[VoxPix Selects] Hyderabad In A Blink- Celebrating All The Glorious Existence Of The City

The Historical Magnificence Of Hyderabad

The city that dates back to 1591, thanks to  Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah, Hyderabad is a splendid mix of the old and the new. The city with it’s famous Hyderabadi Hindi, its biryani, the numerous tombs, and of course the world famous Charminar doesn’t fail to mesmerise one. But that’s not all there is to the city and that is exactly what the video Hyderabad in a Blink shows; a glimpse of everything the beloved city is.

Telangana was awarded separate statehood on 2 June 2014. Hyderabad will continue to serve as the joint capital city for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for no more than ten years. As we look at the poignancy of the city, whilst it is draped in silken festivities of Ramzan, we are reminded of the moniker, Heaven of Earth. And nothing shows it better than this visual presentation.

Hyderabad in a Blink – A Timeless Feature

Hyderabad in a Blink shot by the trio who call themselves Drifting Nomads, captures the various colours of the city, its monuments, delicacies and most importantly its people. Life in Hyderabad is like shuffling between the past and the present while paving a way towards the future. It is much more than a city between the south and north of India. A city that embraces all and becomes one with the people.

In a little chat with Kushal Raj Patnaik, a 22-year-old, Film and Media student with an eye for beauty, and the brains behind Drifting Nomads, we got know how and why Hyderabad in a Blink came into existence.

“Being in Hyderabad for 4 years of my life, I was sort of tired of the city. Frankly, the only things I used to love were the Biryani and the Shawarmas. But one fine day I realised it wasn’t the city that was the problem, it was just me. All I  had to do was get out of my bed, and my room, and actually start exploring. So, keeping in mind that everyone has seen almost every corner of Hyderabad, I took it as a challenge to try and capture things in a way that people have not really done before. So, I thought it could be a great shift in tone and a nice experiment for the Drifting Nomads. That is when I assembled my team, Navneeth and Shashank, and we set out to shoot the whole thing. It was 3 days of shooting at a stretch and a simultaneous editing of the video for another 2 days.”

“Hyderabad in a Blink is us trying to show how chaotic the city really is, but even more so, how beautiful it manages to be despite the chaos. There is so much food here OMG, so many kinds of people, so many cultures, faces, expressions and so much more! A great amalgamation of Persians, Mughals, Hindus, Muslims, Hyderabad survives its test of unity and harmony across the various cultures and religions and more importantly, time.”

Drifting Nomads, The Idea, and How It All Began

“Well, it all began a year ago, on my 21st birthday, my first solo trip to meet my long lost high school friend Shashank on a trip to Rajasthan. With the Internet, YouTube at our disposal and four years of film school, I felt the need to create something that is me; something that quenches my thirst for adventure and travel, bringing out the beauty that we forget to pay attention to in our daily lives”.

So we grabbed our stuff and set out on our hunt. By far we’ve captured Rajasthan, Delhi and Kerala. And now there’s Hyderabad in a Blink, but there’s just so much more to do! Although things seem pretty easy, I think the industry is really tough. Everyone wants to be a filmmaker. Everyone wants to be viral on social media. Technology is changing rapidly and everyone has their hands on the latest drones, the latest cameras, fancy lenses, gimbals, systems to work on and what not! So it is really tough to make things with limited tools at your disposal. Yet the most amazing things come by going back to basics.

So it’s really not about what fancy gadgets one has but it’s about how someone uses it to make different content. That is what Drifting Nomads is all about. We want to put our voices forward through the lens; about travelling, and places and people.We intend to change things and show people what these great cities are all about, and how travelling isn’t just for fun, it is for the soul, to discover ourselves and explore things that we never knew we could’ve known and loved.”

What’s Next?

As a freshly graduated film student, I am currently working on a feature-length script. Though the main aim is to go to the big screen, I want to be able to explore more of what media and the whole art form can provide and thus, I am also working on raising Drifting Nomads a notch higher with a travel series of my own and currently looking for producers for the same.  And if everything goes right, I find the right people, the viewers will be on for a treat- something which no one has quite done before. The series is not just about travel. It sure is going to be something about the country, but people will not see it coming.”

Let’s see what the Drifting Nomads bring us next. Until then, we are going to grab ourselves a plate of haleem and savour the richness that Hyderabad offers every day. 

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