[Vox Exclusive] Social Media Abuse : A Deeper Look At How Our Celebrities Have Been Abused Online

Prologue – Because I See You Online, And You Are Online Just For Me: 

21st January 2015

Kiran Kumar (name changed): Hi! I lyk ur gud luks

Zeenab (name changed): Thank You.

Kiran Kumar: No prblm. Gud ni8. Swt drmz

Zeenab : Thank You. Good night.

23rd January 2015

Kiran Kumar: I sw ur dp in insta..lkng supr n cute

Zeenab: Ok. Hmm. Thanks.

Kiran Kumar: I added u in insta…will u rply der also?

Zeenab: I don’t understand.

Kiran Kumar : Nthng. Nthng. Good ni8.

26th January 2015

Kiran Kumar: I snd a frn req..add me plz

Zeenab: I’m sorry..I don’t add people I don’t know

Kiran Kumar: Wt? u hv to. Im ur lover.

Zeenab: Excuse me?

Kiran Kumar: U dn knw. Im def ur lover. I luv u.

Zeenab: Please. Have some decency. I will have to block you if you continue like this.

Kiran Kumar: K. I dnt wnt nything. I luv u. U undrstnd. I don lve nyone other gurlz.

(Zeenab blocks Kiran Kumar on 26th January)

3rd February

Raj Keyron : hello..I feel that you are doing a little more exposing these days. Please take care. I am just trying to protect you.

(Zeenab blocks Raj Keyron on 4th February)

13th February

HarryRocks : Zeenab. Hw mch do you charge? For one night? We are four people. So you can also bring your friend. Call me on 8983******.

(Zeenab blocks HarryRocks)

27th February, 6th March, 17th March, 30th March, 2nd April………..

Today Zeenab has left acting altogether, after blocking around 40 to 50 people. Today she looks back at her stint of acting, as the worst thing ever to happen to her. Why? Why does a woman who has come to try her mark in this industry, all the way from Delhi, be bullied into quitting it. Abuse. And more abuse. We are the demons. Yes, You and I. All of us trying to approach the celebrities we see, as if they are just objects to play with or a product on Amazon. This article, we hope, will show you the ugly side of Social Media. Abuse of our celebrities across Social Media is a punishable crime, and we hope this article makes us realise that there are limits to our whims and fancies.

Chapter One: Social Media Freedom: How Far Have We Exploited It!!

At one point in time, all the entertainment we wanted were present only on silver screens or television screens. There is and has always been some sort of admiration for the stars who entertain us. Time flew, technology evolved and cut to the present; before even we try saving money to buy a smartphone, its next version is released urging our desire to get greedier.  A greed to have the best technology on our phone. All are good and nothing seems to go awry. We are experiencing an evolution of a digital era which is truly welcoming. One of the best (or maybe not) is the connection we all got through social media platforms. Though we lost contact of our school friends, social media gave us the privilege to get connected once and for all.

It’s not just about getting connected to friends, we are in a position to get an update around the world at the tip of our fingers, express opinions, learn about the happenings, frame ideologies, expand or promote different businesses and ideas and even interact with our favourite celebs across the globe. Oh!! What was that last thing I said, interact with celebs and artists. Yes, let’s just take this point out for now and discuss how far we have explored or exploited our social freedom.

Chapter Two: The Pigeon Brained Intellect Of Our Wonderful Facebook & Instagram Users 

At least when I was in my high school, I never imagined of a day where I would be able to express or compliment an artist whom I really liked. Even for the artists, getting feedback from their audience is such a transparent interaction that helps them to mold and learn more about themselves. From complimenting, commenting, being a critic to being an asshole, social platforms have exploited the shit out of everything and everyone. There are different kinds of audience. From the sweet ones (obviously), who like anything and everything to being the critic and giving genuine feedbacks, everything is a ride almost all the artist enjoy.

(Director Aparna Malladi Being Abused Online (Image For Representative Purposes)

But, for a special section of the audience who, for no reason, have a devil sitting inside them. ‘The abusers’ – to put it rightly. It’s not about pointing fingers here, it’s about how well are we utilising the social freedom that is given to us? How far we carry that basic pigeon brain sized intellect to respect artists’ (especially female artists) personal life? You might argue, it is only a way of providing a feedback. True, you are most welcome to be the critic you claim to be. Go ahead and comment on the artists’ performance and lash him/her out if their content was offending.

But, out of the blue, with what audacity do you dare to abuse them or body shame them or even call them names. How dare you ask them for something like; to come and sleep with any person or as per their terminology ‘give commitment’. It could be any sort of abuse that hits them personally or their loved ones. Again, this is only to those who bring their personal feelings in the form of shitty comments unable to watch their fingers and which has got nothing to do with the artists’ work. Is scolding their mothers and pussies (who are not even related with their work) a part of being a critic. When you comment something like ‘Oh… I love those boobs of yours’ or call them ‘Bitches’ and ‘Sluts’, who barely even know a fig about you – it appears if only she was next to you at that moment, without even asking her you would squeeze her like a desperate pig and run away like a coward. Is it because there is no one to question your actions, you take the step to misuse the social freedom running around like a wild animal for no reason.

