Hyderabadi Comic, Mayank Parakh’s Bit On Twins And Their Parents Is As Hilarious As It Is Precise

Mayank Parakh Makes Some Really Good Observations Here

From a time where only Doordarshan, Cinema and Radio were the only primary sources of entertainment, we have come a long way where we are now entertained through various forms of performing art. And without any doubt, stand-up comedy is something that has brought out talent from unknown corners of the country.

While comedians from almost every city are making their mark with their gigs and sets, Hyderabad is definitely not far behind. If you are in Hyderabad and have been to a couple of shows in the city over the past few years, you will definitely agree with me that there is some kick-ass talent in the city. And if you ask me as to why we are unable to find them on the digital media, I’d say the day is not far behind where Hyderabadi comedians will get you ROFL’ing. This untapped potential of Hyderabadi comedy Talent is slowly but surely making waves across the nation.

If you have watched Biswas’s Amazon series ‘Laakhon Mein Ek‘, then I’m sure you will also remember the assholic warden, Bala (Yes, that Bala ki m**ki Ch**th). Mayank Parakh, a theatre actor and stand up comedian from Hyderabad is definitely one amazing talent to watch out for, not just as an actor but as a stand-up comedian as well. His gritty style of relatable humour, as is evident from the video below, is truly a breath of fresh air.

After quitting his well-paying job with L&T Constructions, Mayank had devoted himself completely towards acting and stand-up comedy. Mayank recently performed at the famed Canvas Laugh Club, Mumbai. This piece of video is where he talks about twins and the issues surrounding them is enough to prove the funny side of him. Check it out here!!

Twins and Their Parents | Stand Up Comedy by Mayank Parakh