A Frustrated Software Engineer : A Sarcastic Dig At The Work-Life Of Every IT Professional

If you are a working professional, then this series written and directed by Mayank Singh will have a close connection with you. All through while watching this, you don’t observe the camera they might have used, the technical finesse that went into making this video or any other rules that go into direction. All you can see is a reflection of your work life and images of your managers, colleagues and office atmosphere running parallel in your memory.

After releasing two episodes in the last two years, ‘Leave Approval’ which fetched over a million views and ‘Appraisal Discussion’ which is nearing a million views, Mayank Singh – the writer, director and actor in the series has delivered the third instalment of his musing, ‘An Onsite Dream’. Produced by Ashima Theatre Group, this series has garnered good response over the past two years. Ashima Theatre Group believes in engaging with the audience through their work. And this piece of work has once again proved that they’ve connected with us (if you’re a working IT professional) through their work.

The episode went on to become so famous that, eventually the national news also had to catch up on it. In a special feature, NDTV went on air with the frustrated engineer and explained how it made total sense to the populace of engineering students all over.

Great job, guys! Keep them coming!!

Be sure to follow their other hilarious takes on normal lives, via their official page and YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe, lest you forget all the awesome features these guys present with ample sprinkling of sarcastic commentary. Go enjoy and be frustrated now..!!

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