[VoxSpace Selects] Hue And Jinn Series : A Mirror Of Eloquent Dreams By Vimal John Jacob

The beautiful charm which words could not express…could be spoken by art. Imprinting the reality with the signature touch, the artist makes the drawing worth remembering. Facebook not just connects people around the globe; it also provides some good memories with strangers. In hundreds of Facebook friends, I met this young, shy soul; with just one mutual friend I cannot date back how we became friends. When my newsfeed gets updated every second, his drawings attracted me to compliment him, and later introduce them to the world. I bring to you the mesmerizing soul Vimal John Jacob. The artist who brings his dream stories alive with art. The magician who gives breath to ‘Hue and Jinn’.

When I say Hue and Jinn, who are they? What’s their story? And how you connect to them?

Hue and Jinn are the main characters of my drawings, which I captured from my dreams and later kept them alive with my drawings. Hue means colour, he is an artist. Jinn is the short term for Jenifer, meaning ghost or evil. Jinn is an imaginative character, who comes in Hue’s dreams. She is a soul, who was alive as a bird long ago. And Hue and his family are presently living in the same house where the bird was alive. After her death, her soul came out and remained in the house. Hue is aware of her rebirth. The main background story comes like Hue is in the wheelchair and cannot walk, talk/ hear. But in his dreams, he can do all this and is existing with Jinn- the soul. I connect to them through dreams. I listen to slow music, mostly instrumental, before I sleep, and I dream of them every time. When I wake up I draw it roughly and later when time permits I draw them as Hue and Jinn.

I see a lot of love surrounding every chapter of Hue and Jinn. Are they real characters?

(The shy soul replies with a grin)- I wish it could be. The characters are real but the story is made up. There is a Jinn in my life. And she was not aware that the drawing is her, lately, I surprised her with this fact. I sleep because I want to dream and meet Jinn and Hue, in fact rather transform into Hue. In the future, I’m planning on creating an animated movie casting them.

Every chapter of Hue and Jinn holds a lot of meaning, as every line of your art speaks something. You were telling me about the pets Hue gifts to Jinn…And it’s the bluebirds…Whom you have included in every chapter. Are they a part of your story?

Hue and Jinn have two pets. One is the bluebird, which I call as ‘blue tails’. The second chapter speaks about this surprise gift, which Hue gives to Jinn- an open cage full of blue tails. I presented them to Jinn because I wanted to show her freedom. That, there is no end, when you want you can fly. Almost as if life itself is a long run. If we too had wings like them, we would want to fly and be free. In all my drawings at least two blue tails will be there, these too suggest freedom.

The other pet we have in our dream is a cat, which Jinn gifts to Hue. This symbolizes love. We say cats are very mean. That they only love us to get their things done. Yes, to some extent it’s true, but the thing, which matters, is that they do love us right? At least being mean. We must think of things in a positive manner.

What’s the other hidden meaning I missed out in your drawings?

In chapter 3: Hue and Jinn make paper planes and they let it fly. This shows a feeling of ‘let the desire fly high.!’. ‘Not just the dreams, but also the fear, sadness…let it all fly with this paper plane and never return’. ‘She folded up her fears like a paper plane and let them fly into the wind, to never return again.’


Coming out of Hue & Jinn’s drawings, you have posted evil or monsters drawings too, which is totally opposite to the whole love story you were talking about. What does that indicate?

Monsters…they are actually 3D models, which I have drawn as part of my college work. Some are personal, taken from my dreams. The software I used is Zbrush and it takes 5 hours for me to draw it. I have so many concepts of monsters and mythical creatures. Nobody taught me to draw them, and it just happens as a fantasy, where, my hand moves to make the picture in my mind on to the screen.

What is the secret behind your drawings?

“DREAMS”… I would say that the dreams I see with open and closed eyes are the inspiration for each of my drawings. I use some tricks too. One is that I keep alarm at night before sleep at 3 am, 5 am, 6 am and 7 am and wake up every time my alarm rings. I draw or write roughly on a paper about the dream I saw during that period of time. And when I get free time, I elaborate and draw it as a grand picture. The other little trick I use is that I tie a band tightly around my wrist, to reduce the flow of blood. I believe that when our body is disturbed by any means is a reason we dream. And the main protagonist of my drawings are dreams, so to welcome them I do this. I don’t know if this is the actual reason I dream; once I did this, it worked, so I followed.

So that was Vimal John Jacob, an artist with immense talent and a wonderful dreamer of things. Go catch him, spam him and make him your latest crush here. 

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