[VoxSpace Exclusive] In Search Of Alien Beings : Interviews With The Worldwide UFO Network [Episode One]

August 18th, 2001: Bethel City Cathedral, Coimbatore

Pastor Jagadeesh Abraham locks the front door to the Cathedral at about midnight. The Sunday mass would keep him busy tomorrow, and with the servitude gifts to be offered to the Catholics, taken up by the Hope Foundation, would make his day all the more fulfilling. People offer their deepest, most sincere prayers on Sunday when perhaps they find time to see into themselves. The fifty-year servant of the divine, Pastor Abraham pulls a wooden bearing across the door, to further make the door remain locked. Only last month had a group of erratic youth tried to enter the Cathedral in the middle of the night in a drunk state. Hence the double lock and double checking. Perhaps in the next set of renovations, an electronic lock system wouldn’t be a bad idea. The pastor then picks up his bag, consisting of the divine attributed and a small laptop gifted by one of the patrons. He walks down the gravel path which leads to Alamu Nagar junction. From there his place remains a kilometre away.

As the Pastor turns the farthest left, he feels the air around him turn cold. Although the night in the city had been a bit cold for the past few days, this feels different. It is more sudden and biting. He searches for his sweater in his bag but remembers that he had kept it at home as it had earlier seemed a sunny day. But it wasn’t the coldness that was strange to the Pastor. It was a weird smell that seems to come along with it. A dark pungent smell coming from somewhere across the road. As the Pastor stands to contemplate the source of the scent, he sees a child, a boy walking towards him, in a straight line in the middle of the road. The boy seems to be dazed and disoriented, as his legs wobble around even as he tries maintaining the path he’s walking in. It seems like he’s being pushed or pulled by a strong force against his will. A whizzing sound makes the Pastor turn to see the opposite end of the road. To his utter horror, he sees a strange figure near the aura of the lamppost.

The face of the figure is ‘unrecognizable’ but it has a strange appendage from what appears to be the forehead. The figure itself looks about five-foot-tall and seems to have uneven limbs. The Pastor steps towards the form, to have a clearer look, as the boy is being towards it as if through magnetism. As the Pastor gets nearer to the figure, the figure looks as much abstract. He can’t see the appendage anymore, and the figure seems shorter than before. The Pastor by a strange reason starts walking briskly towards the figure. And as quickens up his pace of approaching the figure, the figure starts to thin out into the air equally dramatically. By the time Pastor Abraham reaches the lamppost the figure vanishes. In a moment, the Pastor realizes that the boy has vanished too. The road turns to be as vacant as ever. As if nothing happened. As an astute Christian, his belief in the supra-entities, their form and their existence, had forever taken a new shape. And the city had just witnessed an ‘extra-terrestrial’ awakening for the seventh time in as many years.

“He (The Lord) knows what I saw. I saw a living being, I could recognize it….at least….it looked like shapes I could recognize….The being was just a few feet away from me….I could even smell it, a discomforting smell…and yet, I could not identify it…Perhaps I could not understand it..But He knows that I saw..” Pastor Abraham recounts the events of that fateful night, 15 years later. Some say the figure was just a figment of the imagination of the Pastor, who had a long stressful week.

Some say the night of the incident a boy had gone missing, and perhaps the Pastor had something to do with it. But to a man, a deeply devout man in that, who placed his life in the trust of an entity beyond the explainable, and who propagates the cosmic word, the very occurrence of the incident, was scarring and awakening for the life. It wasn’t a surprise then that the Pastor stopped going to the Cathedral ever again.

