[VoxSpace Life]The Lost Art Of Diary Writing : The Overwhelming Joy Of Reliving Memories

 The Art Of Diary Writing

Diary writing is an art which requires dedication, passion, patience and honesty. More than what we write in the diary it is more important to know how we write it. It should become like an addiction once the first page is begun and should be continued till the rest of our life.

During the ancient days, it was a systematic routine for the educated class to write in their diary, which would consist of all their activities, records, events mentioned on with the exact date and time.

These days the culture of writing a diary is diminishing, nobody has got time to sit and write or in other words, nobody wants to take out time though they have got a lot to spend on other things.

More than anything, it’s the personal interest which motivates someone to take an effort to write about their lives every day.

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There are different ways of writing a diary and each of it has got its own value attached to it. It depends on each individual of how they want their life to be framed on the paper.


Writing every day is one way of summarising and jotting, which will include writing the routine schedule of the day and since nothing new might happen every day, things like phone calls,  meetings, assignments, money spent, investments are recorded. To make this simpler, this style of writing is more formal and is written to maintain systematic records of the everyday routine.

Let’s go into the fun part of those pages of a diary which is filled with memories, emotions, adventure, thrill, and excitement.

Those Cute Moments…

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Diary is something very personal which is kept to ourselves and maybe to our closed family.  Important moments and times are definitely remembered but when it is handwritten, there is an Aw feeling with a nostalgic smile on the face of the reader while they swipe through those written words, which takes them back in time to those days and moments.

My dad has been writing in the diary since he was 25 and now it’s been almost 3 decades. When I came across one of the diaries, which was dated 1998, I immediately turned the pages to 10 May and it brought tears to my eyes when it read “I welcome My little princess to the family”.

I don’t think even a picture of mine as a newborn would have made me so happy as these words have made…..as it is rightly said that words create magic!

Similarly, When we turn back to those pages of the diary which has long angry sentences and complaints on the little fights and arguments with our friends and sibling which later makes us feel how silly we were at one point but still it remains as a cute memory which can be cherished. Every page and the written words make us smile, laugh, and adore the moments which can’t be re-lived.

Travel Diaries

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It’s so exciting to travel to different locations and explore every bit of it. Travelling and photography go hand in hand, but there are certain things which a photo fails to explain. There is a definite memory created by a photo as it conveys everything on the given frame but there are things like feelings and emotions which can’t be captured on any frame of any camera.

I had been to Rishikesh with my friends for a trek last year and we had a wonderful time together. We registered ourselves for the bungee jumping, which was India’s highest peak for bungee jumping. I have lots of pictures of me having a free fall but that experience of my heartbeat beating twice, that fear and excitement, the things I was thinking before  jumping , my feelings while I was flying in the air , my emotions when I put my foot on the ground are  exhilarating only when I  describe it in my own words, in my own version and write on those papers which are going to carry this fresh flavour forever.


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Getting to know ourselves is a major task, as our personality, thought process and behaviour keep changing over time. It’s difficult for one to observe the process and the progress of the change. What we think today, might not be the same tomorrow. But it’s very important to know how we have developed as a person drastically over time.

Life is not the same every day, there are difficult times which has to be fought back and there are those instances which motivate to work even harder to make life more stable.

The record of our state of mind at a different point in life gives the confidence to face more challenges since it is our own mind’s calculation which breaks down those huge rocks into tiny pebbles.

Writing our life on those pages is more like talking to our own soul, questioning it, finding answers to those questions which nobody could answer, going deep down to research on those things which neither can be discussed with anyone nor can be understood by someone.

It sometimes happens,  where the heart knows what it is thinking and wants to convey but doesn’t know how it has to speak it out and express those without reshaping and misinterpreting its core value. Whereas words on the sheets are directly from the heart, which can’t be manipulated even if it has to be.

We tend to become stronger when we personally connect to ourselves through the medium of written words, spend time on thinking what exactly we want from life and give direction to it, making ourselves feel better at difficult times since there is no better counsellor who knows us better than we ourselves do.


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Yes, it is very taxing after a long day of work to sit and spend time on writing, but the joy of going back to these days say after 10 years will have a different feel, which is going to be overwhelming.

It’s totally our choice if we really want to do this, either on a daily basis or occasionally, but believe me it’s going to be a memory forever on those pages which will contain a movie written, directed and scripted by us…