Representation At New York Indian Film Festival 2021: VFC Showcases “Theetu aka Untouchability” & “First Nights” For The Online Edition

Ever since the Corona pandemic has engulfed us all in this stasis, there are a lot of communal events we […]

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[VoxSpace Selects] Review Of Netflix’s Cinema Bandi: An Acutely Well Observed Tribute To Cinema

Cinema Bandi – The Movies Being Machine That Generate Empathy As I was watching Cinema Bandi, there was this quote […]

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Review Of 1956, Central Travancore: A Political Allegory Told Through The Lens Of Brotherhood

There are some film-makers who amuse you, some amaze you, and some who get you to really introspect about certain […]

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[VoxSpace Selects] Review Of The Great Indian Kitchen: An Uncompromising Ode To Feminity

The Great Indian Kitchen has been popping up all over my feed, talking about it being one of the best […]

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Scam 1992

Analyzing The Resounding Success Of Scam 1992: What Made This Financial Thriller Stand Out?

Scam 1992: An Undeniable Success Story SonyLIV’s Scam 1992 is easily the most talked-about and one of the biggest success […]

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Review Of Middle Class Memories: A Beautiful Snapshot of Middle-Class Lives

A Perfect Way To Start The film opens with a small vignette that takes place at a Gruhapravesham somewhere near […]

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Learning Curve Foundation

VoxTalks With Learning Curve Foundation: The Concept Of Inculcating Socio-Emotional Learning

Learning Curve Foundation founded by Subbu Parameswaran aims to change the way we view education and take our future forward.

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Review Of Cargo

Review Of Cargo: A Confident Step Forward For The Indian SciFi Genre

Cargo: Loading Up A Psychological & Meta-Commentative SciFi… The film Cargo has been creating a lot of buzz, ever since […]

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Story Discussion Season 2

Review Of Story Discussion Season 2: A Rewarding Experience For Cinephiles

The show Story Discussion Season 2 like its first season works because of the brilliant ensemble on display and acute observations..

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Vincent Vadakkan

VoxTalks With Vincent Vadakkan: On Working With Fahadh Faasil & Anwar Rashid To Make ‘Trance’

An Innovative Film Ripe With Bold Choices… It is fair to say that today, the Malayalam film industry has slowly […]

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