Editor’s Note

‘What Are We If Not Gods’ – A not so famous line from Dan Brown’s Langdon series goes. In our pursuit of understanding our life’s existence and our place in the whole universe, we have often wondered about our companions in our galaxy. Are we truly alone? That notion in itself seems a bit derivative and all the scarier. Most of us understand extraterrestrial beings, as subjects of science fiction, who arrive on earth either with predatory intent to destroy the humanity or to become an ideal to strive for. Our stories and movies have always been an example of either of the two. Them there comes the set of ideas which brings mankind to encounter the third kind of space beings. And so on and so forth. However, in all these fantastical understandings, most of us fail to understand the fabric of time and space, and how the concepts of the fifth dimensions work. We fail to look at our history and mythology, on the same plain of realism that exists in our present. We accept Gods. We accept Suprabeings. We accept beliefs and religions. And yet we contest on the existence of either when it comes to scientific awakenings. As we progress into the article, we could infer an understanding, perhaps we may stand to see that, Aliens are beings we see and don’t understand? Maybe they represent a dimension of reality that we don’t yet understand? Perhaps our logic of humanity is itself a contradiction to the existence of well-established evolution theories? And maybe, just maybe, We are the Aliens we were searching for.

The events and the opinions put forward in this articles are of the syndicate and people being interviewed. The writer or the organization do not vouch for or deny the opinions put forth. It only urges people to understand, think and perhaps question when possible, the possibilities of human existence. As they say ‘The Truth is out there, somewhere. Doesn’t mean it is undermined’

Interviews With The Worldwide UFO Network – Indian Chapter

December 21st, 2007: Incident One – Temphyak Mendu – 350 KMS From Gangtok

The Villagers of Mendu describe it as ‘Torunkana’ (the three-limbed spirit animals). They come every year the darkest night of the month of December and feed on the sheep. The Villagers say that they appear from thin strands of light and again disappear into them. A few vouch that these Torunkana, are not the only ones who come around visiting the village. Along with them, strange figures sometimes wander out of the thin strands of light. The visitors, however, posed a huge problem during their visit, when the whole cattle would be destroyed. Not until, Loyungh Tes, the village head came up with a solution to ‘offer’ sheep to Tounkana, did the haphazard slaughter of cattle stop in their fields. You see, they were to be satiated. Satisfied with their hunger. In a one of a kind photograph (now archived by Indian Science Research Organization under the category ‘Unexplainable Natural Phenomenon), an aerial shot showed the massacre these unknown creatures had created the day after their visit. The photograph, as explained by Manav, showed the at least three dozens of sheep ripped apart from head to toe and scattered across, as the whole green fields were speckled with bloody spots, and rotting carcasses. The villagers remember the event as one which had left the stink of rot for months together. But this wasn’t the only case of public attention that the Mendu had got. Several incidents were reported, rumoured and believed about.

Such incidences, after six years of periodic happenings, now attracted local tourists, journalists and organizations from all parts of the world. They flocked the sleepy village to witness a ‘supernatural’ happening on the darkest day of the mine. One such night was December 21st, when I along with Manav Garul, the national Head of the Indian Chapter of Worldwide UFO Network, arrived in Gangtok. It took us five hours more from the city of Gangtok to reach Mendu. As expected, the village was ripe with activity, with camera vans, hippie groups, forest authorities, and weirdly dressed cults, all descending upon the fields of Mendu, to witness the three-legged beings and the companions. Since this was a regular affair for the villagers, they’d prepare enough food and accommodation for the people who arrived there. After all, they were now on the map of every thrill-seeking enthusiast across the world.

To regulate all this, the Sikkim State Police would send also send in forces to patrol the fields that night, so that no unforeseen incidents took place. Everyone was there to witness a spectacle, except of course my companion and a group of other scientific explorers, who were there to confirm the incidents. He had come to the place the previous year as well, but the permission to the fields was closed owing to the persistent rains. The year before the UFO group was denied permission for the reason that they were not a ‘recognized organization’ and they could not be allowed to record or collect any evidence without being recognized. The year before even, the authorities disallowed any ‘outsiders’. And so, the ‘three-legged creature’ became just a story told in hushed whispers and the cumulative myth. However, by 2007 things had changed. With the government changing to more liberal one than the previous, the potential that ‘supernatural’ tourism could bring to the state was realized. Like any other state who had ‘supernatural’ tourism as its base of revenue (read Temple states), the government here found a way of spreading the word through incidents, rituals and propaganda. You see nothing sells like a fear.

