Padam : The Introspective Dissection Of Human Soul Comes Within The Hues Of Stirring Dance

The aesthetic Artsedge, Padam, which was initially conceived as a dance film which went on to receive praises from some of the biggest names in dance has had the opportunity to be premiered live at the New York’s prestigious Erasing Borders Festival by the Indo – American Arts Council where it received some rare attention.

It comes across as a work of art which is brilliantly directed and choreographed by Shreenath Muthyala to diminish ethnic and cultural boundaries and blossoms as an experimental work blended with the soothing vocals from South Indian classical vocalist  Aruna Sairam. This choreographic work projects the mental turmoil of a courtesan after being parted from her beloved bringing forth the state of anguish distinctively. The Ease with which both the choreographer and performer have delivered the essence in an experimental way is truly astonishing.

The courtesan played by the dancer, Eriko Sugimura has submitted herself to the sensibilities and pain of the subject and time in elegance and grace. This astounding performance was put together by a fine team whose contribution speaks volumes about a clear depiction.

It is an overwhelming act of desire by the courtesan

” Bitterness Prevails now, all over, alas
With my Lord who used to rest on the garment of my Bosom. “

This performance moves from her fears of losing him to insecurities and self-loathing. Thoughts racing in her mind depicted with swift but graceful movements is all about pain and her pining for pleasure from him that keeps the continuity. She loves herself, no she does not as she admires her reflection in despair, chiseled curves defining her frame, sorrow from within does not alter her image, yet she urges to express herself as her emotions turn into insecurities despite her wisdom, charm and beauty and she wonders why he could not see them in her. His indifference, breaking her beauty brings the story of a women’s wanting love and companionship alive.

Drawing inspiration from the movement banks of the 18th century to Indian classical dance vocabulary the work – Padam, stands out as one of those rare and difficult experiments that we see these days in the classical world. Do not miss this.