After Nipah, Leptospirosis Wreaks Havoc In Kerala

Leptospirosis Wreaks Havoc In Kerala

After the massive flood this August, Kerala is now fighting the epidemic outbreaks in the state. At least 10 people have died due to fever this Sunday, among which one person was diagnosed with leptospirosis. So far, the state health department has confirmed around 43 deaths due to leptospirosis and another 269 have been admitted for the same since this August.

It hasn’t been long since the northern parts of Kerala had to face the Nipah virus. The health department worked tirelessly and had it under control within a short span of time. Even though it was an unexpected and an entirely unheard disease until it was diagnosed. Compared to that, leptospirosis is something Kerala is prepared for from 2009 onwards as a monsoon disease. Since the rain started, medicines were distributed among cleaning staff and other people who usually get affected by direct contact with the virus. In the current circumstances, a large number of people came in contact with the flood water and thus things got out of control. This year, it is mostly seen among those who didn’t take preventive medicine.

The danger of dengue outbreak is also high in the state. A case of H1N1 death has also reported from Kozhikode. Considering the seriousness of the situation, a medical alert has been issued in all the districts, except Kasaragod. Volunteers and officials engaged in relief works are strictly instructed to take preventive medicines.

Along with news about the epidemic, reports are also coming in about the lack of platelets needed for treatment in hospitals. Leptospirosis patients get critical within hours due to the decrease in platelet count. Officials are in action to open urgent camps in IMA blood bank in Ernakulam. More than half of the Community Health Centres and Primary Health Centres in Kerala have been damaged in the floods.

State Health Minister K.K.Shailaja said that they “have decided to open 200 temporary hospitals to tackle issues.” The state government has sought help from the Union Health Ministry as immediate aid is needed, as people who are returning home after the floods need medical assistance.