Learning Curve Foundation

VoxTalks With Learning Curve Foundation: The Concept Of Inculcating Socio-Emotional Learning

Learning Curve Foundation founded by Subbu Parameswaran aims to change the way we view education and take our future forward.

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Ananya Nagalla

VoxTalks With Ananya Nagalla: The Inspiring Story Of An Outsider Making Her Dream Come True

We got talking to the one of the most promising new talents to emerge in Telugu Film Industry, Ananya Nagalla, whose next project includes ‘Vakeel Saab’.

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Review Of Cargo

Review Of Cargo: A Confident Step Forward For The Indian SciFi Genre

Cargo: Loading Up A Psychological & Meta-Commentative SciFi… The film Cargo has been creating a lot of buzz, ever since […]

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Telugu Speaking Actress

Today’s Telugu Speaking Actresses And How Our Stories Are Taking A Drastic Turn For The Better

Telugu Speaking Actresses are an undeniable force of strength to every writer who is willing to bring out stories which resonate.

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Eka Lakhani

VoxTalks With Eka Lakhani: The Art Of Costume Designing In The New Age Indian Cinema

We had the opportunity to talk to the prolific costume designer of the current generation of movies in India, Eka Lakhani.

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Roopa Rao

VoxTalks With Roopa Rao: On Making The Acclaimed ‘Gantumoote’ And Her Process Of Cinema

Gantumoote, a film by Roopa Rao encapsulates the tenderness of adolescent love and poignant relationships in a unique manner.

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Yeh Ballet

Review Of Netflix’s Yeh Ballet : An Important Underdog Story Which Resonates Beyond Region And Culture

‘Yeh Ballet’, the film which is inspired by a VR documentary of the same name by Sooni Taraporevala, tells the story of three people who find each other through dance and help each other in a myriad of ways.

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[VoxSpace Selects] Review of Strangerssss : National Pride Comes With A Responsibility To Uphold It

Strangerssss tells the story of a chance encounter between a cab driver Raju (played by Pitobash Tripathy) and a Russian immigrant named Sara (played by Nesa Farhadi)

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[VoxSpace Selects] Year End Round Up 2019 : The Best Performances Of The Year On Digital Media

Below we pick out the actors who have left us all highly impressed with their unique perspectives in playing author backed roles within different OTT’s

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[VoxSpace Selects] Review Of Hostel Daze: A Brilliantly Written And Executed Show Taking You On A Nostalgic Ride

Hostel Daze is a brilliant web series made with passion, which will take you on a nostalgic ride, make you experience various emotions and leave you laughing and cheering

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