[VoxSpace Life] Nepotism : The Phenomenon Surely Exists In India, But No One’s Asking Why?

The Literal Sense Of Nepotism After-effects:

Yesterday as I got up from my seat after watching Lipstick Under My Burkha with a sense of wow with one dialogue hooked in my mind “Pata hai di hamari galti Kya hai? hum sapne bohot dekhte hai..!” wow na?. So, I turned around to see barely even 20 people sitting in the theatre, although I should mention it was Monday so makes sense right. But as I got out of the theatre three other movies ended around the same time around 400 – 500 people started coming out simultaneously. Apparently, and rather ironically, those three movies were: Fidaa (ft. Varun s/o Naga babu), Munna Michael (ft. Tiger s/o Jackie Shroff) and Mubarakan ( ft. Arjun Kapoor s/o Boney Kapoor). As it was let me tell you all three of them didn’t fare that well against Lipstick Under My Burkha as per critic reviews. Now, this, made me think does Nepotism/ Favouritism only exists at a producer or director level? Or is Nepotism a by-product of consumer demands.

Let’s Prove Our Nepotism Hypothesis Here:

Let’s Play A Game Here:  Consider you were a producer and two directors approached you. The first director is a female director who only directed one movie and is planning on doing women oriented subject with no Rani laxmi Bhai kind off a revolt in it in the end. The movie would show daily lives of women in a growing city. The second director, on the other hand, has given many hits and he’s here with a masala comedy flick with a double role of a hero and lots of situational comedy.

As we all know I’m talking about Lipstick Under My Burkha and Mubarakan. Obviously, if I’m a sensible man I would definitely choose the second director cause that gurantees me huge profits and I didn’t even mention the budgets of each movie. Just by sheer guess also you can tell what the masses like. In support of this hypothesis, allow me to show you last two weeks box office collections in the month of July (in gross courtesy – Bollywood Times)

Indu Sarkar – 3.55 crs

Lipstick Under My Burka – 10.96 crs

Dunkirk – 18.07 crs

Munna Michael – 33.12 crs

Mubarakan – 23 crs

Raag Desh – 0.74 crs

(A Random GIF Of Arjun Kapoor Looking Surprised At The Earnings He’s Achieved)

There’s Another Side Of The Story For Nepotism Really.! 

The above are the first weekend collections of all the movies that released last week. Now, if I say a star kid can bring you this kind of collections with proper promotions , then YES Nepotism Exists..!!. But, also because audience are consuming it. A star kid brings forth a market, an assured foot fall which no fresher can. Now if you call choosing a safe option Nepotism, then call it whatever you want. They’re still making money. An argument made that India isn’t a market for plot driven movies work is not proper either. Otherwise, why would Dunkirk get that kind of business? It’s just that we, Indians don’t want to invest Rs. 150 on an Indian plot driven movie. Obviously, with Dunkirk there is a prestige involved and we will watch it, you see.

(A random GIF of Arjun Kapoor and Shradha Kapoor travelling in Suburban Metro staring at each other)

That’s the reason why I said Nepotism is a by-product of what we want to see. Producer’s will anyday sell what he will sell and we’re just giving him more reason to do so. It’s an interesting point to note that when I say that the trailers of all the other three movies Indu sarkar, Raag Desh and Lipstick Under My Burka got huge responses. In fact these movies were most awaited if their reactions were anything to go by and what’s more interesting is that people felt the other two were too slapsticky. Another fun fact is that these three movies trailers even stirred controversy as,

1. Indu Sarkar talked about the emergency period which garnered anger over a few communities. The movie directed in fact by National award winner Madhur Bhandarkar was left for slow death.  Raag Desh is about

2. Raag Desh talked about Subhash Chandra Bose’s army which till now hasn’t been shown on the silver screen. This movie too was directed by National award winning director Tigmanshu Dhulia. Went without a whistle.  on other hand lipstick under my

3. Lipstick Under My Burka was all over the place and it famously got a delayed release by a year as we all know ( Don’t worry Pahlaj miyan ke barre mein detail mein discuss karenge with an other article).

Which brings us to the tagline of article “East or West star kid is the best” or as AIB likes to say “Jab sau crore kamane ho star kid ko tum cast Karlo”

Fangs Of Nepotism Within Bollywood 

Still not convinced? Ok, Let me give you my own example now. A few weeks back a movie released named Jagga Jasoos which couldn’t fare that well at box office although it got positive critic reviews. The reason being there, was a lot of bad mouthing about the movie although not many people saw the movie. Everyone was like “yaar purre gaane hi hai movie, barfi jaisa hi hai yaar” and in the end, even I didn’t go to watch it. I, who used to constantly rant over bringing niche films to mainstream Bollywood didn’t go to watch a movie which brought in a different narrative altogether. All I’m trying to say is, we can’t just keep on blaming Bollywood for Nepotism when we ourselves are reluctant on changing our tastes. Or watch what isn’t regular. And if we reduce going to a star kid’s movie which we think lacks plot or logic, and instead try and give other movies a chance, then the producers would be forced to choose the actor we love watching over the star kid. Otherwise, why would an actor like Shashank Arora after such brilliant performance in Titli, would remain work less for around 2 years? Well, because not many people watched Titli. So, at the end of the day, we as audience bring the market to any actor who’s out there.

( A random GIF of Arjun Kapoor running through the streets of what appears to be New York)

We Make Nepotism Exist, Not Anyone Else

So, to answer the greater question here ” Why does Nepotism exist?” would be because media is making us consume it. Because Nepotism has always existed but we got to know that term after Kangana said it. And the media lost its shit over one word. Before that, no one even batted an eye whether a movie featured star kid. If media really has a problem with Nepotism then it should show a way out instead of pointing towards Bollywood. Instead of showing actors who are the products of Nepotism, instead of showing us the movies which were made all because of Nepotism, come up with a list of actors who could’ve done way better work.  Give the audience and the producers an option otherwise. If media keeps flashing names all day then the producers would be forced to rope in those talents, cause at the end of the day, Nepotism is a by product of what we want to see. Afterall, the customer is the king 😋

PS : I’m not telling you to go watch every plot driven movies that come from now on but atleast don’t keep on watching every star kids movies and then go home and say ” arre yaar ye pura nepotism pe chelta hai Bollywood” Na, sonuuuu..Tujha content pe bharosa nahi kya??

(Because we dig this movie..and the censor board doesn’t)

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