“Humma Humma” Gets An Indian Classical Fusion Mix And You Can’t Stop Watching It!!

Dance N Inspire, the digital platform for dance enthusiasts has come up with an Indian Classical Fusion mix version for the widely appreciated “Humma Song” from “Ok Jaanu”. Performed by Priya Kumar Varunesh and Satvik Mahajan, this video has some brilliant choreography and amazing moments. Naturally, being a fusion mix, it is an uphill task to sync the ethereal movements to the modern dapper beats. However, both Priya and Satvik manage to pull that off with a heavenly poise. Their subjugation to the beats, makes it a completely mesmerizing number, one which we’re sure you cannot miss.

Dance N Inspire helps people get dance inspiration by putting up dance videos performed by their dance troupes. They cover various styles and dance forms and are an excellent source to find the perfect dance numbers for your next college fest or your favorite cousin’s wedding.

Check out their facebook page for some other cool dance videos and dance the night away!!!