[VoxSpace Life] 10 Desi Beauty Vloggers You Need To Check Out

Stuck For Ideas And Design – Vloggers To The Rescue

Beginner, enthusiast or a total pro – the degree of expertise may vary, but girls’ relationship with makeup is solid. From creating elaborate looks to being the kajal and lipgloss loyalist, makeup is a significant aspect of our daily lives. But with the million dollar industry at our disposal, it can be confusing to find our way through the cornucopia of beauty products. In the days of yore, the authentic sources were that one aunt or cousin, who much to the ridicule of others, knew a thing or two about makeup. And, if everything else failed, the ‘didi’ at the nearby beauty parlour was our saviour.

And then came the present age of Google and YouTube and everything changed. We are now just a click away from creating simple looks for college or office or the elaborate ones for parties, weddings or bride’s makeup and skin care regimen. Guiding us through this maze are our favourite beauty vloggers on YouTube. Apart from making contouring, strobing, priming, haul and Sephora household words, these vloggers have made makeup and beauty into a legit binge watch category of videos. They are fun, informative and help us wake the makeup pro hiding in each one of us.

While it is always interesting to catch up on our international favourites, our desi vloggers will always be on our priority list. As much as we love seeing Christen Dominique’s holiday makeup tutorials, we want the help of our Indian vloggers for creating that perfect Diwali look. Anastasia Beverly Hills and Kylie Cosmetics launching new collection might excite us, but Lakme’s new launch is serious business, always. It is easier to relate to them and discover products and techniques that we can actually include in our regimens. Here are a list a desi beauty vloggers you need to check out to get a daily dose of desi beauty.