To All Mah Gurls….This Season, Let’s Go SHAMELESS!!! [Prajakta Koli Vs All Things Body Shaming]

To Be Shameless If Anything:

Prajakta Koli, better known from her YouTube channel, “Mostly sane” has released a single “Shameless” in collab with Raftaar and it is an amazing answer to the body shaming population out there. Remember when you heard that Aunty give tips to your Mum on how to make you fair? Remember when your granny would crib about your weight and decide that you are never going to get married? Remember the way you would stare into the mirror to find that one tiny, absolutely minuscule non-pimple?

Well, here’s your cheat song for days like that. Just keep humming this song to yourself whenever one of these above incidents occur and see yourself become confident, happy and in love with your body in no time. No conditions apply! (Seriously, a way better brain worm to have than “selfie maine le li aaj”)

Let’s break the norms, Let’s answer back, Let’s reclaim our body. Let’s be happy with ourselves. Let’s be SHAMELESS!

Check out the song here below. P.S: There are some very interesting cameos too! Thank us later!