Manav and I made our way through a horde of ‘believers’ who were gathered in groups, a hundred feet away from the perimeter of fields, and reached a checkpoint. Here we were asked to submit ID cards to step into the perimeter. A group of Australian explorers had already passed the perimeter and were now inside the fields. As we submitted our ID’s the ‘believers’ congregation, The Black Cult erupted into a huge chant.

To give you a context here, the ‘believers’ I refer to are people who had met last year here at the ‘fields’ and formed a cult within themselves, basing on the principle of ‘PanSpermia’. PanSpermia is a concept that was proposed in the 15th Century and worked upon by philosophers and cosmologists like Jöns Jacob Berzelius Hermann E. Richter, Kelvin, Hermann von Helmholtz. The concept spoke of our evolution as an occurrence that happened from alien sources. Initially, the theory was that molecular life was transmitted to Earth through asteroid crashes and other similar cosmic events, which led to the evolution of more complex beings. By the early 19th century, conspiracy theorists like Larry Hermyon and Blake Snell took the age-old theory and brought a new twist to it.

In their research, they disapproved Darwinian theory of evolution. They basically denied the fact that microorganism led to aquatic life and mammals and that we evolved from primates. The questions they raised surrounded around the logic that, If we the present humans, homosapiens, had evolved from Primates, we should have evolved further into another organism altogether, much different than us. Why is that we as humans are in the line of evolution termed as the ultimate and perfect end product, with no scope to change and form a new species? They were of course supported by the findings across the world that early man had referred to Alien creatures, beings and vehicles, in his hieroglyphic notes. And thus, the theory of ‘PanSpermia’ took a whole different colour and a concept that we are the Aliens which a mothership left here on Earth to seek redemption came into light. These ‘believers’ now were chanting at the top of their voices, for the Aliens to hear and take them back home, wherever that was. In doing so, they were presenting a perspective which was unique, and it was something I needed to understand. My conversations with the head Chirokill, (priest) of the Black Cult of Believers went as…

In understanding your philosophy of Alien origin, do you think there is somewhere a flaw in the logic, since we do understand the Big bang theory and the origins of life on Earth, but to understand that we as a unique set of humans come from a different planet is a bit undermining for the ages? Don’t you think?

You believe in your God. We believe in our God. What’s wrong with it. We are just asking our fathers for a place at our home. We are an abandoned race which has no bearings in life. You really believe Big Bang, brother? I don’t think so. So an astrophysicist tells you that a huge body of mass exploded and made the whole universe, hurled out the planets and gave life to all forms. My question to you is, what was before it? What was at the null point you see? Our theory is that life always existed and though in different galaxies the formulation of life differed. Maybe it was created by Suprahumans or maybe at a metaphysical level they just created a plane of understanding in our minds, that felt like Earth and Galactic bodies. What if there is nothing out there? Our leader, Chirokill Manga, teaches us that what we see beyond Earth is a fiction, a sort of a projection, to help us out of loneliness and give us enough hope for existence.

A projection? I don’t think I follow correctly? Could you explain that further?

You see, like a movie, you know. According to our Chirokill Manga, the Earth is surrounded by layers of thin screens which reflect and project back imagery to the Earth. We were left here by our Alien forefathers, as a part of our redemption, but they still needed to give us a hope that we weren’t alone. We weren’t in a solitary confinement. So they created screens across the world, to project sky, stars and galaxies in hyper-realistic visuals. Beyond the screens, a whole new world awaits. Our forefathers made it a point to keep a check on us occasionally. They send their drone-like machines, or scouts to see if we are still surviving. We at Black Followers believe that we are at a time where we need saving. Our forefathers are listening and therefore we want to appeal to them to take us back. If we appeal properly, they will take us back for sure. Today is the night when we will get to meet them. We are very excited. Our misery will be done.

