[VoxSpace Originals] LoveSick – Episode Two : The NOT So Lonely Night

What happens when the honeymoon phase of every love story comes to an end. What happens when the sunny day seeps into a lonely night?

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Insomnia And OCD

[VoxSpace Life] Insomnia And OCD : Sorry To Break Your Bubble Love, But Having Them Doesn’t Make You Cool, So Grow Up.

I have OCD bro..! No, you don’t. You can’t claim polishing your shoes and trimming your beard to be OCD. You have just good manners. So chill.

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Casting Couch

[VoxSpace Exclusive] Casting Couch Confessions Part One : The Cost Of Dreams And Unbound Lives

When VoxSpace interviewed people from across the city, in regards to their experiences in Casting Couch scenarios, some shocking things came about.

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tree doctor bangalore,Vijay Nishanth

[VoxSpace Selects] Vijay Nishanth : Conversations With Bengaluru’s ‘Tree Doctor’ About Saving The World One Tree At A Time

Here we are with an inspiring story about a simple man with an incredible world of work, that is to be the Tree Doctor and save the city of Bengaluru.

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Judwaa 2, Judwaa 2 2017, Varun Dhawan, Taapsee Pannu, Jacqueline Fernandez,

[VoxSpace Life] Judwaa 2 : A Case Study Of Utter Stupidity Sold To Us On The Pretense Of Entertainment

Judwaa 2 is not just any other remake. It is a remake of the 90’s slapstick utterly worthless movie which was called Judwaa, and God help us.

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LoveSick - Episode One

[VoxSpace Originals] LoveSick – Episode One : You Had Me

I told you, you’d run away if you get to know me and you just casually looked at me said you won’t unless I make you? You had me there.

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Alicia Souza

VoxTalks With Alicia Souza : To Anthropomorphize Characters, Dreams And Life In Adorable Illustrations

In conversations with Alicia Souza, the lady behind those wonderful illustrations which reflect the innocence and adorability of a pure heart.

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[VoxSpace Selects] The Big Sick : The Most Original And Refreshing Film Of 2017 Is All About Overcoming Culture Differences

The Big Sick is one of the most promising indies to come out this year, and Emily V. Gordon, Kumail Nanjiani bring to fore a love story beyond cultures

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In A Horrifying Incident In The Capital – A Bus Conductor Slits The Throat Of A 7 Year Old For Denying Sex As The School Mngmt Tries To Cover It Up

In a horrifying incident, a bus conductor slit the throat of a seven yr old kid in an International school in the Nation’s capital.

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[VoxSpace Exclusive] Goddess : Chapter One Osha : The Forest Deity Who Controls Every Woman Of The World

In our stunning series about local Deities who have come to define the way we live, we look at the Goddess of Womanhood, Osha Kumari.

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