Natyam : The Poignant Tale Of An Artist Rediscovering Herself Will Make Your Day

Brick by brick she built her confidence, with each move she taught herself. Acquaintances watched her dance in awe
little did they know about the painful mask adorning her pretty face. In every scene was a better performer filling her mind in frustration for choice. This is the soul of Natyam.

God for sure, had made her be the winning actress of his tiresome script, but her contribution couldn’t be judged until the end, which is yet to be enacted/experienced!

This thoughtful film ‘Natyam’ moves its way through a simple but enticing story of a graceful dancer. How decisions diminish the art in an artist, embracing a life more welcoming to her family and the society. Most women have been living the character of  ‘Kalyani’ to be a better mother/wife/sister or a child to her parents. They love what they do for the family but have a brittle side to them, which yearns to pursue the world, to explore beyond anything. Sometimes, they are tied down by various influences which make them spoilt for choice and lead them to regretful decisions. Needless to say, If they are allowed the freedom of time and the family support, their contribution to the society and country can bring about an applaudable change.

Everybody has a story and every story matters, and yet some stories influence. No matter how great your story is, the outcome is always left to the audience or people at the receiving end. Natyam is one such story. It brings about an honest influence, urging people to get back to art, motivating them to relive their dreams and perhaps in the whole process, reconnect with the soulful parts of their lives, which remain long forgotten. ‘Natyam’ did make a wonderful impact on all those who watched it including me. Hence, I got back to writing, my long lost interest, to perhaps pen down my thought on it. The director, Revanth, truly took those painful moments and rolling tears of all women, only to turn them to art.

Every film is a story, but then how it is weaved and rendered to touch your heart, is what makes a difference. And when it is received as it is intended, with a beating heart, it goes on to make a huge difference in everyone. Something that Natyam so gracefully does.