An Open Letter To TV9 : Congratulations On Your Decency In The Death Of India’s Biggest Female Superstar

Dear Directors Of ABCL (Associated Broadcasting Company Pvt. Ltd.),

Congratulations on running one of the most successful news channels in the Telugu states, TV9. You know, when you initially entered our TV boxes in 2004 with those sting operations and fearless journalism, everyone went berserk. In a way, it was welcomed because people eventually developed a confidence in relying on media to seek their due justice. All was good back then but sadly, it has failed to last off late. Really sad!

Gone are those times, where we heard that TV9 is raising funds towards operations for children suffering from heart ailments or focusing on Nalgonda’s fluorosis issue. Gone are those times where we heard in order to raise environmental awareness, TV9 installed a huge clay idol of Ganesha. Gone are those times where we heard people showering praises on your channel. And with them gone are your etiquettes and ethics in presenting news. And please don’t ask me about the content, I don’t have the count how many times I puked over them.

What Is My Issue?

Let me tell you what triggered me to sit down this afternoon and write to you people. Firstly, congratulations for showing that there is no decency in death, even to the biggest female Superstar of the country. Here is an artist whom millions across the nation were attached not through her personal stories but purely through her art form. Perhaps, the biggest accomplishment she made for herself was this, people’s unanimous admiration. Sridevi was the epitome of not just beauty, but everything cinema. Her death itself was a shock and we as humans will definitely mourn over it for a few days. But, the way you people presented news surrounding her death was really disturbing, in fact, outright disgusting.

Wait!! Wait for some authenticated press releases or report and then derive your statements and conclusions. Why are your balls so itchy to just blurt out indecent assumptions about her and her family members? Have you heard your presenters mouth those lines? (Can I say Eeewwyaaakkk!!?) Approach a big production house or Mr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan, they might help you with your amazing creativity. I may dare quote this from the code of ethics for Journalism – “Respect people’s privacy and ensure accuracy.” You guys have been nowhere close to this for quite some time now and have not just been just gross with your presentation, but have put your entire industry to shame.

Now, let me make my point clear. My issue is with your etiquette in presenting a news piece. I’m no one to tell you what kind of news to present. I dare not poke my nose into that zone as I feel it’s not just you, most of the channels in the country are themselves on their own trip in creating content. Here is an example, I really feel pity for this guy in the tub. What will he tell his friends and family when asked, what his job is?

Visual Representation Of Sridevi’s Death Recreated Committedly By Mahaa News

Don’t Derive Pleasure Out Of Death, Please?

I plead, at least presenting the facts and findings of a particular news definitely needs some decency. Can’t you just present the news as they are, without masturbating all over it, as if you guys have never found any other news? Particularly your channel, whoever your programming head is, you need to sit with him/her and review everyone’s integrity in working for a news media house. And your news presenters, except a couple of them, are just tripping balls in your office. I seriously doubt if any of your journalists studied journalism for real.

I am not asking this out of the blue, but I’ve happened to go through your ‘Missions’ and reading them has shocked me. That is because I don’t see where you are inculcating them into your daily works. Here are few of your points, go through them and validate for yourselves.

News First: Very good! It means you just present the news, right? Why are you making up opinions based on mere assumptions without any factual findings? What’s the need to sensationalise unnecessary news and induce poison smeared opinions into people? Have you seen your latest bulletins on Sridevi’s death? You won’t believe, but my TV stinks (putting it in your words).

Non-Partisan Journalism: No wonder, you were banned from the state of Telangana for 144 days. That’s your biggest compliment and accomplishment for being an unbiased media channel.

Progressive Approach: Do you remember your famous story titled ‘Gay culture on the rise in Telugu states’?? You might have taken down the video in shame, but people have not let that pass so easily. Find here, where The News Minute slammed you for those derogatory statements.

After all of the above said, and feeling sad for the opinion even my neighbour’s kid who studies 8th standard, has about you, it only makes me laugh when I read your mission statement – ‘For A Better Society.’ How are you going to stand for a ‘better’ society when you give a fly’s fuck to basic ethics of journalism.

The Final word

You might well say, avoid watching our channel. Very good suggestion and *beep* you! You are not an entertainment channel, but a bloody news channel on whom I (supposedly should) rely to gather my knowledge and facts. On whom I should rely to enhance my understanding of the society and take inputs for framing my ideologies. You guys are the FOURTH ESTATE! Which means, you guys are a part of the society which has an indirect influence on people of the society. This also means within your power, you can make or break the society. Are you kidding me when you say all this is you?? I’m really scared. Just be serious about your jobs, guys!

Yours…who cares?!


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