[VoxSpace Life] Karnataka MLA Shares Pre-Voting Meal With A Monkey

Meal With A Monkey A Day, Keeps The Election Blues Away

With voting still going on in parts of Karnataka, the election is underway in full swing. Amidst the very highly anticipated election, a light-hearted moment was reported last Saturday (12 May 2018).

A journalist shared a video of a meal being shared by a man and a monkey, on social media…

The journalist, Ashwini M Sripad, who works with The New Indian Express, took to Twitter to share a video of CB Suresh Babu, MLA of Tumkur Chikkanayakanahalli, feeding a monkey ragi mudde (ragi flour cooked to make balls out of it).

It is a popular dish in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka (usually served with dal or chicken curry).

In the video, the MLA can be seen casually sitting at the dining table and (fearlessly) feeding the monkey the ragi mudde with his hands.  He is seen feeding the monkey and then continuing to eat the simple meal himself.

The politician, belonging to the Janata Dal (Secular) party,  looked pretty relaxed, as the monkey felt right at home and pranced about his table.

According to Ashwini Sripad, Suresh Babu fed the monkey before he proceeded to go and cast his vote in the on-going Assembly election.

Apparently, the monkey decided to pay a visit to the MLA’s house early in the morning. The MLA’s supporters let it in, with a belief that it could bring in good luck to the MLA, who is looking for a hattrick win. Babu gave the monkey a bite of the mudde and some curry with it. But, the monkey did not seem to enjoy the dish, as it walks away when offered more. When offered some upma by one of his worker’s, the monkey proceeds to have it and seemingly enjoys it, as it proceeds to have more of it.

Suresh Babu, who is the son of former MLA late N Basavaiah, is currently facing a tough fight in the election, against BJP’s J C Madhuswami and Congress candidate T J Santhosh, son of Law Minister T B Jayachandra.