[VoxSpace Exclusive] New Age Gigolo : The True Life Stories Of Male Escorts Of Hyderabad

Chapter One – Follow The Beat Closely

April – 2013 – 2340 Hours, Jubilee Plaza, Somajiguda, Hyderabad

A loud thud. And then for a second or two, everything remains silent. Both the 45-year-old plump lady and her companion for the night, a 30-year-old lanky man. In their seemingly impossible entanglement, they’ve just hit the wall, purposefully. Dinesh, the man, can’t seem to lift her, as she wishes. Thus, he goes for the next best alternative. Pinning her to the wall. He turns her to face the wall, and surges forward, resulting in her head banging against the wall. It’s harmful yes, but that’s the thing with his present partner. Pain is a strange aphrodisiac, a maddening love drug in simpler terms, for her. But Dinesh needs to be careful too. He’s had experiences of women pleading to be hit and hurt but have retracted and complained about him when they couldn’t take it. There’s just no way of knowing, what they want, and how much. Nevertheless, Dinesh takes his chances. While pinning his lady friend, to the wall, he clutches her hair in a fistful, pulls her head back, tilts it to face him and sucks her tongue into his mouth. Her gaping mouth and age escalate to a new bliss, as Dinesh flicks her tongue with his, and starts sucking on it. But that’s not at all the intent of this act here. From beyond the wall, emanating from the room beside, he can hear the violin hitting a high pitch.

He suddenly retracts from her mouth and bangs her head to the wall. The lady friend, shrieks in pain. She turns to face him, and with her angry eyes, grabs his head with one hand and pushes him to her thigh. The pain is working. Dinesh kneels, and carries her left leg over his shoulder, and starts flicking her vagina with his tongue. The violin playing in the background stops and momentarily disturbs the flow of action of Dinesh. He brushes it off and starts inserting his ring finger into her clit. The lady murmurs something in her ecstatic state, which Dinesh remains unmindful of. She clutches onto his hair with one hand, and with the other starts playing with his lips, inserting her fingers playfully into his mouth. The violin has not been playing for quite a while now. At the back of his mind, Dinesh knows that this could mean trouble, however, his visceral brain has long left his command. That’s always the risk of having the husband at home. His finger flirts with her clit, as the lady friend slaps Dinesh to come to senses.

Srinivas garu…Srinivas garu…Srinivas garu..’ she says, hurriedly. It takes a moment more for Dinesh to realize that she’s referring to her husband. Then he realizes that the violin had indeed stopped for a dangerously long while. He gently removes her leg over his shoulder and stands to face her.

He’ll come…ayyoyyo…He’s coming’ she holds his erect penis tightly. She suddenly turns from being fierce and commanding, to visibly coy and docile. It doesn’t take a few seconds more to turn into a shivering sheep. All the while, however, she doesn’t let go of the penis in her hand. Dinesh can’t seem to understand the situation clearly. As the naked contemplation goes on, the door bangs open.

WHAT THE FUCK, SUCHI..!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS??’ The man at the door, a balding old man, screams at the two of them. His eyes turn red with anger and he starts mumbling something in anger. Dinesh knows that this is the day he is going to stop this lifestyle of his. The man storms inside and slaps Suchi, his wife, as she bursts to cry. Dinesh pulls back from the couple and jumps to the corner of the bed to swiftly get dressed. He calculates that if he could still run away, he could be safe. But as he is about to pull up his jeans, the old man, grabs his hand and pulls him towards Suchi. He looks angrily at the boy, easily half his age, and says, ‘Continue’. He slaps his wife again, and shouts at her to ‘Continue’.

Suchi, the lady again grabs the penis which is no longer erect and was holding just moments earlier and starts caressing it. The man, Srinivas Garu, goes to the door, and picks up the violin he’s left there and carries it to the bed where he sits and watches. He watches and composes, as his wife is being fucked by a stranger. After a while, Srinivas Garu drops his pants and starts jerking off to the scenes unfolding in front of him. The woman is cruelly and perhaps to her willing satisfactorily fucked, and in a weird manner, her marriage is saved. The Music composer and his wife are both happy by the break of dawn.

Dinesh gets his highest pay that night. Without playing the ‘I am poor and troubled’ card (which always helps him extract a couple of more thousands from his clients), he’s already made Rs.30,000. The initial agreement was Rs.22,000. The couple adds another Rs.8000 for playing along with their strange and effective role play setup. The couple, ergo the clients are happy. As for Dinesh, in his five years term of Male Escort, or as they are referred to in the west, Gigolo, his ‘Buy a Yamaha FZ’ fund had just got a great contribution tonight. But the weekend isn’t over yet. He checks his phone to see his next appointment approaching in the next 12 hours. His weekend has only started, you see.

