Samskara Art Exhibition By Keertika Rajaram Brings The Perfect Fusion Of Painting And Poetry To Life

The Welcoming Verses Of Beautiful Hues:

It is impressive how Hyderabad in the recent times has up the ante in the art scenario. The state art gallery at Madhapur saw yet another young talent showcasing her work there. ‘Samskara – an uplifting fusion of Painting, Poetry and Music’ by artist Keertika Rajaram was a collection of paintings of her dreams, thoughts and opinions, brought to life with the stroke of her brush on canvas. Realising the beauty of the art being showcased there, fellow artists come together to lend their music and poetry to her.

Keertika is a young, chirpy enthusiastic artist, who was more than happy to explain and walk visitors through her exhibition. Very approachable and humble in conversation, she definitely made the visitors feel at home with her work.

“This is my first ever exhibition. Within the exhibits, I’ve consciously tried not to follow any artists and paintings. I wanted to make these exhibits resonating with originality. Ironically, to me, exhibitions was a unique concept, since I’ve never been to any before. And I’ve never considered myself as an artist”, she explains the newness of the situation

To say that the collection was bright, colourful and intense, would be an understatement. Keertika put the deepest thoughts that bug the nights of the thoughtful, to the canvas. The visitors could sure resonate with the collection and the gallery had an aura of intensity and solemn understanding of her expression.

Keertika The Talented Host And The Poignant Poet:

Fusing her thoughts on the perturbed and convoluted way in which our society functions, with a deeper spiritual calling, most of Keertika’s paintings were a call to action, to awakening. Starting from the expression of uniqueness in identities, the subjugation of women to the atrocities towards our fellow creatures and also morbidity where suicide is the real freedom, Samskara had it all. The artist’s work was food for the soul.

The crisp poetry accompanying each of her works was also spot on and hard hitting. Most of them addressed to Lord Shiva, the verses spoke of liberation and new beginnings.

“Since I’ve not formally studied art or have experience painting before, this presentation was a fresh canvas to start with. Perhaps, that’s what makes my gallery come out as innovative and different. My intent was not to showcase this as an art exhibition, I rather wanted to provide people with an experience of a fusion, of painting, poetry and classical music” She claims to be the idea behind.

Some of her works were enough to send a shiver down our spine, owing to the honesty of her approach towards the subject. The paintings were a mirror, a reality check and much more.

Melodious Indian classical music added to the aura of the exhibition, embalming and soothing the senses. The music served as the perfect, irreplaceable accompaniment to the fusion of the soulful art and poetry showcased there.

As The Evening Came To Its Awakening:

Despite the scorching summer heat, the art exhibition saw an impressive footfall of art enthusiasts and the ‘sold’ stick on’s showed how encouraging as a city we are towards new art and artists.

“The Toughest challenge during this exhibition was to filter out the concepts and pick out a few canvases which I intended not to exhibit. The idea was not to bring way too much to the public and entice bigger shocks. To let go of a few amazing concepts was clearly tough, owing to several perceptions” Keertika explains the limitations she sought to bring out the best.

Keertika had more than just her paintings and insights to offer though. For everyone who wanted to take a bit of her art home with them, she had souvenirs in form of cool goodies like fridge magnets and stationery. What an amazing takeaway! Those goodies will definitely make her collection stay in the visitor’s minds.

On the whole, Samskara was definitely an event that was worth paying a visit too. We sure hope Keertika comes up with even more amazing paintings in the future, so that we get to see more of those whimsical strokes!

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