Entering The Fields Of The Night

Once we were ID’d, by the State Police, and Manav had presented his official papers signed by the state authority, we along with the world press entered the fields. Of course, we were also accompanied by seven policemen. The layout of the 20 acres fields was classified and categorized into three separate divisions. Three circular barbwire perimeters were set, which divided the field into three divisions. As visitors, we were only allowed to the outer ring, from where we could try to photograph or shoot the happenings. We would only be allowed entry into the innermost ring, only in the morning, once the ‘Torunkana’ left, and then under the state’s supervision, we would be allowed to test the samples if any. Given the context of things, the arrangement seemed logical and necessary.

As we took our positions in shallow dug trenches, on shaky stools behind wooden planks which placed at the edges of the barbed wires, it was well past midnight. Manav, as I assumed he was instructed by his organization, immediately started unpacking his backpack. Items such as a digital compass, Pitch sound detectors, Soil sampler vails Digital Hygrometers and a Sony high definition Camcorder, and multiple notebooks for reference. The usual Alien activity was presumed to happen between 2 AM to 4 AM when according to Manav the humidity of the atmosphere here is the densest. On this observation alone, his organization had categorized the ‘beings’ as moisture dependent. This simple deduction and many other complex one’s became the crux of our conversations earlier that day and as we waited here in the make do temporal trenches…

When you say that the UFO Network is an organization which scouts for extraterrestrial activities, how would you describe it does so? And as an individual member could you tell us your association with the network?

UFO Network, our organization was formulated in 1999, after the Dr Sebastian Kipp sightings in Silvassa. Dr Sebastian, a South African researcher back in 1997, moved from London to Silvassa, after frequent sightings were being reported in Online UFO News Update. The online chatter convinced Sebastian that Silvassa had what we term as ‘conducive live sites’, and he along with a few helpers established a small lab in Bavisa. For a year he observed the skies, studies the soil and measured the anomalies. In December 1998, two years into the study, Dr Sebastian had collated a considerable amount of information, about ‘extraterrestial’ intelligence. He was recognized internationally for his work on String Phallettes, a sort of a toolbox, which helped one record the slightest of sound frequencies. The equipment helped him pickup ‘sound patterns’ which confirmed to the existence of the ‘beings’. However, as time progressed, the fact that he could not get a visual evidence for the same, made him a whole bit anxious. Now we don’t exactly know why, but he gave up his research and poured all his funds into establishing a recognized governing body, UFO Network, which would carry on the research for him. Initially, there were only offices in Harare (Republic of Zimbabwe) and Johannesburg (South Africa). Later he expanded the Indian Chapter, located in Silvassa.

The initial head of the organization then started approaching people who had confirmed ‘encounters with the beings’. It could be a 17-year-old, Satvik Mishra of Pune who met a being in his backyard, or could be a Pastor Jagadeesh, who had witnessed them face to face in Coimbatore, or an engineer Neha Singhania who saw ‘beaked beings’ on her construction site, people were personally contacted to share their experiences and if interested join the organization as an ‘active field investigator’. Of course, there was a callout and sevens step interview procedure, like any other corporate job, for people who were driven for the cause of understanding the prevalence of human from the point of view of the extraterrestrial existence. That by the way, became our motto. ‘Understanding Lives. Not Just Ours’. That’s how I came in. After an initial training period of 7 months, the first field assignment was given to me. A simple reconnaissance task in eastern Darjeeling. All I could manage was to collect debris and soil samples and bring it back. And that’s how my career started.

For our readers could you explain the processes and procedures involved in collecting the evidence for these beings and on a personal note how does it affect the human understanding of life and existence?

