Representation At New York Indian Film Festival 2021: VFC Showcases “Theetu aka Untouchability” & “First Nights” For The Online Edition

Ever since the Corona pandemic has engulfed us all in this stasis, there are a lot of communal events we […]

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Learning Curve Foundation

VoxTalks With Learning Curve Foundation: The Concept Of Inculcating Socio-Emotional Learning

Learning Curve Foundation founded by Subbu Parameswaran aims to change the way we view education and take our future forward.

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Ananya Nagalla

VoxTalks With Ananya Nagalla: The Inspiring Story Of An Outsider Making Her Dream Come True

We got talking to the one of the most promising new talents to emerge in Telugu Film Industry, Ananya Nagalla, whose next project includes ‘Vakeel Saab’.

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Interview With Nithya Menen

VoxTalks With Nithya Menen: An Acute Understanding Of A Conspicuous Acting Prodigy

Nithya Menen showcases the mark of a true genius, in the way in which she is sensitive towards her artform and sometimes even unaware of it.

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Eka Lakhani

VoxTalks With Eka Lakhani: The Art Of Costume Designing In The New Age Indian Cinema

We had the opportunity to talk to the prolific costume designer of the current generation of movies in India, Eka Lakhani.

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Roopa Rao

VoxTalks With Roopa Rao: On Making The Acclaimed ‘Gantumoote’ And Her Process Of Cinema

Gantumoote, a film by Roopa Rao encapsulates the tenderness of adolescent love and poignant relationships in a unique manner.

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VoxTalks With Keba Jeremiah : A Talented Guitarist Who Believes Consistency Is The Key To An Artist’s Success

In an exclusive interview with VoxSpace, an incredible musician Keba Jeremiah talks about his foray into the Indian music industry, shares his experiences of working with the country’s best music composers

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VoxTalks With Rajesh Tailang : A Nuanced Actor Who Believes That Acting Is Living In The Moment

Rajesh Tailang, who has been leaving his mark in the Film Industry with his remarkable acting and many other exceptional talents for the last 25 years, is now conquering the webspace

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VoxTalks With Raj B Shetty : An Artist That Prioritizes Authenticity Over Style

There are a lot of new bold voices putting the industry on the national radar. One such pioneer of a filmmaker is our guest today, Raj B Shetty

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VoxTalks With IndianRaga: A Collaboration Movement Recreating Indian Classical Music In An EDM Age

IndianRaga is a collaborative initiative, founded by Sriram Emani, a graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston

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