[VoxPix] Mom : A Movie That Needs To Be Understood As A Social Education Than Just A Movie

Mom -- The Story About Us:

Why just “MOM”? The first half of the movie MOM gave me the chills because it’s a reflection of many such incidents that are happening in our society! Why can’t a human understand other human being’s pain? When animals understand each other so well, it’s just so sad that we can’t. Within the movie, Who do we pin the crime on? Who is wrong? Is it the rapists, their parents or our society! Okay, so I’ll say that it’s the parents that are responsible!! Nobody is born a rapist or a sadist, every girl and boy are sensitive and sensual, everything they see and hear makes marks in their minds, it’s their parent’s duty to erase or rewrite those marks. I know it’s not our Indian culture to speak about sex, rapes and not even about love to our children, of course, we need not. All that we need to do is.. wait!!

Let me give you some real example, it was a quarter of the movie and a kid sitting right behind me started asking his Mom about why the girl was taken away..and his Mom replied with a “shh…” he asked why she was thrown on the road.. “shh..” again! He then kept asking about every consequence he came across, but he was tired of listening to “chup raho, so jao, you won’t understand stuff”. Sad that he remained silent till the end and all that he understood was that a girl was tortured!!!! Soo sick! This is where and how it all starts, every small thing counts. His mother should just have told him two simple lines, two lines which have nothing odd or heavy, it’s just ” Beta those guys are bad and they will be punished badly for troubling a girl because girls should be respected and treated well”. These two lines will change the world.  You don’t even have to make him remember it, as he sees women at every second of his day, and so he will automatically remember and keep remembering his mother’s words. And eventually, make it his nature to behave well with women.

Sustainable Change Comes From Being Open:

Law? police? Love? They are just a myth, nothing can change things, only these two lines from parents to children will definitely stand to make a good society! As I always say parents keeping their children away from social media results in nothing but the secretive and inappropriate use of it. Instead, parents should start being active on social media and keep an eye on for what their kids are doing, and go through. Apps like Facebook, Whatsapp will let them know what their kids are up to and apps like google map and my phone finder will help them keep their children safe where ever they are. In a recent movie Drishyam it was clearly shown how many people end up suffering in the result of one badly raised child. Dear parents your love should always help your children grow wise and sensible but it shouldn’t blindfold you in reverse. As we speak it is also very much needed to develop a scientific attitude in every growing child, he should be told about do’s, donts and the punishments given to society instead of sin, boon and God!

A person can be full and well only when they can think beyond God, sin etc and believe that it’s his only life to live, live good and to live a human’s life. Coming to girls.. for us, it is always important to RETHINK!! Rethink if you are in a good company, rethink if you really need the habit , rethink if your decision is 100 percent safe, rethink if what you are doing is worth lying to your parents about, rethink if you are making the right choices, if you can save yourself, if you have lifelines, if you have someone to jump in! It hardly takes 30 secs, and those 30 seconds can save us from anything and anyone, our life is totally in our hands don’t let others take your 30 secs! Be safe, do good!

You might question the society that why only girls should rethink, of course, it’s not just us every living being should rethink on every act they proceed to do. But if you see the effect of not rethinking is more on females, so not for the society, not for your parents or friends or the goddamn world, it’s for us, for our safety, exclusively for your and my happy life that we need to rethink, please! As a young and this generation female, I am lazy, careless, carefree and of course, can’t serve the country wasting my time but if two lines and 30 seconds can do a lot of good, I have no objection to keep following them. Not just “MOM” it’s all of our duty to do those two lines or 30 secs for our and our family member’s safety! Movies like “MOM” are the actually family watch movies, they should be discussed, related and learnt after every watch!! Thanks a lot for such a wonderful movie Director Ravi Udyawar, and for making us live the movie Mrs Sri Devi Kapoor, a request to not miss such a good movie “MOM”

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