[VoxSpace Life] 7 Cultural Spaces In Hyderabad You Need To Check Out Right Now

Cultural Spaces That Are Keeping The Art-Scene In Hyderabad Alive

Hyderabad’s love for art is no news. Historically the city has been an art lover, and the amalgamation of many cultures gives this city a unique cultural scene that very few cities in India can boast of. Here are seven cultural places which are doing a great job of boosting the art and culture scene of the city and is giving creative minds an open platform to showcase their talents and take the artistic legacy of the city forward.


I Was Here - Hyderabad (Part 1) Episode 05

This is perhaps the most prominent name when it comes to cultural spaces in the city. From plays to talks, to the exhibition, movie screenings, musical recitals and workshops, Lamakaan is packed throughout the year with some activity or the others. Situated near GVK Mall in Banjara Hills, this has become the premium venue for all art-related events in the city over the years.

Phoenix Arena

Phoenix Arena is a Joint Initiative of Phoenix Foundation and TSIIC | hybiz

A relatively new venue that has hosted some of the most prominent cultural events in the city. Located in the IT hub of Hyderabad, Hitech City it was established with joint efforts of TSIIC and Phoenix Group. In a short span of time, Phoenix Arena has become the venue of choice for many artists trying to showcase themselves and their works to the people of Hyderabad.

Roots Commune

Another cultural space in the city has become a hub for like-minded individuals to meet, talk and ideate. It also hosts events like plays, interactions, book launches and stand-up comedy acts. Located in the Ramnagar area of Hyderabad it is soon becoming a major name in the cultural spaces in the city.

Our Sacred Space

Situated near St. Anne’s School in Secunderabad the place has an antique charm. Apart from other cultural events, their organic bazaar, flea markets and book barter events are becoming increasingly popular in the city. It is also a popular hangout for creative individuals of the city looking for an ideal space to share their ideas, and many artists have been discovered from this place.


Prince Rama Varma - Sri Rama ! - Class at Saptaparni, Hyderabad - July 2017

A peaceful, green and serene oasis in the hustle-bustle of Banjara Hills, Saptaparni is exactly the kind of place where creative minds can prosper, and art can thrive. From musical, dance and poetry recitals to various workshops, the place is bubbling with creative energy around the year.


Paaka Open Mic 3rd November, 2017

Located near the Tellapur area of Hyderabad, Paaka is basically an organic cafe, but that does not stop it from hosting a plethora of cultural events in the city. The sumptuous fare that is available is another added attraction of the place. With workshops, talks, book launches and many other such events Paaka has been able to register itself as one of the vibrant cultural spaces in the city.

Shilpa Kala Vedika

International Dance Festival Held at Shilpa Kala Vedika in Hyderabd

An auditorium located near the Hitech City signal, Shilpa Kala Vedika hosts some of the most prestigious cultural events of the city. Plays, dance recitals, musical nights are only a few of the events that go on at the venue throughout the year. One of the few indoor auditoriums in the city it is an important place for art lovers of Hyderabad.