[VoxSpace Review] Dice Media’s Adulting : The Woes Of Growing Up Into An Adult

Adulting Our Way Into Life

Growing up is an uphill task. The transformation from a cute kid next door to a responsible youth comes with a bag full of contradictions – compromises and fun, heartbreaks and mirth, cheating and education, and so on. But the greatest hurdle arrives when one has to break through the comfortable shell and face the world all alone as a responsible person – an adult. This world comprises of people of different nature, coming from various races and having distinct statuses. However, what makes all of us exactly the same is our utter helplessness during “settling in” – a period when our fears and anxieties are in constant battle with our aspirations and dreams when donning the garb of adulthood is more of an obligation than a seamless change. And this obnoxious transition period is something that Dice Media tried to portray (or capture) through their web series- Adulting.

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From Being A Spendthrift To Being Broke – Adulting Hits Many Right Points

If you are someone who had to terminate the shackles of love for your own city and settle elsewhere, ‘Adulting’ promises to take you in a jolly good ride through the nostalgic lanes of your initial days as a responsible adult. The entire story is woven from the perspective of two young adults – Ray and Nikhat – who have been jostling with the ups and downs of their newfound lives in Mumbai, together as flatmates.

The first episode of the series showcases the friends returning from their Justin Bieber concert – drunk and completely sloshed. It appears that Ray is more vulnerable and childish among the two, with Nikhat being more like an affectionate elder sister. This prediction is completely rendered completely null in the very next scene, where Nikhat tries every plan in the book to convince her office mates to celebrate her birthday but none actually pays heed to her. On the other hand, despite her bank account reflecting a mere Rs 1.8k balance and a subsequent debit of few hundred more bucks, Ray does not lose hope and tries to make Nikhat’s birthday a memorable one.

Furthermore, the changing relationship with parents has also been dealt quite cleverly in this series. Nikhat’s mother, the only parent whom we actually meet in the series, is shown to have easily broken out from her shell as a strict teacher and permeated efficiently into the friend zone of Nikhat and Ray. Dice Media does not introduce any unnecessary brawl between the mother and the children, rather keeps it absolutely normal – like a new age, urban parent.

This constant refusal to let the characters conform to any stereotypical role makes Adulting one of the most special ventures of Dice Media, which has till date come up with some unique web-series, such as ‘Little Things’, ‘What The Folks! (WTF)’, and so on.

Exploring The Camaraderie Between Flatmates Or Roommates

Unlike the most established notion, “home is where mom is,” the focal point of your entire life starts revolving around your flatmate in a foreign place, especially when both of you are equally new to the place. TVF has essentially portrayed the various types of rapport that may exist between flatmates or roommates. However, it seems for once they have shattered all stereotypes – or at least tried to – and developed a relationship between Nikhat and Ray that is real, that has is essentially based out of certain needs – the need to have someone around whom you can be yourself, someone to talk to in times of crisis and someone with whom you can participate in the game of being an adult from point zero.

Nikhat and Ray’s friendship, as one finds out in the last episode of the series, is not an age-old one. They met in their hometown – Delhi – shortly prior to starting their new lives in Mumbai as an IT engineer and an architect respectively. Yet, they become each other’s support system against all worldly woes that Mumbai has to throw at them. They are shown as holding on to each other during moments of crisis throughout the series but that does not stop them from fighting with each other over trivial issues and making up over tears, smiles and a happy selfie. The thing which is indeed admirable about this web series is that the relationship between Nikhat and Ray has been nurtured in an emotional way but it never gets too obnoxious, overwhelming or boring. They present a glimpse of our own lives and take the viewers in a trippy ride through the nostalgic lanes of memory. The two girls’ instant shifts from being a responsible person to a child, who is in need of some boosting and support, is indeed something which has been showcased in a simple yet entertaining way.

Stock Characters and Themes Do Not Leave This Web Series

Like many other good web-series presented over the past few years, like TVF’s Tripling and Dice Media’s ‘What The Folks (WTF)’, Adulting is not perfect. While it showcases the main characters with all their flaws and simplicity in a cherishing manner, it does not really steer clear from using stock characters, such as the driver in “On My Way.” The way-more-than-necessary earnestness of the driver, his tendency to stop the car now and then for trivialities, and his overhearing the girls’ issues indeed point towards an overused and mundane trope that was unnecessary. This has been found numerous times in many series, including an episode of ‘Bisht! Please’ by TVF. While other stock characters, like the carpenters measuring the carpet area of the building and an overtly emotional landlord, seemed necessary in the series, the introduction of the taxi driver seemed absolutely bland and repetitive.

However, the ‘On My Way’ episode balances out pretty well by not revolving entirely around the driver or the journey. It was steered out as a coming-of-age journey of the two friends as they juggled between crises and accolades, and found out the essential futility that life often throws at this age. Throughout the series, life often threw lemons at these two madcaps, but instead of repenting over the same, they chose to make lemonades out of it. And, herein lies the wonderfulness of Dice Media’s ‘Adulting’.