[VoxSpace Technology] 2019 Edition – The Most Exciting Tech Startups of Hyderabad   

Hyderabad- The Startup Hub Of India

Hyderabad may not be India’s Silicon Valley but it sure hosts some of the finest Tech Startups the country has seen. The ecosystem of various startups has morphed into a change-inducing, dynamic web of ideas, products, and services, all changing the world in their own ways. With the advancements being made and the push being received from the Government, the startup ecosystem has become robust and diverse and remains to be the hottest sector in the city of pearls.

According to a Nasscom report titled, ‘Start-up India – Momentous Rise of the Indian Start-up Ecosystem’, Hyderabad is host to 8 percent of India’s startup activity. With the largest incubation centre, T-hub, present in Hyderabad, the above can be attested.

I would like to present a few startups that have created a rage in the Hyderabad startup ecosystem.

Hug Ecosystems

Hug Ecosystems brought together some of the Industry’s finest, to bring about a revolution in IoT products, which resulted in a bunch of tech wearables that actually did, and continue to change people’s lives. Spearheaded by CEO, Raj Neravati, Hug Innovations has bridged a gap between people and wearable technology through their smart wearables.

In a world where people believe that the next evolutionary stage for mankind is one which integrates with technology, Hug Innovations has already gone a step ahead. Their strong motto is to produce technology as socio-companions rather than as just gadgets and devices, where a person, instead of adapting to changes, can merely adopt them.

The ‘Hug’ of Hug Innovations portrays their personality of affection and passion, something that they think should exist between humans and technology. With such a striving march toward comfortable and integrable technology, Hug Innovation is a one-stop shop for all wearable tech.

Hug Innovations have their foot in every important sector of the corporate world. They have come up with various smart solutions. They aim to make and implement smart hospitals, where technological solutions such as Critical Care Monitoring, Path Finding and Elderly Care, make the overall experience comfortable for doctors, patients, and nurses.

They are also a part of manufacturing, utilities, theme parks, transport and logistics, hospitality management and agriculture sectors.

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Coming to their Smart wearables range, the paramount purpose of Hug Innovations, they have wearables such as Hug Smartwatch, Kids Tracker, Hug Elan and Hug Fit.


GrabOn is a 4-year-old startup. With rapid growth since its inception, GrabOn is emerging as the biggest player in the couponing market. If you thought sitting at home and shopping was the peak of making life easier, then GrabOn takes things to the next level. GrabOn provides a standard platform for users to compare and contrast the various prices of different commodities and save while shopping online, using the best of the updated deals everyday. 

With over 4000 brands under their belt and a net worth of four million dollars, GrabOn took a stand at the top of the couponing and deals chain with its mammoth twenty million subscribers. Apart from placing their feet stoically in the grounds of couponing and deals for online shopping, GrabOn has also sifted through the waters of providing a rich experience for all of its shoppers.

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With a standout innovation, GrabOn has gained recognition in its services with achievements such as Startup Award from IBM, Retail Startup award, TIE-ISB Connect – High Growth Startup award, and such. GrabOn has also been featured alongside companies in the list of high-growth companies such as Paytm, Furlenco, Zomato, etc. As the company progresses, GrabOn looks to venture into practical and user-friendly projects,  that would help the regular customer have a smoother experience while shopping online using these deals.

Nukkad Shops

Nukkad Shops may not be the most out-of-the-box Startup out there, but it sure as hell provides an amazing utilitarian product that allows and enhances the entire experience of connected commerce platforming.

Nukkad Shops has built an Android platform that allows retailers to do their billings, provide a space to perform inventory management, help in the creation of a loyalty program, execute and run targeted marketing campaigns. It helps to take a store online and place all it’s products on a virtual front so that the retailers can help customers shop online in a matter of minutes and much more.

Nukkad Shops provides a holistic approach to its products, while also providing a next-generation interconnected point of sale (POS) and deep analytics that helps understand the customers. Nukkad Shops crossed its beta test phase and has successfully made itself present in over 160 grocery shops in and around Hyderabad.


Startups usually function to give a particular, a preferably new product in the market but not all successful ones do that. A highly utilitarian startup that eases a person’s or a business’s life through its various services is also quite a brilliant one. One of them is HighRadius.

HighRadius is a fintech Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) company.  The company’s main motto is to make effective collections, reduce and eliminate redundancy and maximize efficiency to the fullest. Powered and run by powerful artificial intelligence systems such as Rivana AI Engine as well as Freeda AI Engine.

HighRadius was founded by Sashi Narahari, a mechanical engineering graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai and did his masters from the University of Maryland, College Park. Being the chief executive officer of the company, he brings a unique combination of technical knowledge as well as business management skills to the table.

The company provides software services such as receivable management, dispute and correspondence management, as well as collections. It also aims to reduce the days sales outstanding (DSO) as well as bad debt. Some of its clients are Dell, NBC Universal, Danone.

Onward Health

With the rise of AI and the advent of deep tech startups in the healthcare sector, the latter has become one of the largest sectors in the usage of the innovative technologies of deep tech such as AI, IOT, and big data. These are usually used in the development of virtual platforms and commerce places that help in the creation of affordable as well as noninvasive diagnostic methods, electronics and virtual caretakers for patients. One of the biggest propagators of deep tech in the healthcare sector is Onward Health.

Started out of personal experience, Onward Health’s main aim is to reorient the patients to the instructions provided by the doctor. It aims to eliminate the debilitating combination of little adherence as well as the lack of communication from a remote patient, which is usually the case for the readmission of patients. Onward Health aims to improve this adherence, build up the relationship between a patient and a doctor and decrease the cost of postOp complications.  

From what we have seen above, these startups are quite compelling and are on the road of changing the world in ways that the rest of us can only imagine. Hyderabad, once known only for its Biryani and Nizam architecture, is now on the path of becoming the Mecca of Startups.