(Actor Gayatri Guptha Being Abused Online)

See, it’s not about being preachy here. As humans, we all have vulgar thoughts and they come without even our knowledge. That’s very human. But, if we can just hold those desperate thoughts within ourselves and not puke them on social platforms shaming ourselves, we can make this a better place for everyone of us. Again, be a critic, no one is stopping you. But, restrict that to only the content you watch instead of barging into someone’s personal life. Everyone knows you have a dick, just don’t be one!

Chapter Three: A Note Right Into The Face Of That Social Abuse:

Remember the next time you like a meme or a post about ‘protecting women’ or a ‘progressive society’, before liking that post (forget about doing anything for it), tell yourself loud and clear ‘I am a shameless hypocrite’. That’s because a while back you wanted to press someone’s boobs whom you never knew. What respect are you going to give and how are we going to progress with a mentality like you?

We talked to Actress Sahaja Chowdary on her take on Social Media Abuse, and she had some interesting and insightful things to share.

Solution:  Anything we like should definitely be appreciated! I don’t say appreciation has a particular way or language, but it has a limit! A limit that’s good for all. No girl or guy should encourage or spare abusive content. Not mothers but every female should tell her male friends how she feels about these things and so to behave, every sister should tell her brother how to behave with girls, how to win their hearts. And nothing wrong that every parent should be active on social media and keep an eye on his or her children.

Problem: Most of the filtered messages I get are like hey hotty, sexy etc etc! Which are absolutely of no use and filled with full of negative vibes, but when I question myself! Why are guys doing this? Somewhere some bitch should have replied these bastards which give them an expectation and a spark of pervertish nature! So only if you want 100 percent abusive free social media then you need 100 percent good females, as a single bad woman can spoil 100 guys with a single hand! Guys should feel that the word female is something near which none of their bad attitudes should be displayed as they never encourage! When we girls can make this statement true then, the problem is almost solved!

My Experience: I used to believe in revenges! But recently believed that revenge has nothing but a revenge in reverse! So all that you need to do is make them realise what they did! I got a very vulgar msg on Instagram, I was disturbed and depressed. I thought deeply and checked his account in the evening. I got to know that he is some one married. Has a sweet wife who loves and believes him a lot and a family! Collected all the details and texted him saying it’s his last chance to live a human life on this planet, if not all his texts would be sent to his wife and family, with proofs and get him arrested! He begged my mercy and agreed how badly he had behaved, but then I blocked him anyways! But that guilt and fear would never let him do anything as such! Girls should take actions like these, instead of giving a big class or simply blocking them, his change can make all his next younger generation change!

Technical: Maybe social media should also ask for an identification before anybody could create an account, as there are too many fake accounts these days. They need to filter and block out bad and abusive content

We at VoxSpace, urge those who have been and still are being abused to have a look at the following Legal avenues for the solution. And for those who think they can get away with saying anything and everything on Social Media. Be Aware. Be very very aware. The following action will land you in jail.

Chapter Four: Legal Course Which Can Be Taken Up For Any Social Media Abusive Messages (Including Tweets, YouTube Comments, and more)

The format of the complaint is indicative (below) and you can amend or modify the same depending upon the facts and circumstances of the matter. A complaint can be lodged with the concerned police station with a copy to the SP/DCP of the area concerned and the Cyber cell of the police if any. It is better to lodge the complaint by hand on a hard print as the police set up is still not equipped to handle complaints through E-mails, messages.

Give specific details of all the facts and the message/material which is offending. Get a soft copy or snapshot and print out of the same and enclose the same along with the complaint. Seek the help of an expert if required as it is a highly technical matter. Follow up with the police after your complaint and furnish them the further and more details if asked by them. Below is a sample template which you may use to appeal to your nearest Police Cyber Cell or Police Station as and how needed.

Sub: Complaint under Section 66 A of the IT Act.
I am a resident of the address mentioned below and I am constrained to report you the criminal act of abusive comment on social media by the accused person named below who has posted offensive comment on social media against me through computer resource/ (Mobile Phone) which is grossly offensive and has menacing character. The said person very well knows that such information is false and has posted the same for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience, danger, obstruction, insult, injury, criminal intimidation, enmity, hatred and ill will. He is persistently doing such acts by making use of computer resource and communication device (Mobile) for sending such message.
The said person has circulated the said offensive and false material on the internet which is visible at————–( give the details of the web portal or platform where the message has been posted). The offensive material is not only false but frivolous, defamatory, abusive and insinuative and has been done with the intention to insult and libel me and cause a scandal by slandering and slurring my character. This amounts to making defamatory comment on social media and several persons have already asked me about the same believing the same to be true. This has been done with the intention to defame and injure my character and reputation and cause injury to my character. The aforesaid person is liable for prosecution for offensive comment on social media and other offenses.
I request you to take legal action against the said person at the earliest.
A snapshot along with the printout of the said offensive message and material is being enclosed herewith for your perusal and action.
The name and address of the accused person is as under:
Fathers name:
Contact No. :
Thanking you,
Yours truly,
Father’s name
Contact number

(Although Sec 66 of IT Act, has recently been suspended, the mail template can still mention it as such. However, you may also mention, Sec 500 (defamation) & Sec 509 (insulting modesty) of Indian Penal Code.

Sincere thanks to Prachi Thaker, Gayatri Gupta, Sahaja Chowdary and Aparna Malladi for sharing their experience. We bow down to thee.!!

Stay Safe. Stay Wise.  Stay Alive.