Chapter Two – The Exposition And The Peacemaker

July 2016, Navya Bar & Restaurant – Drinks With The Male Escorts For Hire

“…………….I don’t think it is different. Why do you say it’s different? Means, I can find a job also. I am not saying I can’t find any job, or in this city, this is the last thing to do. No no no. I am saying why another? Everyone thinks we are into this because we don’t have anywhere else to be. Anirudh and I, when we first met each other, we were looking for jobs. Ask him, ask him, didn’t we, get to the HR round at Cognizant. Yes, we did. But how much they offer? How much? Maybe 25 grand per month. Bhai, why work for 25 grand. When I can make the same in one night. Huh? How do you explain that…?” Hemanth completes his peg of weirdly mixed Black rum with Pepsi and water. Anirudh meanwhile signals at the waiter to hit them again. He then turns to me and offers me a cigarette. Anirudh and I, both understand that Hemanth here is only explaining all this to me because he wants to validate his decision. He is basically talking to himself. Assuring himself. As for me, this is a talk I’ve heard many times now from different people.

A dull Bollywood song from Dil Se is playing on the TV, which is emanating from the only source of visible light, in the whole dimly lit room, which is now filled with smoke. We three are already in the third round of our drinks, and the stories have just started. Anirudh then orders something stronger than Black Rum. Whiskey seems to be his choice tonight.

I first met with Anirudh during my stay at Anuradha Deluxe Working Mens Hostel, way back in 2013. He occupied the room, or rather the two-sharing cubicle, at the end of the corridor, some four cubicles away from mine. He was a friend of Dinesh, my roommate, and it was through him that I got to be friends with Anirudh. During that time, I often remember waking up to huge arguments over the phone that Anirudh used to have with whom we presumed to be his girlfriend. You see, he used to walk to our end of the corridor since the network signal was the strongest there. Initially, and quite naturally it irritated me, but later it became my favourite pastime, to overhear his conversations and imagine the scenario. It was about two months into our friendship that one day Dinesh told me that Anirudh had quit his job. It needed no genius to figure out that Dinesh had offered him a job at the Kareem Agency. Dinesh, of course, was a male escort, since the time I knew him and even before that.

Kareem Agency was prompt and fair. They’d only take 45% of the agreement amount, and whatever the Gigolo made in the form of tips and gifts, was left to him. Dinesh, like any other of his colleagues at the Agency, if he managed to recruit one more, he would get a bonus of 30,000. Hence, he pitched the offer to Anirudh, offering him a split. Was I ok with all this? What do you think? Is it my responsibility to stop what was going on? I’m interested to know your thoughts on that. If you ask my thoughts, of course, I didn’t find anything wrong there. The recession was hitting everyone. Jobs were being lost. Money was being spent on things which meant nothing. Governments were in a state of turmoil. And well, in the monkey business that the socio-economic status of the nation was, who were we to say what was right or wrong. All to say, Anirudh didn’t mind either. When you break it down, as a man, you are being paid to have sex. To me, that was easily the most enticing pitch ever. But the decisions had drastic repercussions, which we at that time had not imagined.

Three years in, here we were, Anirudh, his friend Hemanth and I, in the dark and pungent local Bar. The reason of course why we met was not to discuss the life and times of being a male Gigolo in the city. That kind of discussion, I had by hundreds back in the day with my roommate Dinesh. It was good, bad and downright immoral, but come to think of it, kind of necessary. The reason why we met, however, was Dinesh himself. A couple of days ago, he had committed suicide. He had gulped down a dozen fertilizer pellets in the middle of the night and died in the paddy field his family owned. He had recently gotten married, say some six months before, and his wife was expecting their first child, or so I heard. Don’t get me wrong. I do feel empathetic to the family, but grief is something else. And no, we weren’t here to discuss what had happened or what we felt were the reasons for his drastic steps. I just felt the need to somehow pay my respects to him by talking about him for a while with someone who understood his secret career. And that we did.

Chapter Three – A Beautiful Lie And Of What May Come?

