How The Internet Is Creating Ample Of Great Career Opportunities For Average Students

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“If you don’t study, you will end up becoming a beggar.”

Things as such – with its ample of modifications – have been heard by possibly all middle-class Indians while growing up. Earlier, it was the dream of a good government job that kept the parents going, while later on, it was the desire of their children bagging a high-paying private sector job or some job abroad kept the Indian parents dream high. And as a result, they keep pressurizing their children to study more and get that A+ grade in everything.

To be honest, we don’t really blame the parents here. In a country like India where there always have been clear-cut distinctions between rich and the poor, and extremely limited amenities and opportunities left for the middle-class to carve out a happy living from, they will always be engulfed by an omnipresent tension regarding their children’s future – it’s pretty normal. But, in that case, what should the average child do? It has to be understood here that not all children can grasp every subject with equal ease or excel in their studies.

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Even two decades ago, there would be ample of job opportunities for people who have had an average result all through. However, in this age of computers and severe competition, only good students are preferred by the companies – no wonder if they have the right aptitude or not. So, what does the common person do here – make pakodas as numerous ministers ask the nation to? Of course, not! This is exactly where a person’s hobbies and aptitude comes into play. If the computers and internet have replaced men in numerous job sectors, it is the same internet that has carved innumerable job opportunities for the simpletons – opportunities that can transform a pauper into a prince. Of course, it takes time, patience, and skills, but then which job does not?

Internet Minimizes The Dichotomy Between Good And Bad Students

It is often said that the internet has literally brought the entire globe within our perception. If that is so, common sense says it should create a plethora of jobs as well. Honestly, it has done so, and you see the positive effect of the internet everywhere you look at – from exceptionally good brands roping in “influencers” to model and advertise their products to various online magazines (or blogs) publishing regular articles written by writers spread across the country in remote locations.

Looking at the internet-based job space from this perspective, one can easily term that the internet has minimized the dichotomy that had forever persisted between good and bad students. Today, when you see a creator on YouTube (and we are taking this example because the influencers are right at the center at this time), what you see is sheer talent speaking – neither his or her certificates nor their marks at board exams.

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When it comes to shattering and re-defining prevalent notions, the internet has had a great contribution to society. From making the taboo word – period – mainstream to bringing offbeat and otherwise frowned-upon career choices into the limelight, the internet has given us all. Nowadays if you see a person getting paid for traveling, you don’t get shocked – earlier it would have been something unthinkable.

Understand Your Talent And Play With It

When thinking about a digital career, I have seen numerous people getting swayed by what they see and not what they are good at. For example, if a person is hooked on to watching beauty or fitness vloggers on YouTube, after a certain period of time they think they can ace it on the same social media platform. And this thought often arises on a whim – as a result of which their online career fails. What many people cannot understand is the fact that a person has to be good at something to show that same thing to others. You have to understand and inculcate your talent to excel in any platform for that matter and digital space is no different.

In short, marketing your own self on the basis of what you are good at is of utmost importance in the digital space. We understand that not everyone is social media savvy, let it be so – one can now earn a respected career in this digital space without having to be on the social media at all. Selling what you are good at is the key – be it while working with a brand or freelancing for some company in various subjects. For example, if you think you are good at playing the guitar, you can even earn from it by giving guitar classes to people across various countries.

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You may not be good at studies but might write exceptionally well, becoming an online content writer/editor/creator may be the perfect profile for you. You may also try consultancy job on whatever sphere you’re good at – traveling, cooking, or even dancing! Apart from this, there are ample opportunities of opening your own blog or YouTube channel. But one thing one must understand is that no matter whether you are freelancing or going ahead with your own blog, you shall be your own boss here, which is much more than just a fancy word. Your curve shall go higher if you are talented and doing what you know rather than following a given trend.

Digital Space -- A Plethora Of Possibilities

The digital space presents a plethora of possibilities to anyone and everyone, and the fact that it has been catering to people across societies can be seen in the umpteen rags-to-riches story. All it demands it exceptional hard work and inculcating a passion, whatever be it, apart from having preliminary education in computer. Of course, preliminary education is always required but it truly does not need a rocket scientist to gain prominence and earn money on the digital world.