[VoxSpace Selects] The First Single Of Debbaku Tha Dongala Mutha (DTDM) Drops And It’s Our Loop Anthem

Debbaku Tha Dongala Mutha – The Noir Crime Thriller  

The Telugu Film Industry has been seeing a huge influx of independent movies in the last couple of years which are going on to becoming huge hits, both critically and commercially. One such film that is making the rounds on social media is Debbaku Tha Dongala Mutha.

The plot, which is still under wraps, looks like a cool neo-noir thriller akin to the films of Tarantino or Guy Ritchie. The cast consists of an interesting ensemble, consisting of Aditi Myakal, Kalpika Ganesh, Anish Kuruvilla, Kireeti Damaraju, Mahesh Kathi among others. The teaser of the film, which released a while back, is sure to quirk your interest. What stood out in the trailer were the super cool dialogues, which have a very edgy and bold feel to them.

The team of Debbaku Tha Dongala Mutha released a music video (the theme song of the film) on 11th February 2019. Unlike a lot of the promotional material released by other films, the video song looked interesting and stylishly choreographed.

The striking feature of the video is that it has the main characters play a shootout in a club, which feels like a mini-narrative in itself. The noirish feel of the film is also emphasized on more by the two femme-fatale like characters dancing in the middle of the mayhem.

The music is really impressive and reminds one of the music RGV used in the nineties, like the music from Kshana-Kshanam or Govinda Govinda. The vocals lent by Mano add to the feel of the song and really complement the film in an almost inseparable way. Another interesting part of the video is, towards the end of the video a few dialogues are superimposed with the song in an impressive manner, which gives subtle hints about the tone of the film.

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We are seeing the Telugu film industry evolve and moving away from the space of ‘safe’ commercial cinema, which we have been watching for decades. Movies like this are a welcome change from the monotony. If we want new and interesting films to keep coming, we need to support them. I am getting my tickets for this film in March 2019, I urge everyone to do so too. Let’s encourage and welcome a new cinema!