Everything You Need To Know About TCL’s ‘Impossible Chefs’, A One Of Its Kind Culinary Adventure

The Impossible Chef’s – A New Way Of Learning

There are many interesting venues coming up in and around Hyderabad. From Breweries, Pubs, Luxury Dining, Drive-ins to Board Games, Vegan and Pet cafes. But, if you’re looking for something unique in this city, then ‘The Culinary Lounge‘ is definitely a one. Established in 2017, their vision is to provide a one-of-a-kind experience where social bonds are forged over cooking and eating. It’s the first of its kind social culinary hub in India. They believe cooking is the greatest stressbuster and eating is the most enjoyable human bonding.

With a constant zeal to provide great social bonding experience through cooking, TCL has come up with a summer program, ‘Impossible Chefs.’ With the academic year almost coming to a close, most of you might be looking out for various options to keep this summer an entertaining one for the kids while they learn something. If that is the case, here is one activity that could actually fit the bill.

‘Impossible Chefs 2019’ is the second edition by TCL (The Culinary Lounge) and is for kids above 9 years. It breaks all moulds of conventional style food, making it a highly interactive space. It is designed to make the art of cooking and baking a social and cultural adventure. Let’s here is it out directly from the founders as to what they’ve got to say about this entire Summer Camp.

So, Tell Us In Brief What This Summer Camp Is All About?

‘Impossible Chefs’ as an exclusive summer program was launched last year, with the idea to engage kids of all ages in various kinds of activities around the culinary experience. Food has to be exposed to kids not just at a planar level but has to be presented in the holistic format. A high proposition has been attached for the value of produce grown and reverence for food coming to the table in the minds of our little ones and young adults. Awareness and sensitivity towards the role of food in our daily lives are established by enumerating farmers contribution, market place dynamics and the culture of optimising food, recycling and dealing with waste.

What Do The Kids Stand To Learn From Doing This Camp?

All through the week, the kids will be engaged in a dedicated practice of knowing each cuisine step by step.

1. At the ‘Impossible Chefs’, kids begin every week with ice-breaking sessions to foster friendships, followed by receiving a welcome kit and introduction to cuisine-theme specific ingredients. This will be followed by making a shopping list and exploring the market place to pick the fresh produce and hunt for the sauces and seasonings.

2. Kids engage in various levels of hands-on cooking experiences at The Culinary Lounge by which we encourage them to make healthier choices.

3. They learn and discover the world of cooking through our field trips to markets, five-star hotels, premium restaurants, food factories and more for a real-time culinary experience.

4. The Culinary Lounge also provides an opportunity for kids to explore a professional kitchen set up and meet professional chefs, interact with them and a demo for a wider outlook.

5. For a holistic experience, kids are educated through story-telling, the history behind the cuisine, the socio-cultural set up of the place, the wars waged over the years and the foreign invasions all contribute to the journey of the cuisine to where it is now.

6. Art forms surrounding the theme will be explored where art is intertwined with food, finally culminating into a design activity where creative writing and problem-solving skills are encouraged.

Finally, the elements of health, hygiene and nourishment of body, mind and soul through food will be a running theme that flows extensively throughout the weeklong exploration. The social skills like communication, bonding, collaboration, creativity are enhanced throughout the program. Kids are smart, they are the future. Seeding them with the right ideas, skills and values is important not just for them, but the entire dynamics of the society/nation changes over time.

On the 1st of June, there will a grand graduation ceremony held at our premium property. Tiny Chefs with their parents from all 7 batches will come together to celebrate their newly acquired culinary skills. We will have the grand launch of the ‘Children’s Cook-Book’, covering 75 recipes curated by 10 chefs across the city on 4 cuisines and 3 broad themes. All the kids will be given this book. Kids will also receive an ‘Impossible Chef’ certificate and goodies from our partners. A few more surprises up our sleeve.

Duration Of The Summer Camp And It’s The Schedule?

This season the Summer Camp will be held over 7 weeks starting April 15th. It will be conducted from Monday to Friday every week that will cover different activities all over the week.  We are presenting the kids with an opportunity to experience and discover from our varied culinary themes.



15th April – 19th April



22nd April – 26th April



29th April – 3rd May



6th May – 10th May



13th May – 17th May


Healthy Bites

20th May – 24th May



27th May -31st May


Each week we explore a different land. Seven lands will be discovered across seven weeks of our program through ‘The Culinary Express’ which carries food from the different lands each week. The set up being designed by an art director who has worked earlier in Disney land.

Kids are the most creative of the human population and cooking is an extremely creative form of art. Let’s bring them together and see the wonders they would create.