May – 2017: Professional Hazards And Rewards

It took me another ten months from Dinesh’s death, to confirm an appointment with Kareemullah, the head of the Kareem Agency for Male Escorts. I had to assure him that I wasn’t out here seeking to avenge my friend. My friend was gone. That couldn’t be changed. I respect him for the decision he took. Did I just vouch for support towards suicide? My logic is simple. It’s your life. Play it and end it as you wish. If you can’t take it, get out of the game, and leave enough resources for those taking your place in the world. The world will tell you that you are brave, but not everyone is. We got to accept that reality. And so, Kareemullah granted me audience on a humid summer day, at one of his cattle sheds near Shamshabad. Although his offices were spread across the city, he lived out of a small shack in Shamshabad, to avoid unnecessary attention.

As I entered the shed, I was thoroughly checked for recording devices, secret cameras ( TV Stings has made life difficult for us), and any other sharp objects. And thus after an official handshake and cup of tea, our discussions started

Can you tell our readers about the agency, your agency, and how it started its business in the city? I have known many of my friends to be happy with your agency’s professionalism and pay packaging. Could you talk about it more?

It is all God’s grace. By God, and for him only. I am not a businessman, friend. I am just a middle-man. For explanation, I am doing what I know, for young men, who know what they want to do. Initially, we started getting boys from Muzaffarabad, Lucknow and Delhi, for this purpose. We are a not an agency then, fifteen years back. I and my family were running a small mechanic shop. We used to repair cars, like Fords, Opal, Maruti etc. Our shop is at Abids still. My nephews run it and pay us rent every month. They also need some work to do na? I always believe that you can work only till god wills it or you are turning forty, whichever is earlier. The government tells you that you can work till sixty. That is a beautiful lie. We can’t. When we started the agency back in 2009, we just sent young boys for sexually pleasing women we know. You know, the Sheik speckled women left behind in the old city. The job was noble.

From 1990’s, Sheiks from Dubai, Kuwait and Qatar used to come to Hyderabad, to marry ‘pure’ young women, and took them back to their countries. After a year, these young women, when they became pregnant, the Shieks would return them back to Hyderabad. These women, on returning, were anywhere between 16 to 24 years old, and ineligible to get a second nikkah. These young girls, now back in their poor families, had nothing to do, nowhere to go. They couldn’t go to school, because of the conditions. God forbid if they started connecting with any male friends. Connecting means sexually fantasizing them. So no school, no education was the situation. Most of these women then started committing suicide or went mad. That is when Quazi Raheem Madina, in late 2005, proposed this idea to the elders of Mustaff Hassan, that they be allowed to have sex. But with the men that the elders approved. But who will want their boy to sleep with an unknown lady. So in the start, Qazi’s and their sons took up the task. This practice also fit into the already prevalent practice of Halala, which has been practiced by Quazi’s for decades. In time, I am not to say like this, the demand exceeded the supply. It is then, Quazi’s and the elders of Mustaff Hassan, started paying for the boys within the clan to provide sex. That’s when me and a couple of my friends started the business, from the blessings of Maulana Khola Siddique. Slowly the business expanded beyond the just the Muslim young unwanted women, to neighbouring sections. And with demand, our approach and our staff became different and diverse. Initially, the elders used to fund us to provide the services, but later allowed us to charge the client separately. It was after all, God’s will to keep the women happy. If it is not the job of a man, then whose is it? And what good is a man, if he can’t provide, a painful pleasure to any woman who seeks him?

As the business picked up, our staff grew, our approach also changed. My sons, Yusuf and Rahematullah, have managed the business to new heights. They made sure that our staff is always happy. We give them good packages, we do not want unearned money. We take care of their health also, as it is most important. And for religious boys, we take their preferences into consideration.

When you say it’s a Noble job, would you say it is as applicable today as it was when you started. The male escorts services have diversified across the nation. With over 450 agencies in the city, and their web presence, what is the difference that you see in your business today as you compare it to the start?

We have a long tradition. Almost a decade old tradition. We take care of the clients and boys. You know these agencies like Sadaf Agency, or Qila Housing Services, or others, they look to make more business from immoral things like kidnapping, holding clients for ransom and all. They don’t care for the client’s privacy or confidentiality. We do. We never encourage the clients to share their details to the boys. And vice versa. Yes, I agree, sometimes things go out of hand. Did Dinesh tell you about Hari and Karuna. Like that. What happened? (I tell him that I didn’t know) Hari and Karuna started meeting outside. She was a real estate businessman’s only daughter. Hari, I think he thought that he could marry her off and inherit the whole business and settle down in life. From what I hear, Karuna who was twenty years elder to him, also encouraged him. Hari’s friends here tell me that he wasn’t that smart, and it was all Karuna who did it. So, after business, Karuna gave him her number. They started talking and connecting basically. They decided to run away to Bombay and marry there. The father somehow knew about this. Don’t know who told him, but he found it, and caught them. He didn’t do anything to Karuna, but had his goons beat up Hari to pulp. The poor kid died in the hospital. Sometimes, unfortunate things happen. We can’t control them. But apart from there, we have rules to follow. For everyone’s safety.