I’m going to probably answer the second part of the question first. The reason is simple, this is a question I ask myself very often. Almost from the first day of joining the organization to this moment where we are headed to the ‘active fields’. How does it change Human understanding? Why do we do what we do, you know? There are multiple answers to this. Some base out from the astrophysical pieces of evidence. You know, we need to understand what’s out there, beyond the thick blanket of space. And we are curious animals. What is beyond us has always driven us to push forward. So it becomes a discovery to be made. You can’t dream and not know. That’s what our head cosmologist, Dr Surya Hegde says. And we’ve dreamed for centuries together, stared and wondered at the skies and stars. And with every incidence of ‘being’ interaction, we feel we are closer to discover the great unanswered question? So that becomes the philosophical reason for doing our what we do.

Scientifically, of course, there is the question of time-space conundrum and quantum physical nature of our galaxies. The mere existence of these beings in itself drives us to question our science and technology. Are these creatures much more advanced than we ever could be? Are they capable of understanding and utilizing the fourth and fifth dimension, which have yet to discover and collate? Some say that the galaxies collapse within themselves, resetting the whole existence, and from that residue, another galaxy starts? Is it possible then that these ‘beings’ are our past selves? And so every day a new question arises in our understanding of our existence. The concept of feeling that we aren’t unique in this whole galaxy, makes us wonder why and how. People may call it God, Suprahumans, MetaEntities, Celestial Beings, or anything, but at the end of the day, we are all looking for the same answer.

As for the procedures, well there are long and often tedious mapping, tagging, extrapolating and hypothesizing and more that we employ to understand our findings. The last site I had visited was in Colombo. We could identify from the soil sample that the metric weight of the beings, their build, and even the texture of the epidermal layers. We then sent it to Harare, where we compared our findings with already existing Metadata of previous findings. The weight attributes, although it matched with Arizonian and Cambodian samples, they were like no other ones. Then a pattern was established, that these beings, categorized as Eloph72, preferred humid environments. We have now classified 150 or so different types of ‘beings’ and if we aren’t wrong the Mendu occurrence should give us, either Arohik21 which is mostly seen in Mountain caps and high altitude regions like Tibet and Pyongung Pass, or Yerewok32, which are mostly known to have disproportionate limbs and are often noted in the months of December and January. So we are prepared and we are unprepared……..

The ‘Being’ Catastrophe – Sightings To Behold

As we understood the importance of the incident, and also the fickle nature of the State in allowing world press into the scene, we maintained absolute silence, as the sheep were left into the fields in a disciplined manner at around 2 AM.  The PatrolMen who found it somehow interesting to distribute small cups of soup to everyone and make a social bond had gone back to their positions. These were anxious moments. The Black Cult was asked to be silent, but they were driven by their ideologies. So they were arrested and taken away. However, after a long dialogue, the head of the Black Cult was asked to come to the trenches. After everyone had a right to a belief. And the very fact that we were at the verge of witnessing something beyond our understanding made us all a same curious breed. In wonderment and mystery, we were all humans. Deep down, as Manav concisely puts it, afraid for our own identity.

As the night turned to its thickest black, we turned off the lights all around the field. The slightest hint of our presence could ruin the whole thing, even beyond two circles of separation. We waited slowly breathing in the dense cold air as silently as we could. The whole air was filled with anticipation and the subtle thumps of the sheep walking and hopping across the fields. At the inner circle of the perimeter, the activity of the sheep seemed absolutely normal, until it was not. There were a deviance and disruption. A couple of sheep mawed incredibly and suddenly went silent. This was our cue. The ‘beings’ were here. Manav swiftly took out his Sony Camera and switched it on. In the small notification light, he took a night vision lens and attached it to the camera body. He got up to his feet and reached to the wooden plank. I followed him noiselessly, as did the group of Australian explorer who moved to their planks, some ten feet away from us. A dull glow of light emanated through the inner circle, which shone through the crevices of the wooden planks. The Beings were here…….

(To Be Continued)