Breathe Into The Shadows

Breathe: Into The Shadows Review: A Cleverly Written Crime Drama With A Pulsating Heart

Breathe: Into The Shadows featuring Abhishek Bachchan is a gripping drama series that surely is markedly better than its OTT peers

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Interview With Nithya Menen

VoxTalks With Nithya Menen: An Acute Understanding Of A Conspicuous Acting Prodigy

Nithya Menen showcases the mark of a true genius, in the way in which she is sensitive towards her artform and sometimes even unaware of it.

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Eka Lakhani

VoxTalks With Eka Lakhani: The Art Of Costume Designing In The New Age Indian Cinema

We had the opportunity to talk to the prolific costume designer of the current generation of movies in India, Eka Lakhani.

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Review Of Eeb Allay Ooo! : A Socio-Political Allegorical Which Serves As An Important Introspective Exercise

Prateek Vats’s Eeb Allay Ooo is a movie which serves as an allegorical reflection to multiple issues plaguing India in today’s time.

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Review Of Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru : A Sweet And Nostalgic Love Story Which Shines With Brilliant Performances

Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru is a film which relies heavily on the nostalgia of rural lifestyle left behind. When life was simpler, and everything was innocently beautiful

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Review Of George Reddy : The Contemporary Comrade Tale Of A Martyred Hero Stands Tall With Feisty Pride

George Reddy the movie helmed by debutant Jeevan Reddy, as we see him progress from being a new admit to Osmania University to becoming a revoluntionary

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Review Of Little Things Season 3 : A Keenly Observed ‘Absurdity In Familiarity’ Fare Which Shines Through

Little Things has always found its bearing in telling a whole chapter in its season, which leaves you satisfied and smiling

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Review Of Mehsampur : An Obscure Genre Fluid Feature Which Serves As A Prospectus For New Age Film Making

Mehsampur becomes anti-matter, or rather an anti-film, which will in time accumulate its own ethical and moral dust, to become a genre in itself. 

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Review Of Ranj (Slow Burn) : A Keenly Observed Tale Of Simmering Despair Of An Urban Immigrant

The film Ranj (English Title – Slow Burn) written and directed by Sunit Sinha, captures the slow descent to despair of a volatile life in the city

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