[VoxSpace Life] Urvashi Goverdhan – Not Another Beauty Queen

Urvashi Goverdhan – Why We Need More Youtubers Like Her

What do you generally watch on YouTube these days? Songs? Dance covers? Makeup tutorials? Fashion guidelines? motivational videos, short films, vlogs, comedy videos? There are (comparatively) very few channels that present content related to topics other than the ones mentioned above. Should we as viewers or content consumers just be confined to these topics? Not really! Hence, presenting to you, a YouTube channel that is different from the rest- Urvashi Goverdhan by Urvashi Goverdhan. She started the YouTube channel in her name in December 2017. This channel has content related to food, fashion, fitness, mental health, books, education, freelancing and a lot of other relatable and interesting topics, presented in the simplest of ways.

Ex-NRI Turned Actor, Vlogger

That’s right! Urvashi Goverdhan did her graduation from Georgia Tech, Atlanta and worked as a Product Manager for about two years before she moved back to India. She then worked for another year as a product manager, and quit that to become a full-time actor. She is a theatre artist and has collaborated with Crea-shakti and various other creators for ads and short films. Urvashi’s videos are based on her experience as an Indian in America, full-time Corporate employee turned freelancer, blogger and vlogger.

You might ask, what makes her channel stand apart? Well, she doesn’t have 1-minute-long intros with a fancy welcome animation. Nor does she have exceptional settings, locations and editing for her videos. All she does is stand in front of an iPhone camera, with a blue wall in the background and talk. Talk about various things that have occurred in and affected her life, in the most no-nonsense manner.

Realistic And Diverse Content

Urvashi stands as a fine example for those who want to start off their YouTube journey with sensible content. Her videos cover topics where she talks extensively about education in America, her journey with mental health and as a freelancer among others.

She has interviewed authors, models, students. Her channel is purely driven by sensible content and information about actually useful stuff. Her vlogs are the simplest and to the point. She even reviews restaurants and books. She has a blog kingfisherontap, where she writes about her experiences as a struggling actor, her journey with mental health again, her experience of moving countries and even simple topics like chai.

Creator For Change

In a lot of her videos about mental health, Urvashi talks extensively about seeking help, recognizing abusive behaviour and stigma around therapy and medication. In one of her videos, Urvashi stated that she is aiming at making the world a better place with whatever she’s going to be doing and she stands true to her word. She might come across as a serious person with the description in this article but she’s got a quirky sense of humour and screen presence that makes you glued to her channel.

It’s important to have more creators who advocate realistic body goals and fitness resolutions and talk about real-world problems, with no taboos attached. To encourage such content creators is extremely important, in today’s day and age, where everyone is only focused on a few selected topics and do collaborations with similar content creators.

Youtubers who share their experiences, staying true to reality are needed the most in this ever-growing YouTube world. This article is a huge shout out to her and all those who are following her channels on various platforms and sharing the content and spreading awareness and in her own words- “making the world a better place.”

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