[VoxSpace Selects] 15 Great TV Shows That NOT Many Are Watching But Should ASAP

Are you someone who wants to try something beyond Game Of Thrones, Vikings and Breaking Bad. Well, look no more, as we’ve got the best TV shows here.

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[VoxSpace Selects] Thor Ragnarok : Marvel Cinematic Universe At Its Best

Thor Ragnarok is a great adventure movie, and even if you aren’t much into the superhero frenzy you’ll still enjoy it to the last frame.

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[VoxSpace Selects] David Fincher : Bringing Mind Bending Narratives To Life Since Like Eternity

We dive deep into the storytelling techniques employed by one of the greatest storytellers of our times in all his brilliance, David Fincher

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[VoxSpace Life] It is Not Funny – Double Standards and Sexism in Indian Comedy Circuit? Ft Aditi Mittal

Sexism in comedy has always persisted and the recent confessional by comedian Aditi Mittal about its existence has truly shook up many worlds.

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[VoxSpace Selects] Laakhon Mein Ek : Deciphering The Indian IIT Madness In The Country

Biswa Kalyan Rath’s Laakhon Mein Ek brings that necessary unbiased dive into the experience of IIT aspirants across the nation.

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[VoxSpace Life] System ‘Modi’fication : Are We The Leftists Making Modi More Popular?

By denying him are you accepting him? By defying him are making him more powerful. So now then, what exactly is making you both hate and love Modi?

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chef movie,Saif Ali Khan,

[VoxSpace Selects] Chef : A Much Needed Fresh Breeze Of Air For Bollywood

Chef is a movie that has its heart in the right place and becomes an important lesson as to how movies need to be adapted from Bollywood.

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Co-working Space in hyderabad,Uber co-working space

[VoxSpace Life] 15 Uber Cool Co-Working Spaces In Hyderabad That Will Kick Start Your Dream Projects

If you are like us, starting out with simple offices, we bring to you, the best options of co-working space, which will help you kickstart your dream.

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Social Tagging,Facebook tagging

[VoxSpace Life] Social Tagging : When Did Tagging In Memes Become A Solid Parameter Of Friendship

Social Media Tagging is really not the way forward when it comes to establishing an overall growth ecosystem and is actually ruining our lives.

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Dhinchak Pooja,Cringe Pop

[VoxSpace Life] Cringe Pop : Making Youngsters Of India Intellectually Miserable

The horrible culture of Cringe Pop is unfortunately here to stay and it is affecting our tastes, our awareness and more importantly ruining our music.

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