Story Discussion 2 Trailer Review : The Critically Acclaimed Satirical Gears Up For A Bigger Offering

Story Discussion 2 – A Crowdfunding CallOut

Some people get the credit they deserve and some don’t. This is a sad fact, but a fact it is. I watched Nirudhyoga Natulu only recently because of a recommendation of a friend, and I was bowled over by the show. I could not believe that I had not heard of the show or the creators. So, I researched if they did something else and I found this treasure called Story Discussion. I was floored, again. I could not understand how brilliant and underrated these shows were. These people were literally just documenting the everyday life of people, who actually document the everyday lives of ordinary people.

What I mean by that is that movies are supposed to show, reflect our society and these artists were reflecting the lives of people who get lost behind the screen like failed actors, screenwriters, aspiring directors, etc. They were showing us the failed dreams, that sometimes couldn’t become real ones. That is a brilliant idea, because you are told in screenwriting classes to write about what you know, and they are following exactly that. This not only gives the people behind and in front of the camera a voice, but also show us how many dreams are trampled upon to give the people things to dream about.

They have recently put out a snippet from their next project Story Discussion 2. This is a continuation of their show Story Discussion and it looks as promising and interesting as ever. Most of the cast is returning with the trademark wit that the show always had. The creators have made sure to keep the feel of the show unchanged.

So, finally coming to why I am writing this, they are looking to crowdfund the project. They are actually coming to the people, to ask for donations to make their show. I really think they deserve that money for the above-mentioned reasons and also because we need more avenues for people to actually put out their work. And this is the most unadulterated way to do so. They are looking for 20 lakhs to fund the whole project, which I think is very reasonable. I hope everyone watches their previous work and then pitches in, to them to make a more honest, real, empathetic and bold work like they always have.