[VoxSpace Life] Infusion Of Artistic Values And Incredible Coffee : ‘Art Gallery’ Places To Look Out In The Twin Cities

Infusion Of Food And Art

Did you ever find a deep connection between a well-prepared dish and an artwork? That itself shows the fantastic similarities which these two aspects possess.

Art and food have a great bonding together and it is also said that cooking is a subtle art by itself. These two aspects are so intertwined that many coffee shops/restaurants all over the world embraced them together.  Art gallery cafes are not just a regular meeting out place but also encourages people to appreciate art and make it an inherent part of a lifestyle.  Our twin cities are no less to get into this trend and VoxSpace brings you the best art gallery places, which also happen to serve quality food in the presence of sublime art.

The Gallery Café: 

This wonderful place has a weathered ambience, which exactly depicts the mind of an artist. Instead of being too suave or stylish in décor, the brilliance of the place lies in being its quintessential self.  Enjoy the fusion food in the presence of art and sculpture displays along with live music during the evenings. Unleash the singer within you by performing at the open mike feature, which is unique in itself!

Beyond Coffee:

One of those brilliantly designed coffee shops with an air of earthiness. The menu also is made after artists and art. Apart from the delicious caramel cold coffee, Beyond Coffee is a great place to hang out with friends or for creative work discussions. The ambience is stunningly minimalistic but also has a great coffee shop experience.

The Hole In The Wall Café:

A relatively new place, Hole in The Wall is creating quite a buzz all over for its fantastic décor, sumptuous food and located in the accessible Jubilee Hills area. Their promotional strategies are working quite admirably and the classic art ambience cannot be ignored.


If you are looking for a getaway which is located in the hustle and bustle of urban living, this is the perfect place. The newly set up, Gallery 78 is yet to make its mark but the ambience is quite peaceful and relaxing. With the use of vintage furniture from various places, the place is heavy on artistic fervour.

Granny’s Art Café:

For all those who are looking for a tinge of nostalgia and the warmth of a grandmother’s cuisine, the place offers it all. Following a minimalistic approach towards design and décor, Granny’s Art Café is all set to make Hyderabadis pursue more art!

Gossip Coffee Shop:

Coffee shops are for those folks who look for energizing conversations and spend a good time.  This pretty little place is a delight to visit, especially for its brightly designed wall décor and a good range of food options.  Catch up on the so-called healthy gossip at this laid-back space.

Paaka Organic Café:

Many people are going back to their roots of organic living and healthy eating after urban pollution and troubles are taking a toll on most of them. Paaka Organic Café is one such amazing places of Hyderabad located in the midst of greenery and peace. There is art almost in every design of this place and their food range which is served can be a challenge to your taste buds!

The twin cities are picking up quite fast on art front and the road is quite artistically ahead!  The next time you head out for a group meetup or a casual solitude time with a book to read, do keep these places in mind!