but curiously got rejected at the last stage for some reason. Later on, I understood that Varshini Madam had done let out a rumour about me. The whole industry believed that I was Gay. No one would approach me, call me back, or take me any role, except for those roles which Gay people as sex driven desperate figures. I couldn’t change the opinion. I was branded a Gay. Even my film school friends started assuming I was Gay. The last draw was when people started recognizing me in Film Nagar as Gay. Wherever I went, whoever I spoke to, everyone would say that if there was a character for me, they would tell me. Nothing apart from that.

Life is just a collection of decisions you take. And when it is your destiny to be fucked, life will fuck you up, even when you don’t take a decision. After all, not taking a decision is a decision in itself. And so I decided.

Present Day: VoxSpace Open Letter To Varshini Madam

On February, 13th,2017, Harsha (Sunny) went missing. Last known information, is that he boarded a train to Pune for some reason. He never made it to Pune. His parents today believe that He took his life. They claim that their son died, basing on the phone call which he had with his mother the day before. He spoke very little but said that He had made a mistake, and he was sorry for it. He profusely apologized to his parents and said that he wished he had stayed in Eluru, for a couple of days more. He told his brother, Giri, to collect his diary from his room in Khairatabad, but asked him never to show it to his parents. On February 22nd, The railway police found Harsha’s bag at a bridge crossing near Sholapur station. He had jumped off the running train.

Open Letter To Varshini Madam

Dear Varshini Madam,

I am sure that you will find this article reaching you. If it doesn’t, don’t worry, we will be sending it to you personally. Once you read this, we want you to come apologize to the family you destroyed. We give you 13 days to do this. Failing which we shall personally aim to tell the world what you did. We know who you are. We are watching you. Apologize to the family in 13 days. Failing to do this, we will reveal about what you did, with documentary evidences, starting from September 25th. Remember, we are watching you.

Unusquisque Se A Criminibus,

Mr.Fox & Siddharth – VoxSpace.

We shall continue with the rest of the incidents of Casting Couch Confessions in the coming weeks. Do keep following us and please if you think we need to survive, and continue to bring out stories which actually matter, we request you to please lend your support to our crowdfunding campaign. With every rupee contributed, we get closer to establishing ourselves as a major force in web media. And imagine the work we can do then. So do visit this link to lend your support, if you feel we are doing a decent job in the true form of journalism.

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