(It is at this point that I should bring to the attention that a strong rumour that did the rounds when Hari died was that it was Kareem Agency that had tipped off Karuna’s father. Of course, Dinesh had talked about it. You see, the rules were to be followed. Kareemullah wasn’t just a high reaching broker. He was high reaching in many other instances. The main reason behind Hari’s demise was purely commercial. To protect the integrity of the business. One man running away and settling down gives everyone hope. And Hope, like Sex, is a great motivator for young men but a valid destroyer for a business running on them. Such is life and such are its misgivings)

You seem to be close to your boys and staff. Could you tell me more about them? How do you recruit them and what are they promised etc.?

I’ll tell you a simple promise we make to them. I personally tell them, that we shall take care of them if they take care of us. God is equal to all, so why should be partial to anyone. You do your job, and we help you. Simple. My boys are always handpicked. All very good, polite boys, like your friend Dinesh. We tell them, that this is not the last job in the world. But a job like any other. This is the salary, these are the timings, these are your appointments. Stick to it. Like any job. Selection is mostly done by my son, Yousuf, who posts advertisements in buses, autos, websites, newspapers and more. However, most of our people come from friends only. References and recommendations only. Then we test them for their sexual vigour. For that, we have a few medicines in Unani (like Zulan Hitec Tablets which makes erection last longer by a couple of hours, affecting your kidneys in the process) which we give to our boys to measure their longevity. We prefer the erection to last for at least a couple of hours.

You have to understand that our clients are women beyond their prime. They are not active sexually. So our boys have to be always active. Otherwise, they will remain dissatisfied. Most women prefer no condoms because they are not young anymore. So we have to follow their demand. They also complain of itching and discomfort sometimes, because they weren’t touched for a very long time. So we train our boys to use lubricants, and go soft and be patient. Our business will only run if we take good care of our clients only. We show them different positions and make them practice them with some girls we get for them. Not all are applicable. But some are definitely needed. So then after training for say a week, we give them assignments. Rest all you must know how the business goes, yes. Dinesh was very good in his business. It makes me sad that he isn’t alive anymore. He was ambitious and good. May God grant him peace in divine ascension.

And thus my conversations with the CEO of Kareem Male Escorts Agency went on for a further couple of hours. We talked about essentially the clientele, and the big shots who seek out his services. Wives and Daughters of Doctors, Film Producers, Politicians, Sportsmen and more. The list was never-ending. Of course, the discussion was to be private and confidential, and thus, I find myself choosing those conversations out of this article. Let’s just say that, many marriages were saved, many more ruined. It came to be an apparent knowledge that, the rate of women seeking ‘stranger’ pleasure in the city has grown exponentially. The biggest reason Kareemullah quotes is because of the changing lifestyle. Men are suffering from erectile dysfunctions more than ever. Interestingly, he says, the craving for sex in women has grown more than ever. He wondered whether it was because of increased knowledge of world knowledge, pornography and sexual content available all across. He estimates that there will come a time in the near future that extramarital affairs will be as common as having a boyfriend in a college. Men are growing weaker by the day, and even nature can’t help them anymore.

Chapter Three – My Best And Worst Experiences – Five Gigolos I Know

February – 2018: My Experiences With The Eternal Bliss

Sebastian Raju – 24 Years Old

“My best experience was this lady, painter, Kusum (name changed). We have met ten times in the last year. She always treats me with respect and also teaches me Photoshop and CorelDraw. I always wanted to learn that. Whenever she asks for me, she asks me for a couple of days. I like her. Sex with her is always new. I also try to do what I can to make her happy. She invited me to one of her galleries also in Jubilee Hills, but I can’t understand what she draws so I don’t go. She says if I want to leave my job, and join her as an intern, she will pay me 10,000 rupees. She is kind, but I don’t want to leave my job. She sometimes does nothing but plays with my penis for a while and sleeps off. That I don’t understand. She pays 30,000 just for that. I feel so insulted and disappointed. So those times, she is the worst also. So, yeah she is the best and the worst for me”.

