The Borderlands : Border Stories Beyond Military And Diplomatic Relationships

Borderlands- Border Stories That Will Overwhelm You

When we hear the word ‘Border’, what are the things that come across our mind? Army, terrorism, war, panic, shootouts etc. That’s the archaic way of perceiving something from the experiences we, as individuals, had or heard of, irrespective of the forms of media.

So, is there more to it?

Of course, there is a lot beyond the stereotypes we have in our heads.

With India sharing its borders with 7 Countries, we are bound to have many stories that don’t fit the stereotypical perception we have about ‘Borders’. So, team ‘Camera And Shorts’, from Mumbai, are bringing out such cross-country stories. Stories from Kutch to Punjab, Himalayan Borders and Myanmar, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka.

The team already started filming by self-funding it. But, such an ambitious project needs money. They started a crowdfunding campaign for the same and managed to successfully raise Rs. 25 lakhs and more, through Wishberry (

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Bringing Out Cross-Cultural Stories To The People

It’s not quite often that we see filmmakers with such great thought and heart put out to tell stories that make a difference in the society. The team’s aim is to bring the needed awareness through stories about travel and culture and minimize the cultural ignorance and intolerance in the society. In the current smart world, where we can reach out to any individual, they believe that they can make a difference with their stories.

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India, one of the largest countries, is widely diversified and has never ending space to explore cultures and stories. Team ‘Camera And Shorts’ have dedicated themselves to exploring these stories and connections. As much as it is tough to keep a set of objectives alive, it is equally responsible to put some of the best people at work in order to experience the best.

Team ‘Camera And Shorts’ have a skilled team who have already proved themselves with an outstanding National Award for ‘The Unreserved’, a film that explored the stories of passengers in the unreserved category, the cheapest way to travel across India on Indian Railways.

Some Stories That Will Be Explored In The First Leg Of The Journey

Stories On The Indian Side Of The Indo-Pak Border:

  • In Barmer (Rajasthan), grooms from a Pakistani Hindu community visit border towns in Rajasthan in search of brides. Can such cross-border alliances break stereotypes?

  • In Dera Baba Nanak (Punjab), Sikh followers flock to a tower to catch a glimpse of a cross-border Gurudwara in Pakistan, where Guru Nanak breathed his last. At times, even asking a person to run away if he has accidentally crossed the border and come to the other side. How do the pilgrims feel when faith travels across the border and does human epiphany play a major role in these decisions?