[VoxSpace Life] 15 Uber Cool Co-Working Spaces In Hyderabad That Will Kick Start Your Dream Projects

Co-Working Spaces – And Why They’ve Become A Need For Enterprises Which Are Just Starting Out

It is a known fact that many multi-billion dollar companies started out in garages and small apartments. Now, since we live in India and since we don’t have garages here, the first option is ruled out. And since many of our apartments have Sanskari uncles as society’s secretary who won’t allow this kind of ‘nonsense’ in their society, the second option is also out. Since we also can’t have all our employee meetings in cafes all the time, in such humbling scenarios, we have to look out for space for our team to work properly. That’s when co-working stations come into the picture. The co-working space’s motive is to provide the ideal office stuff we need, in return for an affordable rent/ lease.

This has become a major market now in many metros in India, with a booming market for startups. So basically both these markets thrive over each other. But finding an ideal co-working space is also very essential and there are many parameters that go into it. Thus, we tried to put together a list of co-working spaces we thought were worth bringing your exciting idea aboard.

Note: All The Spaces Mentioned In The List Below Have The Basic Amenities Like

1. 24/7 Power With Dedicated Power Back Up

2. Round The Clock Security

3. Pantry & Cafeteria Facilities

4. High-Speed Wi-Fi Facility

5. Regular Housekeeping And Maintenance

6. Allotted  Conference Rooms

7. Printer, Scanner And Other Office Stationery Made Available

8. And Of course, Refreshment, Hangout, Chill Zones etc.

So, in no particular order,

Check Out The Most Exciting Options For Co-Working Space In Hyderabad

Jxtapose – Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

A perfect blend of architectural feels and business, Jxtapose has truly marked its niche in the present times, in the city, within Co-working spaces. It is the latest and most happening co-working space in Hyderabad. It’s the perfect blend of many world-renowned ideas of a co-working space with studio facility, event and gallery and retail space. In particular, the place serves really well for startups and entrepreneurs, who work in the fields of Art and Culture. All served according to your demands.

Pricing: 6000 INR per seat per month, and can differ for teams. Check Out Their Website Or Contact the team for further details.


Regus – Multiple Locations, Hyderabad

One of the most promising and innovative co-working spaces in Hyderabad, Regus provides solutions for all types of projects. One unique feature Regus provides is that it has 6 branches in Hyderabad, and once you register with Regus, you can swap your office to your nearest point anytime you want. Not just this, Regus has a worldwide presence, as it boasts of 106 co-working spaces and facilities across India and 3000 all over the globe. One more interesting thing is that you can go anywhere in those spaces, worldwide, once you get registered.

Pricing: It differs depending upon the branch. We’d suggest that you check out the website for full details here.


91 SpringBoard – Madhapur, Hyderabad

91 SpringBoard has got the perfect blend of architecture and modern ideology. All the millennial vibes look great and are very economical as well. In case you are just starting out, this might be a great place for you as it regularly hosts events and also promises lots of exposure for newbies. Of course, with flexible plans and day-seating facilities, this nationwide (present in all major cities across the nation) co-working space is a simple solution for your office needs.


Open Flexi @ 5000 per person per month ( use any available desk ), Open Dedicated @ 5999 per person/month ( your own workstation)
Private @ 6999 per person/month ( can accommodate 3-10 people), Private 2-Seater @ 15998 per month.
For more specified details check out the website


AWFIS – Multiple Locations, Hyderabad

One of the most customer-friendly co-workspace in Hyderabad is located in various parts of the city. The special feature that AWFIS offers its clients is that you can order up and reconstruct your cabin as you wish as many days you’re there. OCD folks this one’s for you. This space looks stunning, with pleasant decor and dynamic colour combinations. A visual treat for the artist and the entrepreneur within you.

Pricing: It ranges from 400 – 500 per desk per day, to weekly affordable and flexible things. Check out their website for more.


CloWork – Multiple Locations, Hyderabad

If you’re a corporate drop out and are looking out for the MNC ambience, then this one is for you. CloWork is a great option if you are looking out for a place to have regular meetings and discussions. It is located at two places in Hyderabad and is briskly growing to expand. Quite literally, it is a startup for startups. With dedicated round the clock maintenance, more than 40 startups already registered, weekly and monthly mentorship programs, and flexible plans, this is importantly a hub for exciting things to prosper.