Madan – 27 Years Old

“ My best experience was Harshita (name changed) madam. No risk only. She is easily satisfied also. She likes for me to finger fuck her, and I do so. So my effort is less, but she’s happy. It seems her husband is impotent, and she knew about it three years into the marriage. This made me really sad when she told me. She trusts me also. So I don’t try to take advantage of her. It seems she participated in Mrs India also. No wonder she is so beautiful and in shape. She doesn’t look like it, but I think she’s beyond forty-five. But she’s very sportive even at this age. I like being with her”.

“My worst experience is Lakshmi madam. She is also not so bad, but because she’s very fat, I can’t do all the things she wants me to do. Obviously, I can’t lift her. Look look at me. I am thin na? I tried to tell her this politely, but she always complains to the agency. And they cut my remuneration. I even recommended her Rahman who is more muscular than me, but don’t know why she keeps always asking for me. I don’t want to go to her. I don’t know who tells these Fat people that they look good. She thinks she is highly desirable even though she looks ugly. But she is rich. Yeah, she is very rich”.

Sri Kiran – 25 Years Old

“Tara madam is the best. You ask Harish, he will tell you the same. She either chooses me or him. She is an HR in one of these software companies. And the best part is, she always chooses an urgent basis. That is ten thousand more for us. One more advantage is she usually chooses weekdays, rather than weekends, which we take as a holiday because we would have earned the target. She is sorted and knows what she wants. It is because of stress that she wants us, so we also try to understand that, and keep the talking to a minimum. Once we have fucked her properly, she smiles by the morning. When she is smiling, she is very caring. So all in all, she is the best”

“Swarna. I don’t want to explain why she is the worst. But I have terrible experiences with her and her always shouting kid. I hate to do it around children, but she insists the kid sees. I feel very ashamed about it. But she insists. She says it will make him understand the world. But I think, she is mad. I hate it absolutely”.

Kalyan Krishna – 30 Years Old

“Radhika ma’am is the best for me. We take weed together. She calls me before I arrive at her place. She says, Kalyan bring me the paper tonight, of the good quality, and I’ll give you double. I’m happy obviously. With weed, everything is so easy. Otherwise, I sometimes feel guilty of what I am doing. But then I am reminded by her, that Man was always meant to fuck multiple women in his lifetime. So I am not wrong. Even God knows”

“Kalyani ji, is not good for me. She always cries when I try entering her. She asks me to tie a blindfold on my eyes, and not to look at her when I fuck her. I remind her of someone I think. She never tells me why, but she wants me to fuck but not see her. The problem is she keeps saying the name Dheeraj when I am in the middle of the act. I later got to know that Dheeraj is her team lead in her office, who was fired because he had allegedly tried to sexually abuse her. I think she imagines Dheeraj fucking her, when I am, to remember him. I don’t know what exactly her deal is. So it scares me”.

Hemanth – 28 Years Old

“Hands down Lathika. Bhai she’s a model. I mean she was a model. What do you want more? But having said that, Lathika is not like other models. Her payments are prompt. And also we both share the same passion for making it big in movies. She tells me whom to contact and how to go about it. So I never take extra from her. She advised me to get a portfolio clicked at Yogi’s, and recommended me to a few studios too. Who does that in our age? Yeah, she did have a boyfriend sometime back, but they had an ugly breakup. From then, she’s calling regularly now. I think I like her more than a friend now. I always look forward to meeting her. People say she’s older and stuff, but I know she couldn’t be more than 30 years old. So we are practically the same age. That’s why we connect I think”.

“Some have been bad, but I won’t say that they were worst. I mean all have been good to me. Even someone who booked me by mistake also. Yes, sometimes there are some women who tend to not pay or complain about little things, but that’s all part of the deal. After all you can’t blame them. If everything was great and fair, we would all be happy. It’s hard to empathize when someone is immoral or broken. But isn’t that the fun. They just want a happy fuck, to forget all the fuck ups that the life offers them. I don’t see the wrong in it”



The only sensible way of living is to accept that there is no good big enough to place your heart in, and that there is no place too deep to dive your soul in. Perhaps that’s what we as humans find the most difficult to do. Find the middle ground. Find that you are both good and bad, as the next person, all the time and in all the places…” Friedrich Nietzsche – 1872.