Check out Bollywood’s Foolproof Funda For Pataofying A Girl with AIB’s newest video!!

“Kab tak ruthegi, chikhegi, chillayegi…..ek din haseena maan jayegi”

This line most eloquently sums up the perception of women in Bollywood movies. Alright, calm down fans of Pink! Majority of women in Bollywood. Happy? Bollywood loves its men and anything which is not a man is not a human. To reinstate this very notion, India’s favorite comedy group AIB has come up with a new video which shows the evolution of harassment of women in the name of romance in Bollywood and unfortunately, it is highly accurate.

Featuring the very talented Richa Chadha and Vicky Kaushal, this video has some of the most popular Hindi songs over the ages, re-enacted to show exactly how creepy they were. From the “non-touching yet intruding the private space” phase of the 60s and 70s to the inappropriately touching “seriously too much touching” phase of 80s and 90s and to the “Gandi baat”s and “Palat”s of today, you would be surprised to discover that we have actually gone a long way back rather than forward as far as treatment of women in movies is concerned.

Check out this video and the next time you groove to “Baby ko bass pasand hai”, just remember….it’s not cool, dude. Seriously, not cool!!