[VoxSpace Life] Lilly Singh Aka SuperWoman : A Survivor, Conqueror And An Inspiration To Millions

A Youtuber Who Is Leaving A Legacy Behind

Truth be told, I never really followed Superwoman aka Lilly Singh or her content. I just watched a few of her videos before. I neither loved them nor disliked them. They were good. And that was that. And now, after ages as a part of an assignment, I happened to watch her interviews and a few of her videos. Two of them were her Bollywood rap song and a recent interview with Anupama Chopra. And oh boy! I was blown away.

‘Don’t prove your haters wrong, prove your lovers right’

The way she speaks and articulates things and explains them is incredible. And to talk about her Bollywood rap song, I will have to write a separate article altogether. So, for now, let’s just stick to ‘It’s Awesome’ and move on. Also, let’s take a moment to address the fact that she’s been killing it after her break. Now, the more impressive part- her interview.

A Bawse Lady And The Queen of Comedy

That interview really pushed me to watch more of her other interviews and videos. I realized that it’s not just in her videos that she’s super funny. Her inherent sense of humour adds so much colour and essence to what she says. It’s surprising and pleasing to see sensible things being conveyed in a funny and interesting manner.

‘If you’re going to be mean, at least be funny’

Her perspective about women empowerment, sexuality, content and future productions is awe-inspiring. She’s not just a YouTuber, but a businesswoman, a creator, a Goodwill Ambassador and a Bawse. And all of this did not happen overnight. From being a sad college graduate and starting her own YouTube channel to feel better and spread some smiles to being UN’s Good Will Ambassador and now having her own NBC Late Night show, her journey is truly worth the revered adulation.

Another stunning thing about her is the relatability (Don’t hate me for mentioning this in almost every article). Why is she relatable? For she communicates. She communicates about how she feels, why she does what she does and it’s unbelievable how down to earth and clear she is while she does so. There’s no filter or vanity that she carries around.

Despite being the most loved and famous YouTuber and one of the firsts of the industry, I feel like I can still go talk to her about silly things and she’ll listen to me carefully and even respond. That’s the vibe I got when I watched her interviews. Also, I’m glad that she keeps the Indian in her intact and that’s what I loved the most about her.

A Bawse is someone who just doesn’t survive, they conquer’

A Look Into Her Phenomenal Journey With #Girllove Campaign

Lilly began a legacy and how! She started off with a hard decision to ignore videos on her channel and is now going places with the initiative and I’m more than excited for her. In the video, she began a challenge where every girl needs to post a picture or tweet on various social media platforms about the girl or woman who inspires them and give them a compliment. It was an initiative that she began in order to put an end to Girl-on-girl hate.

‘I love talking to myself, that’s the best way to recharge for me’

She even partnered with the brand ME to WE in order to help Girl’s education in various parts of Africa and India. She visited various parts of Africa as a Goodwill Ambassador and to spread awareness about her Girl Love Campaign. Thousands of girls and women were helped get proper education and vocation respectively with this initiative.

She started Unicorn Island Productions in 2018 which in her words is going to make dope videos with the stories a typical brown girl never had growing up and a lot more. And no, it’s not going to be this serious production house with only feminist content. It’s Lilly Singh and I’m sure you know what to expect- Diversity!

Voicing Her Opinions Against Stigma And Prejudices

With her recent one-month break, Lilly Singh has sent quite a few strong messages out to the world. And one of them is Mental health. Her break is a huge example of how important it is to step back for a second from one’s hectic schedule and look around. Acknowledge the happenings and show gratitude and more than anything, take care of oneself.

Her entire journey is such a learning experience for not just women but to everyone in general. Every line she says felt like a life quote and every word she utters sounds so real. Lilly Singh with her incredibly funny videos and extremely progressive content is a Role Model in every Millennial. I can’t wait to watch her show and the amazing content that she is going to make with her production house.

‘You cannot place your value in numbers, tweets or likes’

(Am eternally grateful to Anupama Chopra for doing a full proper interview with Lilly Singh and enlightening me with so many things. Most of the quotes that I mentioned are from that interview)