The Good Girl Show : Four DU Attending Female Students Make For A CrackPot Of A Web Series

 The Premise Of The Good Girl Show:

The Good Girl Show, the series opens with the story of a new girl in the city, her innocence and emotions, laced with intentions to fit within a validly chaotic city life. Specifically, it elaborates the efforts of a student’s life, to make sense of his/her life. Thus, It speaks about how playful college girls transform into responsible women with the turn of events. This is courage, humour, entertainment and great messages wrapped in the guise of a clean thoughtful tone.

Scenes covering issues like Politics, the role of reservations in admissions to decent universities, about friendship, cultivating habits of sharing, showing concern and making the people who live with you a part of your life is what “GOOD GIRL SHOW “is about. Obviously, We do understand that this depiction of the web series gives you a feel of a pretty linear story. But, let us stop you there for one moment, as the series on a holistic basis is much more than that.

The Relatable Issues And Layers Within:

The undercurrent of the story being learning, living and loving, is an outrageously humorous take on the students hosted at a PG of DU campus. Naturally, It brings us close to the situations which students encounter as individuals and more as women. It draws caution, to being a woman in a world which is open to casual crime. Moreover, the episodes sharply portray such concerns, and the series never fails in giving the audience the necessary peep into charming conversations, glamour and good music. Further, the smart touch of bringing in a performance by a stand-up comedian leaves us with thought and views on feminism. Also, The reality of students struggles, to pursue careers of their choice leading to getting independent, their relationships and the delta between them, have all been handled with genuine grace.

Of Creative Heads And Real Life Derivations:

The series directed by Anu Singh Choudhary, under Dopamine Media, is a keen look at modern age problems and brevity required to wade through them. A Journalist, an Author, a Communications Consultant and a Documentary Filmmaker, Anu Singh Choudhary, has brought her storytelling techniques to a wonderful culmination via her four leads, Mahak Chhajer, Carolyne Mate, Tanya Singh and Srishty Jha. Anu Singh Choudary’s previous works include a collection of short stories titled Neela Scarf and a book on parenting which goes by name Mamma Ki Diary. A Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence recipient, Anu Singh has truly arrived at the web series scene with The Good Girl show.

The cast and crew prove to be the best fit for roles assigned to them. We look forward to watching more of this insane intimacy with the lives of students. Every viewer would agree on these lines, that we are unaware of many beautifully written stories like this one. Therefore, we bet that watching this series would feel like a much-needed tap on the refresh button. On the other hand, for those who are currently in college, it is the voice of caution and brings in the essence of living life your way!