Pricing: 5600 – 6000 INR per desk per month, with flexible and wallet-friendly packages for Team occupancy. Check it out here.

Rent A Desk – Multiple Locations, Hyderabad

If you’re looking for open spaces or are looking out for economical meeting rooms or need a smaller cabin space for your small team or if you’re a freelancer looking out for a period flexible office, then here’s the perfect match for you. Rent A Desk is perhaps the most popular co-working space in the city, with prominence across different areas as well. Plans, pricing, locations etc, are all flexible and tailored to suit the needs of clients.

Pricing: Their pricing and packages are flexible, depending on the size of your team and your needs. Contact them for more information.


OfficingNow – Multiple Locations, Hyderabad

If you’re looking out for some high-end stuff and enjoy the finest details and have a smaller team with a lesser period of work, this place ticks all the right boxes for you. This place can never go wrong for casual meetings and can perfectly work as a semi-professional workspace.

Pricing: 400 – 750 INR per day. Packages available for Teams and Conferences. Contact the team for further details.


Vatika Business Centre – Multiple Locations, Hyderabad

One of the very first few established co-working spaces in Hyderabad, Vatika has been doing this for a long time now. Known for its ambience, and highly professional packaging, this Business centre space takes care of you in the best way possible. Looking for a corporate looking space for a medium sized team? Here’s your pie.

Pricing: Their pricing ranges are flexible, depending on the size of your team and your needs. Contact them for more information.


CoWorkZone – Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

CoWorkZone boasts of the fact that it’s starter friendly. The very big advantage that this co-working space provides its clients is that it provides laptops for rent as well. If you’re a small team, who are just starting out and would like to have more economical cabins for yourselves, for your client meetings, you need to keep this option in hand.

Pricing: They have plans according to the size of your team and private cabins according to your needs. For more details on the pricing, you can contact the team.


iSprout – Kondapur, Hyderabad

Edgy architecture, gym facility and a refund of the security deposit steal the show here. If you’re not into corporate offices and would like to keep it as casual as possible and value the coolness of the looks of the place you work at, then you should go right now and check out this option.

Pricing: Not specified. You may have to contact the team for further details.


Ikeva – Multiple Locations, Hyderabad

If you are looking for elegant open spaces then this might make it to your top options. It has the best of both worlds, a business centre as well as a flexible plug and play office. And if you’re looking out for a space inside the city then this has the right proportions as well. An added advantage is the Ikeva co-working space is situated in Banjara Hills, which is practically the heart of the city.

Pricing: Not specified. Do approach them for pricing if interested. The packages may be economical if opted for open spaces.


UniSpace – Multiple Locations, Hyderabad

If your’s is a user based and/or product based company where public relations play a pivot role, UniSpace might truly interest you, as it provides personalised reception service and a 24/7 business support. It’s one of the few co-working spaces to lend professional help as well.

Pricing: UniSpace in a range of 3000 to 16000 INR per month, depending on your team’s size and your demands.


HatchStation – Begumpet, Hyderabad

If you are looking for an economical workspace and can look over materialistic looks, and also if your work involves a lot of travelling and you need a location in the central zone to diversify, then this one would do fantastically well.

Pricing: 4500 INR per head per month and 10000 INR per cabin per month. Do visit the website to know more. 


Co-Karma – Himayath Nagar, Hyderabad

The only space in the whole list which overtly advertises to be female-friendly, Co-Karma is an interesting choice for a co-working space. If you prefer a decent looking space and wouldn’t want to travel across to Hitech city, then you can go check out this space.

Pricing: 3500 per desk per month to 10000 per cabin per month. Contact Co-Karma for more.


Teetos Business Centre – Punjagutta, Hyderabad

Teetos wraps our list, with an affordable and low-end co-working space. The simple logic of co-working space, to opt-in is if you want to crunch up a bit on office space budget. It would be very cost efficient for start-ups with low budget requirements.

Pricing: Contact the website for more details.



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