This 18 Yr Old’s Renditions Of Various Hits Is Bound To Take The Internet By Storm..!

Guys remember this name – Ann Shirley Natasha. Mark my words, she’s well on course to become a huge sensation over the country with her singing prowess. And she’s all of 18 years old. Undiscovered and ready to unleash. Ann Shirley, an 18-year-old student of SRM University Chennai, gripped our heart and swooned our soul, when we came across her Viva video rendition of Harjaiyaan from the movie Queen, as she added her own acoustic guitar strokes to the song. As she went on to croon the whole song, in her typical and very soulful soft rock version, we had already decided to loop the track indefinitely. And as the curious animals that we are, we contacted her to know more about her talents and mutant like captivating voice. (Video below)

On Her Musical Origins…

I don’t exactly know how I connected with music. But I do know that I’ve been singing since my 2nd STD. I always had this attraction towards music. I saw my father play the guitar and used to sing along. Whatever the tune and whatever the language. I loved it. That’s how I found the music inside me.

Any Training Perhaps Or Was it All Indie?…

I am not a trained singer, though. My mother tried to get me music classes but I always thought it was boring. ?
I won’t say it’s in my genes but I guess it got this talent from my father. He is a great musician. And a great singer. And it also goes with my brother. Who’s been into music since childhood. Just like me. I’ve learnt a lot watching them. I’ve always had this great attachment with music instruments because of them. ?

Inspirations, Tastes And Future Plans…

My first inspiration is my brother. Alvin. And then legends like Lata Mangeshkar Ji. I have always loved listening to Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, AR Rahman, Nandini Srikar.  I like listening to jazz, country, blues, progressive, pop, rock. I have not exactly planned for music in life but then I want to learn a lot. And I want to get better and better.
I am currently studying in SRM university Kanttankulatur, Chennai. in electrical and electronics engineering.

Now that we are done with the niceties, let us show you what we actually fan-personing about. The following video, Ladies and Gentlemen, will show you a voice for the future. Drumroll…!! Here we go…

Harjaiyaan – Cover By Ann Shirley Natasha

And More Of Ann Shirley Natasha Cause She’s That Good:

So that was Ann Shirley doing her thing. We’ll keep an eye out for her as we hope she’ll make great impact soon. And so should you. Here’s a girl you can’t un-listen.